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We (Chris Brown and Ann Binns) opened Bitter Virtue in 1997 - so that we could find others who shared out pleasure in the fruit of the hop - then look what happened! Enjoy.

Updated - Saturday 23rd October 2021

Current Hours (Tue - Sat 12-7, Sun 12-2)
You may pre-order email Chris@bittervirtue.co.uk with your order
and your preferred collection time.
CREDIT/DEBIT CARD PAYMENT at time of collection ONLY.
No charge for 4 pint containers
Flower Pots - Perridge Pale 3.6% £ 2.50 per pint
Vibrant Forest - Otto Pale (Idaho7 & Citra) 4.2% £ 2.90 per pint
Flower Pots - Perridge Pale 3.6% £ 2.50 per pint
Vibrant Forest - Mantra Pale 4.0% £ 2.80 per pint
Purbeck Cider - Muddy Scamp 6.9% £ 2.50 per pint
Scroll down to explore the following categories:
US Craft Beers : UK Beers,
Belgian: Traditional Gueuze, Trappist Ales; Independent Ales;
German Beers, Rest of the World;
Ciders and Meads
NationArrival DateBreweryBeerABVSizePrice
DE 24/09/2021Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest Marzen 5.8%500ml£ 3.10
DE 24/09/2021Hofbrau Oltoberfestbier 6.3%500ml£ 3.10
DE 24/09/2021Lowenbrau Oktoberfestbier 6.1%500ml£ 3.10
DE 24/09/2021Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier 6.0%500ml£ 3.10
DE 24/09/2021Spaten Oktoberfestbier 5.9%500ml£ 3.10
DE 24/09/2021Erdinger Oktoberfest 5.7%500ml£ 3.20
DE 24/09/2021Ayinger Fest Marzen 5.8%500ml£ 3.10
OS 02/10/2021Stiegl Goldbrau 5.0%500ml£ 2.75
BE 10/09/20213 Fonteinen Zenne y Frontera (Batch 92) 6.5%750ml£49.99
BE 12/10/2021Cantillon Cuvee Saint Gilloise (Dry-Hopped Geuze) 5.5%750ml£22.00
BE 12/10/2021Cantillon Iris 2021 6.5%750mlSold out!
BE 12/10/2021Cantillon Nath 2021 5.5%750ml£23.00
BE 23/09/2021Duvel Duvel Tripel Hop Cashmere 9.5%330ml£ 4.40
BE 24/09/2021Lambiek Fabriek Organic Black Belle 6.5%750ml£14.99
BE 24/09/2021Lambiek Fabriek Muscar-Elle Muscaris Grape Lambic 8.8%750ml£16.75
BE 14/09/2021Tilquin Pinot Gris Grape Lambic 8.5%750ml£24.45
BE 10/09/2021Tilquin Pinot Noir Grape Lambic 8.8%750ml£24.15
BE 10/09/2021Tilquin Reisling Grape Lambic 8.1%750ml£23.85
DE 06/10/2021Schlenkerla Urbock (Strong Seasonal Smoke Beer) 6.55500mk£ 3.45
DK 25/09/2021Mikkeller Spontan Brut Nelson Sauvin 7.3%750ml£20.50
NL 23/09/2021Moersleutel Troks (Hazlenut Chocolate Imp Stout)11.0%440ml£ 7.20
NL 26/08/2021Moersleutel Vons (Imperial Peanut Butter Stout) 11.0%440ml£ 6.99
NL 27/08/2021Nevel Zwam (BA Wild Mushroom Beer) 5.8%750ml£16.75
UK 22/10/2021Arbor Ales Breakfast Stout 7.4%568ml£ 4.90
UK 26/08/2021Burning Sky Blanche Witbier 4.5%440ml£ 3.60
UK 15/10/2021Burning Sky Cherry Saison 6.8% 750ml£15.60
UK 26/08/2021Northern Monk Heathen NEIPA 7.2%440ml£ 4.45
UK 15/10/2021Pressure Drop Karate NEIPA 7.4% 440ml£ 5.60
UK 15/10/2021Pressure Drop Pale Fire 4.8% 440ml£ 3.90
------ PROJECT BARISTA -------
UK 21/10/2021Siren Craft Press to Zest 4.5% 440ml£ 3.75
UK 21/10/2021Siren Craft Extra Special Beans 5.8% 440ml£ 3.70
UK 21/10/2021Siren Craft Caffe Lungo 7.4% 440ml£ 4.00
UK 21/10/2021Siren Craft Mucha Mocha 4.5% 440ml£ 4.90
UK 21/10/2021Siren Craft Bones of a Sailor 9.0% 440ml£ 5.50
UK 21/10/2021Siren Craft Cacao & Hazlenut Broken Dream 64.5% 440ml£ 3.35
UK 21/10/2021Siren Craft Check the Lime 5.0% 440ml£ 3.60
UK 21/10/2021Siren Craft Okay, I'll Bite 7.2% 440ml£ 4.30
UK 21/10/2021Siren Craft Test of Time (WCIPA) 6.4% 440ml£ 4.60
UK 21/10/2021Siren Craft Your Codename Is... 4.7% 440ml£ 4.00
UK 01/09/2021Steam Town NZ Pale (New Brew) 4.2% 440ml£ 3.45
UK 15/10/2021Unity HIGH FIVE Birthday IPA 6.0% 440ml£ 4.50
UK 27/08/2021Unity Preserva No.3 5.2% 440ml£ 3.60
UK 01/10/2021Unity Ruksa IPA 6.0% 440ml£ 4.00
UK 27/08/2021Unity Super Collider TIPA 10.0% 440ml£ 5.70
UK 08/09/2021Unity Tularosa (White IPA) 5.8% 440ml£ 3.90
UK 08/09/2021May Provisions Imperial Porter 12.0% 440ml£ 5.40
UK 01/10/2021May Provisions Saison Automme 6.0% 440ml£ 3.80
UK 15/10/2021Verdant Even Sharks Need Water 6.5% 440ml£ 6.10
UK 15/10/2021Verdant I Played Trumpet on that Tune 6.5% 440ml£ 5.70
UK 09/09/2021Vibrant ForestAltitudes v4 IPA (Summit & Sabro) 6.4%440ml£ 4.50
UK 09/09/2021Vibrant ForestMetropolis BIPA 6.0%440ml£ 4.50
UK 14/09/2021Wild Beer Co Anti-Hopsident (BA Caranberry Gose) 5.0%330ml£ 3.75
UK 14/09/2021Wild Beer Co Ninkai Rose (Celebration Beer) 9.0%750ml£11.70
UK 14/09/2021Wild Beer Co Strawberry Line 6.5%330ml£ 4.45
UK 22/10/2021Wylam / Deya Punkah 6.0%440ml£ 5.20
US 26/08/2021Area Two (Two Roads) Pineapple Sour D (IPA) 7.0%473ml£ 5.25
