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We (Chris Brown and Ann Binns) opened Bitter Virtue in 1997 because we thought that there were a lot of people who shared our pleasure in the fruit of the hop, but who found it difficult to find an interesting range of beers.

Amendment date: Monday 31st May 2016

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Southampton Beer Festival Tickets available at GUILDHALL ONLY
Normal hours 10:30 - 8:30 Tue - Sat, 10:30 - 2 Sunday
BEER : Butts - Barbus Barbus (Organic) 4.6% £ 2.30 per pint
NEXT : Flower Pots - Perridge Pale 3.6% £ 2.00 per pint
AND : Flower Pots - Rhapsody 4.1% £ 2.20 per pint
146 Cider - Hampshire Heritage 6.5% £ 2.30 per pint
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Ciders and Meads
NEW BEERS in the last 8-10 weeks
or REALLY special bottles
NationBreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
BEAB InBev Leffe Royale - Mapuche 7.5%330Ml£ 3.45
BEAnker Cuvee Van De Keizer (Blue) 2016 11.0%750Ml£11.25
BEAntwerpse Brouw Co Seef Bier 6.5%330Ml£ 2.70
BEBeer Project Brussels Bretagne Oyster Stout 8.0%330Ml£ 5.30
BEBeer Project Brussels La Shaman Aztec Stout 5.5%330Ml£ 2.95
BEBeer Project Brussels Princess Jasmine Oriental Witbier 5.3%330Ml£ 2.95
BEBeer Project Brussels Salvation Earl Grey Dark Ale 5.3%330Ml£ 3.00
BEBeer Project Brussels Tante Tatin Apple Quad 11.2%330Ml£ 3.99
BEChimayGrande Reserve Barrel Aged 2015 10.0%750Ml£21.99
BEFrank Boon/Mikkeller Bone Dry Gueuze 7.0%750Ml£17.85
BEDe Koninck De Koninck - Wild Jo Blond 5.8%330Ml£ 2.30
BEDe Dolle Brouwers Bos Keun (Easter Beer) 9.0%330Ml£ 3.65
BEDochter van de KorenaarAmitie Red IPA 7.0%330Ml£ 4.95
BEDubuisson Bush de Nuits 2015 13.0%750Ml£24.99
BEDuvel-Moortgat Duvel Tripel Hop 2016 (HBC 291) 9.5%330Ml£ 3.99
BELindemans Special Blend 2010 Gueuze 6.0%750Ml£13.75
BELindemans Blossom Gueuze (Elder Flower) 6.0%750Ml£16.50
BELindemans/Mikkeller Spontanbasil 6.0%750Ml£16.50
BEMartin Waterloo Double Dark 8.5%330Ml£ 3.10
BEMartin Waterloo Triple Blond 7.5%330Ml£ 2.65
BEStruise Brouwers Aestatis 2015 Imperial Saison 11.0%330Ml£ 5.00
BEStruise Brouwers Blue Monk 2013 (BA Chateau Margaux) 10.0%330Ml£ 5.75
CZPardubicky Granat Dark Lager 5.7%500Ml£ 2.40
CZPardubicky Pardubicky Porter 8.0%500Ml£ 3.49
CZPrimator Premium Dark 4.5%500Ml£ 2.40
CZZatec Celia Dark Lager (Gluten Free) 5.7%500Ml£ 2.85
DKTo Ol First Frontier (IPA) 7.1%330Ml£ 3.55
DKTo Ol F*** Art this is Advertising DKTo Ol Mr Orange Imperial Orange Special 7.0%330Ml£ 3.75
DKTo Ol Nelson Survin (Sour DIPA) 9.0%330Ml£ 4.25
DKTo Ol Sofa King Pale 4.7%330Ml£ 3.20
DKTo Ol Sur - Citra 5.5%330Ml£ 3.75
DKTo Ol Thirsty Frontier (Session IPA) 4.5%330Ml£ 3.15