US 26/08/2021Area Two (Two Roads) Twoquila (BA lime gose) 8.2%473ml£ 6.99
US 02/10/2021Brooklyn Black Ops 2020 (BA Imp Stout) 12.2% 750ml£21.00
US 02/10/2021Brooklyn/Russian RiverRefraction (BA Coolship Ale) 5.8% 750ml£18.50
US 01/07/2021Sierra Nevada Vintage Bigfoot Bourbon Barrel Aged 12.1%750ml£26.90
US 01/07/2021Sierra Nevada Quad Rum Barrel Aged 11.7%750ml£26.90
US 01/07/2021Sierra Nevada Ovila Abbey Ale Brandy Barrel Aged 11.4%750ml£26.90
Buy a Set of Three For £75.00
Anchor Fog Breaker IPA 6.8%355ml£ 2.80
Anchor Old Foghorn Barley Wine 9.5%355ml£ 4.65
Anchor Porter 5.6%355ml£ 2.65
Anchor San FranPsycho IPA 6.3%355mlout of stock
Anchor Steam Beer 4.8%355ml£ 2.50
Area Two (Two Roads) Pineapple Sour D (IPA) 7.0%473ml£ 5.25
Area Two (Two Roads) Synopsis Cranberry Sour 6.4%473ml£ 6.30
Area Two (Two Roads) Twoquila (BA lime gose) 8.2%473ml£ 6.99
Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Mik Stout 5.3%355ml£ 3.85
BrooklynBlack Ops (BA Imp Stout 2020) 12.2%750ml£21.00
BrooklynBQE - Cloaking Device 10.5%750ml£23.00
BrooklynBQE - Kiwi's Playhouse 8.1%750ml£24.99
BrooklynBQE - Tripel Burner 10.6%750ml£23.49
Brooklyn / Russsian RiverRefraction (BA Coolship Ale) 5.8%750ml£18.50
Cigar City Fancy Papers IPA 6.5%355ml£ 3.45
Cigar City Jai Alai IPA 7.5%355ml£ 3.30
Cigar City Jai Low (120 Calorie IPA) 4.0%355ml£ 2.70
Cigar City Space Pope IPA 7.2%355ml£ 3.50
Evil Twin Even More Jesus IS 12.0%473ml£ 7.70
Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break 11.5% 473ml£ 7.85
Evil Twin Molotov Lite DIPA 8.5%473ml£ 5.40
Evil Twin Oh my God, He's a Bozo IS 17.2%650ml£24.00
Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter 10.0%355ml£ 4.35
Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA 7.1%355ml£ 2.90
Goose IslandMatilda 2016 7.0%765ml£11.50
KonaBig Wave Golden Ale 4.4%355ml£ 2.60
KonaHanalei IPA 4.5%355ml£ 2.60
Lickinghole Creek 9 Mile IPA 6.5% 473ml£ 5.20
Lickinghole Creek Heir Apparent IS 11.0% 473ml£ 6.70
Lost Abbey Framboise de Amorosa 8.5%375ml£19.95
North Coast Grand Cru 12.9% 500ml£14.99
Oskar BluesCan-O-Bliss Resinous IPA 7.2%355ml£ 2.99
Oskar BluesCan-O-Bliss Tropical IPA 7.2%355ml£ 2.99
Oskar BluesDeath by King Cake (White Porter) 6.5%355ml£ 4.20
Sierra Nevada Fantastic Haze DIPA 9.0%355ml£ 4.95
Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing SIPA 4.6%355ml£ 2.55
Sierra Nevada Wanderland (Nectarine Ale) 7.5%355ml£ 3.60
Spencer Trappist India Pale Ale 7.2% 330mlout of stock
Spencer Trappist Golden Ale 6.5% 330ml£ 4.25
Stone (San Diego) Go To IPA 4.7%355ml£ 2.45
Stone (San Diego) Neverending Haze SIPA 4.0%355ml£ 2.35
Two Roads Cloud Sourced Hazy IPA 6.5%355ml£ 3.20
Two Roads Wee Demon low-cal SIPA 3.8%355ml£ 2.60
Anspach & Hobday Sea Salt & Chili Stout 7.4%440ml£ 4.30
Arbor Ales C Bomb 4.7%568ml£ 4.10
Arbor Ales Single Hop Mosaic *GLUTEN FREE* 4.0%568ml£ 3.90
Arbor Ales Massive Azzac 5.4%568ml£ 4.15
Arbor Ales Space Hardware NEIPA 6.6%568ml£ 4.99
BeavertownGamma Ray Pale Ale 5.4%330ml£ 2.70
BeavertownNeck Oil Session IPA 4.3%330ml£ 2.40
Beavertown Tempus Project Breed 4.7%375ml£ 9.00
Beavertown Tempus Project Entomb 4.0%375ml£ 8.50
Beavertown Tempus Project Metamorph 6.7%375ml£ 9.40
Black Isle / BFM Equations 2 BA Saison 6.0%750ml£10.75
Bowman Ales IPA 6.0%500ml£ 2.85
Bowman Ales Meon Valley Bitter 3.9%500ml£ 2.60
Bowman Ales Quiver Bitter 4.5%500ml£ 2.60
Bowman Ales Swift One 3.8%500ml£ 2.60
Bowman Ales Trebuchet 4.5%500ml£ 2.60
Bowman Ales Wallops Wood 4.0%500ml£ 2.60
BrewDog Punk AF 0.5%330ml£ 1.60
BrewDog Lost Lager (Euros Footy Editions) 4.5%330ml£ 1.50
Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout (CAN!) 4.5%440ml£ 3.55
Bristol Beer Factory Southville Hop IPA (CAN!) 6.5%440ml£ 3.99
Burning Sky Arise Pale Ale 4.4%440ml£ 3.55
Burning Sky Before the Dawn IS 10.5%440ml£ 6.10
Burning Sky Big Easy DIPA 8.0%440ml£ 6.20
Burning Sky Blanche Witbier 4.5%440ml£ 3.60
Burning Sky Cherry Saison 6.8% 750ml£15.60
Burning Sky Easy Answers IPA 6.0%440mlout of stock
Burning Sky Indecision Time (Citra Talus) 5.6%440ml£ 4.60
Burning Sky Indecision Time (Nelson Sauvin) 5.6%440ml£ 4.60
Burning Sky Loads of Noise IPA 7.4%440ml£ 5.65
Burning Sky Out of Vogue WCPA 5.2%440ml£ 4.20
Burning Sky Petite Saison 3.5%440ml£ 3.60
Burning Sky Pretty Mess IPA 7.0%440ml£ 5.15
Burning Sky Recusant Belgian Wild Ale 6.3%440ml£ 4.25
Burning Sky Saison de Peche 6.3%750ml£14.60
Burning Sky Saison Ete (Elderflower Saison) 4.2%440ml£ 3.60
Burning Sky Snap Decision (US Brown) 6.0%440ml£ 4.10
Burnt Mill First Light (Grapefruit IPA) 7.0%440ml£ 5.30
Burnt Mill Gardens of Green: Galaxy ∧ Talus 6.2%440ml£ 5.15
Burnt Mill Great Bitter Falls WCDIPA 8.0%440ml£ 5.90
Burnt Mill Great Glacial Lake WCDIPA 8.0%440ml£ 5.90
Burnt Mill Pintle Pale Ale 4.3%440ml£ 3.60
Burnt Mill/Unity Mesmerise WCIPA 6.4%440ml£ 4.90
Burnt Mill Mosaic Fog IPA 6.2%440ml£ 5.15
Burnt Mill/Dugges Skargard WCIPA 6.4%440ml£ 4.90
Cloudwater Open Open DDH IPA (Loral Sabro) 6.0%440ml£ 6.20
Cloudwater The Light Grey One (Citra Nelson DIPA) 8.0%440ml£ 6.75
Cloudwater Volley WC IPA 6.0%440ml£ 5.60
DEYA Into The Haze IPA 6.2%500ml£ 6.10
DEYA Steady Rolling Man PA 5.2%500ml£ 5.40
DEYA Saturated in Mosaic DIPA 8.0%500ml£ 6.85
DEYA Saturated in Simcoe DIPA 8.0%500ml£ 6.75
DEYA Written In Dust DIPA 8.0%500ml£ 6.75
Double-Barrelled Back To Reality (NEIPA) 6.3%440ml£ 4.50
Double-Barrelled Parka (Pale Ale) 4.5%440ml£ 3.40
Downton Bogus Buffalo APA 4.6%500ml£ 3.00
Downton Moonstruck (Dark Ruby Ale) 6.0%500ml£ 2.70
Downton Honey Blonde 4.3%500ml£ 2.60
Downton Chimera IPA 7.0%500ml£ 2.80
Downton Endeavour (Australian Hopped DIPA) 10.0%500ml£ 4.15
Downton New Forest Ale 5.8%500mlout of stock
Downton Roman Imperial Stout 9.0%500ml£ 3.99
Duration/Unity Life Cycles (Honey IPA) 6.0%440ml£ 4.50
Fallen Acorn Binary Sunset IS 11.5%750ml£14.90
Fallen Acorn Dark Paradise Imp Milk Stout 10.5%750ml£14.50
Fallen Acorn Have You Got Any Samples? (Frose) 7.0%440ml£ 7.30
Flower Pots Cheriton Porter 4.2%500ml£ 3.20
Flower Pots Goodens Gold 4.8%500ml£ 3.20
Flower Pots Perridge Pale 3.6%500ml£ 2.95
Hop Back Crop Circle *GLUTEN FREE* 4.2% 500ml£ 2.60
Hop Back Taiphoon *GLUTEN FREE* 4.2% 500ml£ 2.60
Kernel Export Stout - London 1890 7.5%330ml£ 3.20
Kernel Export India Porter 6.1%330ml£ 3.20
Lost & Grounded Keller Pils 4.8%440mlout of stock
Magic Rock Fantasma *GLUTEN FREE* IPA 6.5%500ml£ 2.70
Magic Rock Salty Kiss 4.1%330ml£ 2.20
Magic Rock Strongarm Rye BA 11.5%750ml£15.65
Northern Monk Heathen NEIPA 7.2%440ml£ 4.45
Northern Monk/Emperor's 32.01 Imp Banana Cronut Stout 14.0%440ml£ 8.00
Northern Monk Death Imperial Stout 2021 12.0%440ml£ 7.95
Northern Monk Divine Faith DIPA 8.4%440ml£ 6.30
Northern Monk Double Heathen TIPA 10.0%440ml£ 7.35
Northern Monk Transcendental IPA 6.5%440ml£ 4.95
Pressure Drop Karate NEIPA 7.4% 440ml£ 5.60
Pressure Drop Pale Fire 4.8% 440ml£ 3.90
Red CatArt of T (Earl Grey) 3.6%500ml£ 2.99
Red CatHuehuetenango Coffee Cream Stout 5.8%500ml£ 3.15
Red CatImperial 19 Imp Stout 10.3%750ml£12.75
Red CatMacavity Old Ale 5.3%500mlout of stock
Red CatMr M's Porter 4.5%500ml£ 2.55
Red CatMosaic Pale 4.9%500ml£ 2.85
Red CatProwler Pale 3.5%500ml£ 2.60
Red CatScratch 4.0%500ml£ 2.50
Red CatTomcat APA 4.7%500ml£ 2.60
Sam SmithOrganic Raspberry 5.1%355ml£ 2.90
-------- CORE RANGE ---------------------
Siren Craft Brew Yu Lu (Earl Grey Pale Ale) 3.6%330ml£ 2.10
Siren Craft Brew Calypso (Dry-Hop Sour) 4.0%330ml£ 2.00
Siren Craft Brew Lumina (Session IPA) 4.2%330ml£ 2.35
Siren Craft Brew Soudwave IPA 5.6%330ml£ 2.60
Siren Craft Brew Broken Dream (Breakfast Stout) 6.5%330ml£ 2.50
------- CURRENT SPECIALS -----------------
Siren/Harbour Cold Plunge IPA 7.3%440ml£ 5.25
Siren Craft Brew Futurist *GLUTEN FREE* 4.8%440ml£ 3.85
Siren Craft Brew Grateful Eight (Anniversary DIPA) 8.0%440ml£ 5.60
Siren/Green Cheek High Definition California TIPA 11.1%440ml£ 7.45
Siren/Fyne/White HagOne In, All In (Red IPA) 6.5%440ml£ 4.20
Siren Craft Brew Origin Story (Imp Stout 2021 Ed.) 10.0%440ml£ 6.00
Siren/Slim Pickens Send Me Sunshine (Massive Mango Sour) 7.4%440ml£ 4.95
Siren Craft Brew Sold My Soul For Mosaic (IPA) 7.2%440ml£ 5.90
------ BARREL STORE SPECIALS -------------
Siren Craft Brew Fireside Barrel Aged Impeial Stout Blend 11.3%375ml£ 9.99
Siren Craft Brew Maiden 2019 Barley Wine 11.0%375ml£ 9.99
Siren Craft Brew Maiden 2020 Barley Wine 11.0%375ml£ 9.99
Siren Craft Brew Odyssey 008 Barrel Aged Blend 8.7%375ml£ 9.60
Siren Craft Brew Odyssey 011 Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Blend 11.5%375ml£10.40
Siren Craft Brew /W & TWe Are Stardust BA stock ale 10.5%375ml£ 7.30
Steam Town Blisterin' The Sun DDH IPA 7.0% 440ml£ 4.10
Steam Town Disco Fluff (Helles Lager) 4.8% 440ml£ 3.35
Steam Town Firebox 4.6% 500ml£ 3.35
Steam Town / Elusive BrewingHonky Tonk Controller 6.0% 440ml£ 4.10
Steam Town Medullary Raise BBA Cherry Stout 10.00 330ml£ 4.30
Steam Town NZ Pale 4.2% 440mlout of stock
Steam Town Reefer SIPA 4.2% 500ml£ 3.35