DKTo Ol Velvets are Blue 5.5%330Ml£ 3.95
GEAnd Union Beast of the Deep 6.5%500Ml£ 3.40
GEAnd Union Neu Blk - Dark Lager 5.0%500Ml£ 3.00
GEAnd Union Summer Wheat 5.5%500Ml£ 3.40
GEAnd Union Touro Tripel Blonde 10.0%750Ml£ 9.60
GESchneider Tap X - Marie;s Rendezvous 10.0%375Ml£ 4.99
ITTre FontaneTrappist Tripel 8.5%330Ml£ 9.75
NLDe Molen Heksen & Trollen 6.1%330Ml£ 2.30
NLDe Molen Licht & Lustig 4.5%330Ml£ 2.00
NLDe Molen Saint & Sinner IPA 6.1%330Ml£ 2.40
NLLa TrappeQuadrupel 25th Anniversary 10.0%750Ml£ 9.35
NOLervig/Loverboy American A Roma IPA 6.6%330Ml£ 3.05
NZTuatara Solstice Saison 5.2%330Ml£ 2.80
NZYeastie Boys Gunnamatta Earl Grey IPA 6.5%330Ml£ 3.15
NZYeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black 6.0%330Ml£ 2.99
UKArbor/HopCraft/Steel CityArgy Bargy 10.4%330Ml£ 3.99
UKArbor Ales Crouching Chili Hidden Mango 6.3%568ML£ 4.15
UKBad Seed India Pale Ale 7.0%330Ml£ 2.90
UKBad Seed Saison 6.0%330Ml£ 2.85
UKBeavertown Bloody 'Ell (Blood Orange IPA) Can 7.2%330Ml£ 3.10
UKBeavertown Skull King Double IPA Can 8.7%330Ml£ 4.15
UKBowman Ales Meon Valley Bitter 3.9%500Ml£ 2.40
UKBrewDog Ace of Simcoe (Session IPA) 4.5%330Ml£ 2.30
UKBrewDog Albino Squid (Red IPA) Can 7.4%330Ml£ 3.20
UKBrewDog Arcade Nation (Black IPA) 5.2%330Ml£ 2.60
UKBrewDog Black Eyed King Imp Can 12.7%330Ml£10.99
UKBrewDog Born to Die 14/05/16 (DIPA) 8.5%660Ml£ 7.99
UKBrewDog Elvis Juice (IPA) Bottle/Can 6.5%330Ml£ 2.65
UKBrewDog Monk Hammer (BIPA) Can 7.2%330Ml£ 3.20
UKBrewDog Jet Black Heart (Milk Stout) 4.7%330Ml£ 2.65
UKBrewDog Shipwreck 13.8%330Ml£ 8.99
UKBurning SkyCuvee Reserve '15 - '16 6.5%750Ml£14.50
UKBurning SkyEasy Answers IPA 6.0%330Ml£ 3.10
UKBurning SkySaison Anniversaire 6.2%750Ml£11.75
UKBurning SkySaison Provision BA 6.5%330Ml£ 3.85
UKBuxtonAnglo-Belgique IPA 6.8%330Ml£ 3.20
UKBuxtonExtra Porter Guatemalan Coffee 7.4%330Ml£ 3.95
UKBuxtonGooseberry Cove Sour 4.7%330Ml£ 3.20
UKBuxtonPatersbier 4.0%330Ml£ 2.25
UKBuxtonKing Maker DIPA 10.5%330Ml£ 4.50
UKBuxtonQuadrupel 11.0%330Ml£ 5.15
UKBuxtonThe Living End BAIS 11.0%330Ml£ 6.75
UKBuxtonTripel 9.0%330Ml£ 4.50
UKBy The Horns Hopslinger IPA 5.9%330Ml£ 3.30
UKBy The Horns Sour to the People 4.8%330Ml£ 3.10
UKCloudwater DIPA v3 9.0%330Ml£ 4.85
UKCloudwater Imperial Stout 11.2%330Ml£15.35
UKCloudwater Lapsang Lichtenhainer 3.6%330Ml£ 3.45
UKCloudwater Session IPA - E 431 4.5%330ML£ 2.65
UKCloudwater US Light - Comet 6.0%330Ml£ 2.50
UKCloudwater Vermont E.S.B. 6.5%750Ml£ 9.60
UKDancing Man Last Waltz (BIPA) Can 5.3%330Ml£ 2.40
UKDancing Man Pilgrims (Pale Ale) Can 3.9%330Ml£ 2.30
UKDark StarAmerican Pale Ale Can 4.7%330Ml£ 2.40
UKDark StarRevelation Can 5.7%330Ml£ 2.60
UKFive PointsIPA Can 7.1%330Ml£ 2.95