Steam Town Steam Stout (milk stout) 4.5% 440mlout of stock
Steam Town Stoke Pale 3.8% 500ml£ 3.15
Steam Town West Coast IPA 5.4% 500ml£ 3.80
Thornbridge The Heart Desires 6.5%375ml£13.45
Thornbridge/Burning Sky Vicious Circle BA Golden Ale 7.4%375ml£ 7.99
Tiny RebelFive Dollar Shake (Creamy Citra IPA) 4.5% 330ml£ 2.65
Tiny RebelPump up the Jam 5.0% 330ml£ 2.90
Tiny RebelRhubarb & Custard Sour 4.0% 330ml£ 2.95
Tiny RebelStay Puft (Marshmallow Porter) 5.2% 330ml£ 2.60
TitanicCappuccino Stout 4.5%330mlout of stock
TitanicChocolate & Vanilla Stout 4.5%330ml£ 2.10
TitanicPlum Porter 4.9%500ml£ 2.95
Unity FOURTH BIRTHDAY SET (4x440ml cans) var 1760ml£18.50
Unity Backyard Banquet Coconut Macaroon IS 9.0% 440ml£ 5.70
Unity BRU-1 4 Eva (Single Hop Pale Ale) 5.2% 440ml£ 3.80
Unity Collision (South Coast IPA) 6.2% 440ml£ 3.80
Unity Conflux (South Coast Pale Ale) 4.8% 440ml£ 3.50
Unity Electric Dreams (Sour Fruit IPA) 6.0% 440ml£ 4.90
Unity Fuzz Pedal (American Amber) 4.8% 440ml£ 3.50
Unity/Burnt MillHypnotise NEIPA 6.5% 440ml£ 4.40
Unity/Track Look Around You IPA 6.4% 440ml£ 4.80
Unity Preserva No.3 5.2% 440ml£ 3.60
Unity Prinzen Koln Style Lager 4.6% 440ml£ 3.15
Unity Ruska IPA 6.0% 440ml£ 4.00
Unity Super Collider TIPA 10.0% 440ml£ 5.70
Unity Tularosa (White IPA) 5.8% 440ml£ 3.90
Unity 21 'til Infinity (West Coast Pale Ale) 5.2% 440ml£ 4.00
Unity Vic Secret 4 Eva (Single Hop Pale Ale) 5.2% 440ml£ 3.60
May Provisions EIPA 6.0% 440ml£ 4.00
May Provisions Imperial Porter 12.0% 440ml£ 5.40
May Provisions Saison Automme 6.0% 440ml£ 3.80
May Provisions Sauvignon Banc BA Saison 6.5% 375ml£ 4.00
Verdant Albino Pheasant Export Stout 7.7%440ml£ 7.10
Verdant Bloom IPA 6.5%440ml£ 5.60
Verdant Even Sharks Need Water IPA 6.5%440ml£ 6.10
Verdant I Played Trumpet on that Tune 6.5% 440ml£ 5.70
Verdant Neal Gets Things Done IPA 6.5%440ml£ 5.95
Verdant Pulp DIPA 8.0%440ml£ 7.25
Verdant/CRAK Unplanned Alignment IPA 7.0%440ml£ 6.10
Verdant/Burning Sky We ARE the People DIPA 8.0%440ml£ 6.95
Vibrant Forest Ambient Techno IPA 6.2%440ml£ 4.40
Vibrant Forest Altitudes v3 IPA (Centennial & Ekuanot) 6.4%440ml£ 4.45
Vibrant Forest Altitudes v4 IPA (Summit & Sabro) 6.4%440ml£ 4.50
Vibrant Forest Black Forest Porter 4.9%440ml£ 3.35
Vibrant Forest Antidote 3 Chilli Stout 7.5%440ml£ 4.45
Vibrant Forest Black Oktober Imp Stout 9.0%440ml£ 5.50
Vibrant Forest Darkened Ardour BA Imp Stout10.5%440ml£ 6.25
Vibrant Forest Dry the Rain BBW 9.8%440ml£ 5.40
Vibrant Forest End of Days WCIPA 6.0%440ml£ 4.35
Vibrant Forest Fluidity (Dry-Hopped Sour) 3.8%440ml£ 3.90
Vibrant Forest Kaleidoscope IPA 6.5%440mlout of stock
Vibrant Forest Kick Start Coffee Stout 5.7%440mlout of stock
Vibrant Forest Metropolis BIPA 6.0%440ml£ 4.50
Vibrant Forest Malus Pale Ale 4.5%440ml£ 3.50
Vibrant Forest Misty Woods Hazy IPA 6.0%440ml£ 4.40
Vibrant Forest Otto (Idaho 7 & Citra Pale) 4.2%440ml£ 3.65
Vibrant Forest Primordial Seville Black 5.2%330ml£ 3.25
Vibrant Forest Pupa Juicy Pale Ale 4.5%440ml£ 3.65
Vibrant Forest Stone Sap IPA 6.8%440ml£ 4.40
Vibrant Forest Stygian Abyss BA Coffee IS 11.5%330ml£ 5.60
Vibrant Forest Summerlands SIPA 3.5%440ml£ 3.50
Vibrant Forest Umbral Abyss Coffee IS 11.5%440ml£ 5.50
White Horse IPA 5.0%500ml£ 2.80
White Horse Red 4.5%500ml£ 2.80
White Horse West Coast IPA 4.6%500ml£ 2.80
Wild Beer Co Amuse Strawberry 5.0%330ml£ 5.10
Wild Beer Co Coolship 2020 6.2%750ml£17.60
Wild Beer Co Kalamansification 5.0%330ml£ 2.45
Wild Beer Co Liripip (Table Beer 80 Cal) 2.7%330ml£ 1.80
Wild Beer Co Millionaire 4.7%330ml£ 2.50
Wild Beer Co Ninkasi 9.0%750ml£ 9.65
Wild Beer Co Ninkasi Barrel Aged 9.0%330ml£ 9.80
Wild Beer Co Pogo 4.1%330ml£ 2.55
Wild Beer Co Pressed For Time (White Grape Beer) 6.5%750ml£17.75
Wild Beer Co Sleeping Limes 4.6%330ml£ 2.55
Wild Beer Co Trillionaire Imp Stout 10.3%330ml£ 5.60
Wild Beer Co Wild IPA 5.2%440mlout of stock
Wild Beer Co Yokai (Yuzu + Umami) 4.5%330ml£ 2.55
Wild Weather Peach Of A Weekend (Sour) 5.6% 440mlout of stock
Wild Weather Storm In A Teacup (Earl Grey IPA) 6.0% 440ml£ 3.75
Wylam/Verdant Crying the Neck DIPA 8.0%440ml£ 6.99
Wylam Tango Til They're Sore IPA 7.0%440ml£ 5.99
Belgian Traditional Gueuze
Lambic Beers are made from malted barley, raw wheat and dried hops. Fermentation
is spontaneous and the resulting liquid is matured in huge wooden barrels, sometimes for
many years. GUEUZE is made by blending lambics of various ages, creating a new fermentation
in the bottle. Only a handful of authentic producers survive.