UKFour PureNorthern Latitude Can 6.4%330Ml£ 2.50
UKFour PureSouthern Latitude Can 4.7%330Ml£ 2.50
UKKernelIPA - Citra, Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy 6.9%330Ml£ 3.35
UKKernelIPA - Simcoe, Sticklebract 6.6%330Ml£ 3.35
UKKernelPale Ale - Galaxy 5.4%500Ml£ 3.70
UKKernelPale Ale - Chinook 5.5%500Ml£ 3.70
UKMad HatterSoleil de Glace (DIPA) 9.5%330Ml£ 4.65
UKMagic Rock Dark Arts (Stout) Can 6.0%330Ml£ 2.40
UKMagic Rock High Wire (WCPA) Can 5.5%330Ml£ 2.50
UKMagic Rock Inhaler Pale Ale Can 4.5%330Ml£ 2.45
UKMagic Rock Rapture (Red Ale) Can 4.6%330Ml£ 2.30
UKMagic Rock Unhuman Cannonball (TIPA) 11.0%660Ml£14.99
UKMoorHoppiness (IPA) Can 6.5%330Ml£ 3.10
UKMoorIllusion (BIPA) Can 4.5%330Ml£ 2.60
UKMoorRelentless Optimism Can 5.5%330Ml£ 2.70
UKMoorRevival (Pale Ale) Can 3.8%330Ml£ 2.50
UKMoorSo'Hop Can 4.1%330Ml£ 2.50
UKNorthern MonkEternal Session IPA 4.2%330Ml£ 2.45
UKNorthern MonkLust (7 Deadly Sins) 6.8%660Ml£ 9.99
UKNorthern MonkNorthern Star Porter 5.9%330Ml£ 2.75
UKNorthern MonkNorthern Industry (BIPA) 6.9%660Ml£ 7.99
UKRed CatContemplation (ABA) 4.7%500Ml£ 2.50
UKRed CatFeral (Vienna IPA) 6.2%500Ml£ 3.40
UKRed CatProwler Pale 3.6%500Ml£ 2.45
UKRoosters Pistol River Can 4.0%330Ml£ 2.10
UKSiren/Cigar City Caribbean Chocolate Cake 7.4%330Ml£ 4.15
UKSiren/Stillwater Funkier Feet (BA Sour) 8.0%375Ml£ 9.75
UKSiren/Mikkeller Daydream BA White Imp Stout 13.5%330Ml£ 7.95
UKSiren Craft Brew Odyssey 005 (BA Blend) 10.5%330Ml£ 9.75
UKSiren Craft Brew Odyssey 006 (BA Blend) 10.5%750Ml£14.95
UKSiren Craft Brew Peligrosos IPA 5.6%330Ml£ 2.75
UKSiren Craft Brew Ryesing Tides (Rye IPA) 7.0%330Ml£ 3.30
UKSiren Craft Brew Proteus IPA Vol 1 6.0%330Ml£ 3.45
UKSiren Craft Brew Vanilla Weisse 4.0%330Ml£ 2.35
UKSummer WineHi-Ratio Nelson 4.9%330Ml£ 2.90
UKSummer WineThe Kiwi IPA 6.5%330Ml£ 3.25
UKTiny RebelLupulin Fiasco 6.5%330Ml£ 2.80
UKTempestFarmhouse Ale 5.1%330Ml£ 2.45
UKTempestA Face with No Name 6.0%330Ml£ 3.55
UKTempestLonger White Cloud 10.2%330Ml£ 5.99
UKThornbridge Eldon Imperial Stout 8.0%330Ml£ 3.85
UKVibrant ForestPale Ale - Centennial 5.0%330Ml£ 2.75
UKVibrant ForestPale Ale - Mosaic 5.0%330Ml£ 2.75
UKVibrant ForestRadicale - Belgian Wit 4.4%330Ml£ 2.75
UKVibrant ForestRadicale - Salted Liquorice 5.1%500Ml£ 3.15
UKVocationDivide & Conquer (BIPA) Can 6.5%330Ml£ 3.10
UKVocationHeart & Soul (Session IPA) Can 4.4%500Ml£ 2.35
UKVocationLife & Death (IPA) Can 6.5%330Ml£ 2.60
UKVocationPride & Joy (APA)( Can 5.3%500Ml£ 2.45
UKWild Beer Co III 9.0%330Ml£ 4.50
UKWild Beer Co Sleeping Lemons Export 6.0%750Ml£ 8.60
UKWild Beer Co Squashed Grapes 5.0%750Ml£ 8.25
UKWild Beer Co The Blend Summer 2015 4.7%750Ml£15.49
UKWild Beer CO The Blend Winter 2015 6.0%750Ml£16.25
UKWild Beer Co Witness 5.8%330Ml£ 3.15
UKWiper & TruePale Ale - Australia 5.0%500Ml£ 3.25
USAAle Smith Old Numbskull 11.0%750Ml£ 17.70
USABear Republic Racer 5 IPA 7.5%355Ml£ 3.99
USABrooklynScorcher IPA 4.5%355Mlout of stock
USABrooklynInsulated Lager (B Lager) 5.6%355Ml£ 2.15
USABrooklynBQE - Improved Old Fashioned Brown 12.8%750Ml£23.65
USABrooklynIntensified Coffee Porter 11.8%750Ml£21.99
USABrooklynQuinceratops (BA Quad) 10.9%750Ml£21.99
USAClown Shoes Tramp Stamp (BIPA) 7.0%355Ml£ 3.90
USAClown Shoes Hoppy Feet (IPAS) 7.0%355Ml£ 3.90
USAFirestone WalkerEasy Jack Session IPA Can 4.5%355Ml£ 2.90
USAFirestone WalkerUnion Jack IPA Can 7.5%355Ml£ 4.25
USAFlying Dog Fever Dream - Mango Habanero IPA 7.0%355Ml£ 2.95
USAFlying Dog Heat - Oaked Chipotle 6.2%355Ml£ 2.85
USAFlying Dog Imperial IPA - Columbus 10.0%355Ml£ 3.95
USAFlying Dog Imperial IPA - HBC 291 Hop 8.0%355Ml£ 3.50
USAFlying Dog Tropical Bitch (Fruit IPA) 8.0%355Ml£ 3.50
USAFounders KBS 2016 11.2%355Ml£ 7.99
USAGiganticGigantic IPA 7.3%650Ml£ 7.35
USAGiganticGinormous Imperial IPA 8.8%650Ml£10.50
USAGiganticSuperbad Imperial Coffee Stout 9.0%650Ml£ 9.75
USALost AbbeyCarnevale (Bretted Saison) 6.5%750Ml£12.75
USALost AbbeyAvant Garde Ale 7.0%750Ml£13.75
USAOskar BluesIPA Can 6.43%355Ml£ 3.80
USARogueSrirachi Hot Stout 5.7%750Ml£10.95
USASierra NevadaHop Hunter IPA 6.2%355Ml£ 3.60
USASly Fox20th Anniversary Ale 6.6%750Ml£ 8.75
USASly FoxOdyssey - Imperial IPA Can 8.4%355Ml£ 3.50
USASpencerSpencer Trappist Ale 6.5%330Ml£ 5.15
USAStone Cali Belgique-Belgian IPA 6.9%355Ml£ 2.95
USAStone Delicious IPA 7.7%355Mlout of stock
USAStone Enjoy After (Bretted IPA) 7.0%750ML£13.75
USAStone Goto IPA 4.5%355Ml£ 2.95
USAStone Imperial Mutt Brown 9.0%650Ml£ 8.99
USAStone Stone IPA 6.9%355Ml£ 2.95
USAStone Xocoveza Stout 8.1%355Ml£ 4.25
USAVictory Golden Monkey 9.5%355Ml£ 3.85
USAVictory Headwaters Ale Can 5.2%355Ml£ 2.15
USAVictory Hop Devil IPA 6.2%355Ml£ 2.30
USAVictory Storm King Stout Can 9.1%355Ml£ 3.65
USAVictory Vital IPA Can 6.6%355Ml£ 2.25
USAWeyerbacher Blithering Idiot 11.1%355Ml£ 5.50
USAWeyerbacher Tiny Imperial Stout 11.8%355Ml£ 5.75
USAWidmer Brothers Omission Pale Ale - Gluten Free 5.8%355Ml£ 2.60
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
Alaskan Brewing Co. Smoked Porter 2012 6.5%650Mlout of stock
Ale Smith Old Numbskull 11.0%750Ml£ 17.70
Anchor SteamBig Leaf Maple 6.0%355MlSeasonal
Anchor SteamBrotherhood Steam Can 5.6%355Ml£ 2.60
Anchor SteamCalifornia Lager 4.9%355Ml£ 2.30
Anchor SteamCalifornia Lager Can 4.9%355ML£ 2.30
Anchor SteamIPA 6.5%355Ml£ 2.50
Anchor SteamIPA Can 6.5%355Ml£ 2.50
Anchor SteamLiberty Ale 5.9%355Ml£ 2.35