CantillonGueuze - Kriek 5.0%375ml£ 9.85
CantillonGueuze - Organic 5.0%375ml£ 7.35
De Cam Framboise Vlier (Raspberry and Elderflower) 6.9%375ml£20.70
De Cam Oude Gueze 6.0%750ml£21.00
De Cam Tros Bessen (Redcurrant) 6.5%750ml£30.00
De Cam Wilde Bosbessen (Blueberry) 6.5%750ml£33.00
3 FonteinenAardbei/Kriek Bio (Strawberry and Cherry) 6.3%750ml£30.00
3 FonteinenCuvée Armand & Gaston Oude Geuze 5.5%375ml£11.65
3 FonteinenFramboos Oogst 7.0%750ml£40.00
3 FonteinenHommage Framboise/Kriek 5.3%750ml£38.50
3 FonteinenDruif (Lambic with Muscat Bleu Grapes) 8.0%750ml£35.00
3 FonteinenIntense Red (Cherries:475gram per litre) 6.3%375ml£15.99
3 FonteinenOude Geuze 5.5%375ml£ 7.95
3 FonteinenSchaarbeekse Kriek Oogst 2018 9.7%750ml£42.00
3 FonteinenZenne y Frontera (Batch 92) 6.5%750ml£49.99
Boon Discovery Box (4 Single Vat Geuzes) var1500ml£42.00
Boon Black Label Oude Geuze 6th Edition 7.0%750ml£10.00
Boon Framboise 2019 5.0%375ml£ 4.75
Boon Kriek 2020 4.0%375ml£ 4.10
Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait 2017 6.0%375ml£ 6.80
Boon Oude Geuze 2017-18 6.5%375ml£ 3.85
Boon Oude Geuze Marrige Parfait 2017 8.0%375ml£ 5.35
Boon Oude Schaarbeekse Kriek 2018 6.0%375ml£ 5.90
Boon (HORAL) Oude Geuze Megablend 2019 7.0%750ml£16.50
Boon (HORAL) Oude Geuze Magablend 2021 7.0%750ml£16.55
Boon/Mikkeller Oude Geuze Cuvee Oude Henri 7.0%375ml£ 9.45
Boon/Mikkeller Oude Geuze Vermouth Barrel Aged 6.6%750ml£12.85
GirardinGueuze Black Label 5.0%375mlout of stock
Hanssens Oude Gueuze 6.0%375ml£ 5.99
Hanssens Schaarbeekse Kriek 6.0% 375ml£10.40
Lambiek Fabriek Organic Black Belle 6.5%750ml£14.99
Lambiek Fabriek Brett-Elle (Oude Geuze) 5.5%375ml£ 8.70
Lambiek Fabriek Fontan-Elle (Lambic Blend) 5.5%750ml£13.45
Lambiek Fabriek Jart-Elle Oude Kriek 6.0%750ml£16.25
Lambiek Fabriek Muri-Elle (Blackberry) 7.0%750ml£14.99
Lambiek Fabriek Muscar-Elle (Muscaris Grape) 8.8%750ml£16.75
Lambiek Fabriek Natur-Elle (Organic Gueuze) 6.2%750ml£13.50
Lindemans Cuvee Rene Oude Gueuze 2020 5.5%375ml£ 4.35
Lindemans Cuvee Rene Oude Kriek 2017 7.0%375ml£ 5.50
Lindemans Ginger Gueuze 2017 6.0%750ml£16.50
Moriau (Boon) Oude Geuze 7.0%375mlout of stock
Oud BeerselBzart Kriekenlambic 2019 8.0%750ml£22.50
Oud BeerselBzart Lambiek 8.0%750ml£20.50
Oud BeerselOude Gueuze 6.0%375ml£ 5.85
Oud BeerselGreen Walnut 6.0%750ml£22.00
Oud BeerselVandervelden 135 Geuze 6.5%375ml£ 8.30
TilquinOude Gueuze 2019-20 6.0%375ml£ 7.45
TilquinPinot Gris Grape Lambic 8.5%750ml£24.45
TilquinPinot Noir Grape Lambic 8.8%750ml£24.15
TilquinReisling Grape Lambic 8.1%750ml£23.85
TimmermansOude Gueuze 2020 6.7%375ml£ 5.85
TimmermansOude Kriek 6.7%330ml£ 6.30
Trappist Ales
Achelse Kluis (BE)Trappist Blonde 8.0% 330ml£ 3.60
Achelse Kluis Trappist Bruin 8.0% 330ml£ 3.60
Achelse Kluis Achelse Extra Blonde 9.5% 750ml£12.45
Achelse Kluis Achelse Extra Bruin 9.5% 750ml£12.75
Chimay Chimay 150 Strong Blond10.0%330ml£ 4.10
Chimay (BE)Blue 9.0% 330ml£ 3.80
Chimay Gold 4.8% 330ml£ 2.40
Chimay Red 7.0% 330ml£ 2.70
Chimay White 8.0% 330ml£ 3.20
Chimay Grande Reserve 2021 9.0% 750ml£10.95
Chimay Grande Reserve Rum BA 10.0% 750mlout of stock
Chimay Magnum Grande Reserve 9.0%1500ml£29.00
De Kievit (NL)Zundert Trappist 8 8.0% 330mlout of stock
De Kievit (NL)Zundert 10 10.0% 330mlout of stock
Engelszell (AU)Gregorius 10.5% 330ml£ 6.90
Engelszell Zwickl 4.7% 330ml£ 3.55
Mont des Cats (F) Mont des Cats 7.6% 330ml£ 4.85
Mount St Bernard(UK)Tynt Meadow 7.4% 330ml£ 2.75
Orval (BE)Orval 6.2% 330ml£ 3.20
Rochefort (BE)6 7.5% 330ml£ 2.95
Rochefort 8 9.2% 330ml£ 3.99
Rochefort 10 11.3% 330ml£ 5.20
Rochefort Tripel Extra 8.1% 330ml£ 3.99
Spencer (US)Spencer Ale 6.5% 330ml£ 4.40
Spencer Spencer India Pale Ale 7.2% 330ml£ 5.50
La Trappe (NL)Dubbel 7.0% 330ml£ 3.10
La Trappe Isid'or 7.5% 330mlout of stock
La Trappe Quadrupel 10.0% 330ml£ 4.10
La Trappe Tripel 8.0% 330ml£ 3.50
Tre Fontane (IT)Tripel 8.5% 330mlout of stock
Westmalle (BE)Dubbel 7.0% 330ml£ 2.50
Westmalle Extra 4.8% 330ml£ 2.85
Westmalle Tripel 9.5% 330ml£ 3.70
Westmalle Tripel 9.5% 750mlout of stock
AchouffeCherry Chouffe 8.0%330ml£ 3.75
AchouffeChouffe Blanche 6.5%330ml£ 2.30
AchouffeHoublon Chouffe 9.0%330ml£ 3.99
AchouffeLa Chouffe 8.0%330ml£ 3.65
AchouffeLa Chouffe (750ml) 8.0%750mlout of stock
AchouffeMcChouffe 8.0%330ml£ 3.65
AnkerGouden Carolus Classic 8.5%330ml£ 3.95
AnkerGouden Carolus Hopsinjoor 8.0%330ml£ 3.45
AnkerGouden Carolus Indulgence 2019 9.0%750ml£16.90
AnkerGouden Carolus Triple 9.0%330ml£ 3.90
Brussels Beer Project Blitz Fix ((Triple IPA) 9.9%440ml£ 6.25
Brussels Beer Project Brewster Gang (Pineapple & Sage NEIPA) 5.0%440ml£ 4.45
Brussels BP/Jackie O's Hive Mind (IS with Honey & Walnuts) 12.1%440ml£ 6.75
Brussels Beer Project Juice Junkie (NEIPA) 5.4%330ml£ 3.25
Brussels Beer Project Lud Lok (Thai Spiced DNEIPA) 7.0%330ml£ 3.65
Brussels Beer Project Now Or Never (Belgian Session IPA) 4.3%330ml£ 3.25
Bockor Cuvée des Jacobins 5.5%330ml£ 3.55
Bosteels (ABInBev)Kwak 8.4%330ml£ 3.35
Bosteels (ABInBev)Tripel Karmeliet 8.4%330ml£ 3.35
CastleBacchus Framboise 5.0%375ml£ 4.35
CastleBacchus Kriek 5.8%375ml£ 4.40
CastleKasteel Barista Chocolate Quad 11.0%330ml£ 4.30
CastleKasteel Cuvée de Chateau 11.0%330ml£ 4.40
CastleKasteel Donker (Dark) 11.0%330ml£ 4.30
CastleKasteel Rouge (Fruit) 8.0%330ml£ 3.50
CastleKasteel Triple (Blonde) 11.0%330ml£ 4.30
De Brabandere (Bavik)Kwaremont Blond 6.5%330ml£ 2.80
De Brabandere (Bavik)Petrus Aged Pale 7.3%330ml£ 3.65
De Brabandere (Bavik)Petrus Aged Red 8.5%330ml£ 3.80
De Dolle BrouwersArabier 8.0%330mlout of stock
De Dolle BrouwersBoskeun (Easter) Vintage 9.0%330mlSeasonal
De Dolle BrouwersDulle Teve 2021 10.0%330ml£ 4.75
De Dolle BrouwersOerbier Vintage 9.0%330ml£ 4.65
De Koninck Triple d'Anvers 8.0%330ml£ 3.75
De Koninck Wild Jo Blond 5.8%330ml£ 2.60
De LandtsheerMalheur Brut 11.0%750mlout of stock
De Leite Cuvée Soeur'Ise (Kriek) 8.5%330ml£ 5.25
De ProefReinaert Grand Cru 9.5%330mlout of stock
De RankeCuvée de Ranke 7.0%750mlout of stock
De RankeGuldenberg Abdijbier 8.5%330ml£ 3.45
De RankeHop Harvest 2020 6.0%750ml£ 9.50
De RankeXX Bitter 6.2%330ml£ 2.65
De RankeXXX Bitter 6.0%750ml£ 9.50
De Ryck Steenuilke Spiced Pale 6.5%330mlout of stock
DubuissonBush Caractère 12.0%330ml£ 4.60
DupontAvec les Bons Voeux 9.5%750ml£ 9.65
DupontSaison Cuvée Dry Hopping 6.5%330ml£ 2.60
DupontSaison 6.5%330ml£ 2.35
DupontSaison (Large) 6.5%750ml£ 5.35
Duvel-MoortgatDuvel 8.5% 330ml£ 3.00
Duvel-MoortgatDuvel 666 6.66% 330ml£ 3.30
Duvel-MoortgatDuvel Bourbon Barrel Aged No. 3 11.5% 750ml£39.99
Duvel-MoortgatDuvel Triple Hop Citra 9.5% 330ml£ 3.99
Duvel-MoortgatDuvel Triple Hop Cashmere 9.5% 330ml£ 4.40
Duvel-MoortgatMagnum Duvel 8.5%1500ml£31.00
Duvel-MoortgatMaredsous 6 (Blonde) 6.0% 330ml£ 2.60
Duvel-MoortgatMaredsous 8 (Bruin ) 8.0% 330ml£ 3.45
Duvel-MoortgatMaredsous 10 (Triple) 10.0% 330ml£ 4.10
Duvel-MoortgatDuvel Tripel Hop Citra 9.5% 330ml£ 3.99
Duvel-MoortgatVedett Extra White *BACK IN* 4.7% 330ml£ 2.20
Fantôme Amarillo Saison 8.0% 750ml£14.25
Fantôme Ekuanot & Mosaic Saison 6.7% 750ml£14.25
Halve MaanBrugse Zot Blonde 6.0%330ml£ 2.65
Halve MaanBrugse Zot Dubbel 7.5%330ml£ 2.95
Halve MaanStraffe Hendrik Tripel 9.0%330ml£ 4.00
Halve MaanStraffe Hendrik Quadrupel11.0%330ml£ 4.60
Halve MaanStraffe Hendrik Wild 202110.0%330ml£ 4.50
HuygheDelirium Argentum (IPA) 7.0%330ml£ 3.35
HuygheDelirium Nocturnum 8.5%330ml£ 3.35
HuygheDelirium Red (Fruit) 8.0%330ml£ 3.35
HuygheDelirium Tremens 8.5%330ml£ 3.35
HuygheDelirium Tremens can 8.5%500ml£ 7.40
HuygheDelirium Gift Pack 4 bottles & glass 8.5%1320ml£25.99
HuygheFloris Framboise 3.6%330ml£ 2.50
HuygheFloris Mango 3.6%330ml£ 2.35
HuygheFloris Passion 3.6%330ml£ 2.50
HuygheFruli Strawberry 4.1%330ml£ 2.50
HuygheMongozo Banana 3.6%330ml£ 2.50
HuygheMongozo Buckwheat (Organic, Glutenfree) 4.8%330ml£ 2.40
HuygheMongozo Coconut 3.6%330ml£ 2.60
HuygheMongozo Mango 3.6%330ml£ 2.60
KerkomAdelardus Dubbel 7.0%330ml£ 2.95
KerkomAdelardus Tripel 9.0%330mlout of stock
KerkomBink Blond 5.5%330ml£ 2.35
KerkomBink Bruin 5.5%330ml£ 2.35
KerkomHop Verdomme IPA 7.0%330ml£ 3.10
Lefebvre Barbar Honey Beer 8.0%330ml£ 3.60
Lefebvre Hopus 8.3%330ml£ 3.70
Legendes Hercule Stout 9.0%330ml£ 4.90
LiefmansFruitesse 4.2%250ml£ 1.90
LindemansCassis 2.5%355ml£ 3.85
LindemansFramboise 2.5%355ml£ 3.30
LindemansKriek 3.5%355ml£ 3.15
LindemansPecheresse 2.5%355ml£ 3.35
MartinMartin's IPA 6.9%330mlout of stock
MusketeersTroubadour Magma DIPA 9.0%330ml£ 3.70
MusketeersTroubadour Magma Tropical 6.5%330ml£ 2.95
MusketeersTroubadour West Kust Imp BIPA 8.6%330ml£ 3.70
RodenbachRodenbach Alexander 5.6% 330mlout of stock
RodenbachRodenbach Grand Cru 6.0% 330ml£ 3.20
RodenbachRodenbach Gift Pack var1350ml£ 23.50
Roman Adriaan Brouwer Oaked 10.0%330ml£ 4.20
Roman Adriaan Brouwer Tripel 9.0%330mlout of stock
Roman Rebelse Strop Brett Beer 6.9%330ml£ 2.95
St BernardusAbt 10.0% 330ml£ 4.10
St BernardusWitbier 5.5% 330ml£ 2.15
St FeuillienCuvee Reserve 9.5%750ml£ 9.85
St FeuillienGrand Cru 9.5%330ml£ 4.20
St FeuillienQuadruple 11.0%330ml£ 3.99
St FeuillienSaison 6.5%330ml£ 3.00
St FeuillienTripel 8.5%330ml£ 3.90
Stil Ende Bar Bèlge 6.0%330ml£ 3.45
Van SteenbergeGulden Draak *BACK IN* 10.5%330ml£ 4.25
Van SteenbergeGulden Draak Quadrupel 9000 10.5%330ml£ 4.25
Van SteenbergePiraat Triple Hop 10.5%330ml£ 4.60
VerhaegheDuchesse de Bourgogne 6.2%330ml£ 2.90
Augustiner Edelstoff 5.6%500ml£ 3.20
Augustiner Helles 5.2%500ml£ 3.20
Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel 5.0% 500mlout of stock
Ayinger Celebrator Dopplebock 6.7% 330ml£ 2.85
Ayinger Kellerbier 4.9% 500ml£ 2.70
Ayinger Lagerbier Hell 4.9% 500ml£ 2.65
Berliner Kindl Berliner Kindl Weisse 3.0%330ml£ 1.85
Berliner Kindl Berliner Pilsner can 5.0%330ml£ 1.70
Erdinger Alcoholfrei 0.4%500ml£ 1.75
Erdinger Dunkel Weisse 5.3%500ml£ 2.95
Erdinger Urweisse 4.9%500ml£ 2.90
Erdinger Weisse 5.3%500ml£ 2.95
Fruh Fruh Kolsch 4.8%500ml£ 2.70
Hacker-Pschorr Anno 1417 Kellerbier 5.5%500ml£ 3.10
Hofbrau Munchen Original Lager 5.1%500ml£ 2.75
Jever Jever Pilsner 4.9%500ml£ 2.40
Paulaner Hefe Weissbier 5.5%500ml£ 2.65
Paulaner Original Münchner Lager 4.9%500ml£ 2.50
Paulaner Ur-Dunkel 5.0%500ml£ 2.50
Schlenkerla Eiche Dubbelbock 8.0%500mlseasonal
Schlenkerla Fastenbier (Lent) 5.5%500mlseasonal
Schlenkerla Krausen (Summer seasonal) 4.5%500mlseasonal
Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen 5.1%500ml£ 2.99
Schlenkerla Urbock Stong Smoke Beer) 6.5%500ml£ 3.45
Schneider Aventinus (Tap 6) 8.2%500ml£ 4.45
Schneider Aventinus Eisbock 12.0%330ml£ 4.65
Schneider Bayrish Hell 4.9%500ml£ 2.80
Schneider Hopfen Weisse (Tap 5) 8.2%500ml£ 4.65
Schneider Fest Weisse (Tap 4) 6.2%500ml£ 3.50
Schneider Weisse (Tap 7) 5.4%500ml£ 2.85
Schofferhofer Wheat Beer Grapefruit Can 2.5%500ml£ 1.70
Tegernsee Hell 4.8%500ml£ 2.99
Veltins Veltins Pilsner 4.8%500ml£ 2.35
Nation BreweryBeerABVSizePrice
Austria Schrems Schremser Bio-Roggen (Rye) 5.2%330ml£ 2.35
Czechia Budweiser Budweiser Budvar 5.0%330mlout of stock
Czechia Vinohradsky 11 Czech Pilsner 4.5%500ml£ 3.30
Denmark Baghaven Stevnsbaer (Wild ale with cherries) 8.5%750ml£23.99
Denmark Mikkeller Big Worster US Barley Wine 15.1%375ml£10.65
Denmark Mikkeller Black Imperial Stout 15.0%375ml£12.15
Denmark Mikkeller Game Of Thrones Iron Anniversary DIPA 9.5%440ml£ 6.80
Denmark Mikkeller Henry & His Sisters Grape IPA 6.0%375ml£ 7.99
Denmark Mikkeller/GaffelKolsch 4.9%500ml£ 4.25
Denmark Boon/MikkellerOude Geuze Vermouth 6.6%750ml£12.85
Denmark Mikkeller Reisling People (Grape IPA) 6.7%330ml£ 3.55
Denmark Mikkeller Spontan Cherry Frederiksdal 2020 7.2%375ml£11.99
Denmark Mikkeller Spontan Cherry Frederiksdal 2021 7.2%375ml£11.99
Denmark Mikkeller Spontan Double Blueberry 8.4%375ml£11.25
Denmark Mikkeller Spntan Brut Nelson Sauvin 7.3%750ml£20.50
Denmark To Øl/Pohjala Graf Gradient 5.8%330ml£ 6.20
Denmark To Øl One Tonne of Ligonberries 8.0%330ml£ 6.35
Estonia Pohjala/Furst Wiacek Albini (DIPA) 8.0%440ml£ 5.99
Estonia Pohjala Cheesecake Island Imp Baltic Porter 10.0%330ml£ 4.45
Estonia Pohjala Cocobanger Imp Coffee & Coconut Stout12.5%330ml£ 5.20
France Saint Sylvestre Trois Monts 8.5%750ml£ 6.99
Ireland Whiplash Bone Machine 6.2%440ml£ 5.10
Ireland Whiplash Headlines 10.5%440ml£ 6.99
Ireland Whiplash Let it Happen 8.0%440ml£ 6.15
Japan Hitachimo NestAnbai Ale (Green Plum & Salt) 7.5%330ml£ 3.75
Japan Hitachino NestChocolate Berry Ale 6.0%330ml£ 5.20
Japan Hitachino NestDai Dai Orange 6.2%330ml£ 3.00
Japan Hitachino NestEspresso Stout 7.0%330ml£ 3.70
Japan Hitachino NestMosaic Hop Lager 4.5%350ml£ 2.85
Japan Hitachino NestRed Rice Ale 7.0%330ml£ 3.60
Japan Hitachino NestRed Rice Ale Barrel Aged 7.0%750ml£16.20
Netherlands 't Ij Natte 6.5% 330ml£ 3.90
Netherlands 't Ij/Duvel Ij van de Duvel (Hazy IPA) 6.66% 330ml£ 4.45
Netherlands 't Ij Zatte (Tripel) 8.0% 330mlout of stock
Netherlands Jopen Hazy Stacey (NE Pale ) 5.3% 330ml£ 4.25
Netherlands Jopen Super Dupa Session IPA 5.5% 330ml£ 3.50
Netherlands Moersleutel Vons (imperial peanut butter stout) 11.0%330ml£ 6.99
Netherlands Oedipus Kinder Yoga Imp Stout 11.0% 330ml£ 4.45
Norway Lervig 3 Bean Stout 12.0% 330ml£ 5.65
Norway Lervig Konrad's Stout 10.4% 330ml£ 4.50
Norway Lervig Loudspeaker SIPA 5.2% 500ml£ 3.35
Norway Lervig Original Sin (Double Chocolate Imp Stout)13.5% 330ml£ 6.90
Norway Lervig Perler for Svin IPA 6.3% 330ml£ 3.99
Norway Lervig Tasty Juice IPA 6.0% 500ml£ 5.30
Norway Nogne Porter 7.0%500ml£ 4.75
Norway Nogne Imperial Stout 9.5%500ml£ 5.75
Norway Nogne #100 10.0% 500ml£ 7.25
Norway Nogne #500 Imperial IPA 10.0% 500ml£ 7.50
Spain Basqueland/Cloudwater Six Degrees of Separation DIPA 8.5%440ml£ 7.25
Spain Cierzo Ahtanum Single Hop SIPA 4.5%440ml£ 4.35
Spain Cierzo Citra IPA 6.3%440ml£ 4.65
Spain Damm Estrella 4.3% 330mlout of stock
Spain Garage Soup NEIPA 6.0% 440mlout of stock
Spain Garage Ocata SIPA 5.4% 440ml£ 3.90
Sweden StigbergetsNai Rai (Rye IPA) 7.0% 440ml£ 4.50
Sweden StigbergetsTropikos IPA 6.2% 440ml£ 4.25
Switzerland BFMv225 Saison Barrel Aged 10.0750ml£21.50
Frome Valley Henney's Dry Cider 6.0%500ml£ 2.25
Gwynt Cider Black Dragon Cider 6.5%500ml£ 3.10
Kerisac Cidre Breton 5.0%1 ltr£ 5.35
Lilley's Bee Sting Perry 7.5%500ml£ 2.80
Lilley's Crazy Goat cider/perry blend 6.8%500ml£ 2.80
Lilley's Gladiator Cider 8.4%500ml£ 2.80
Lilley's Mango Cider 4.0%500ml£ 3.10
Lilley's Rhubarb Cider 4.0%500ml£ 3.10
Lilley's Strawberry Cider 4.0%500ml£ 3.10
Lyme BayJack Ratt Vintage Dry Cider 7.4%500ml£ 3.25
Lyme BayTraditional Mead 14.5%750ml£10.60
Lyme BayWest Country Mead 14.5%750ml£10.60
Lyme BayBlack Cherry Mead 11.0%750ml£10.60
Lyme BayRhubarb Mead 11.0%750ml£10.60
Bullet For My ValentineVenom (Spiced Mead) 10.0%750ml£11.75
Bullet For My ValentineWaking The Demon (Honey Mead)14.5%750ml£11.75
Moniack Moniack Mead 14.6%750ml£11.50
Purbeck Cider Dorset Blush Berry Cider 4.0%500ml£ 3.95
Purbeck Cider Forgotten Orchard Dabinet Med Cider 5.5%500ml£ 3.45
Purbeck Cider Forgotten Orchard Perry 6.0%750ml£ 6.40
Sheppy Vintage Reserve Oak Cider 7.4%500mlout of stock
Thistly Cross Whisky Cask Cider *BACK IN* 6.9%500ml£ 3.25
Weston's Old Rosie Cloudy Cider 7.3%500ml£ 2.35


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