Anchor SteamLiberty Ale Can 5.6%355Ml£ 2.35
Anchor SteamOld Foghorn 8.8%355Ml£ 4.30
Anchor SteamOur Special Ale (Xmas) 5.5%355MlSeasonal
Anchor SteamPorter 5.6%355Ml£ 2.35
Anchor SteamSaison 7.2%355Ml£ 2.95
Anchor SteamSteam Beer 4.8%355Ml£ 2.25
Anchor SteamSummer Wheat Beer 4.5%355MlSeasonal
Anchor SteamWinter Wheat Beer 7.0%355MlSeasonal
Anderson Valley Hop 'Ottin IPA 7.0%355Ml£ 3.40
Anderson Valley Poleeko Pale 5.0%355Ml£ 2.95
Ballast Point Calm Before the Storm 5.5%355Ml£ 3.50
Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA 7.5%355Ml£ 3.99
Boulevard Tank 7 Saison 8.5%355Ml£ 4.20
Boulevard Single Wide IPA 5.7%355Ml£ 2.65
Brooklyn1/2 Ale (Session Saison) 3.4%355Ml£ 1.90
BrooklynAmerican Ale 4.5%355Ml£ 1.99
BrooklynBAM Boozle Ale 8.6%750Ml£13.99
BrooklynBlack Chocolate Stout 10.0%355Ml£ 3.85
BrooklynBlast DIPA 8.4%355Ml£ 4.15
BrooklynBlack Ops 2014 11.6%750Ml£20.99
BrooklynBlack Ops 2015 11.6%750Ml£20.99
BrooklynBQE - Improved Old Fashioned Brown 12.8%750Ml£23.65
BrooklynScorcher IPA 4.5%355Ml£ 2.05
BrooklynEast India Pale Ale 6.8%355Ml£ 2.40
BrooklynHand & Seal 13.3%750Ml£22.99
BrooklynInsulated Dark Lager 5.6%355Ml£ 2.15
BrooklynIntensified Coffee Porter 11.8%750Ml£21.99
BrooklynK is for Kriek 10.1%750Ml£20.99
BrooklynLager 5.2%355Ml£ 2.15
BrooklynLocal 1 9.0%750Mlout of stock
BrooklynLocal 2 9.0%750Ml£11.49
BrooklynPost Road Pumpkin Ale 5.0%355MlSeasonal
BrooklynQuinceratops 10.9%750Ml£21.99
BrooklynSorachi Ace 750Ml (BCA) 7.6%750Ml£11.50
BrooklynSorachi Ace 355Ml 7.2%355Ml£ 3.20
BrooklynSummer Ale 5.0%355MlSeasonal
BrooklynSummer Ale Cans 5.0%355MlSeasonal
BrooklynWild Streak 10.0%750Ml£21.99
BrooklynWinter Ale 6.1%355MlSeasonal
Caldera Vas Deferens 8.1%660Ml£10.50
Clown Shoes Tramp Stamp (BIPA) 7.0%355Ml£ 3.90
Clown Shoes Clown Shoes (IPA) 7.0%355Ml£ 3.90
Firestone WalkerEasy Jack Session IPA Can 4.5%355Ml£ 2.90
Firestone WalkerUnion Jack IPA Can 7.5%355Ml£ 4.25
Firestone WalkerWookey Jack Black Rye IPA 8.3%355Ml£ 4.65
Flying DogDoggie Style 4.7%355Ml£ 2.35
Flying DogDogtoberfest 5.2%355MlSeasonal
Flying DogEasy IPA - Can 4.7%355Ml£ 2.15
Flying DogFever Dream - Mango Habanero IPA 7.0%355Ml£ 2.95
Flying DogGonzo Imperial Porter 8.7%355Ml£ 3.99
Flying DogHeat - Oaked Chipotle 6.2%355Ml£ 2.85
Flying DogHorn Dog 10.2%355Ml£ 4.20
Flying DogImperial IPA - Columbus 10.0%355Ml£ 3.95
Flying DogImperial IPA - HBC 291 Hop 8.0%355Ml£ 3.50
Flying DogImperial IPA - HBC 431 Hop 10.0%355Ml£ 3.95
Flying DogKujo Imperial Coffee Stout 8.9%355Ml£ 3.90
Flying DogPale Ale 5.5%355Ml£ 2.30
Flying DogPearl Necklace (Oyster Stout) 5.5%355Ml£ 2.25
Flying DogRaging Bitch (BIPA) 8.3%355Ml£ 3.40
Flying DogSnake Dog IPA 7.1%355Ml£ 2.60
Flying DogSnake Dog IPA Can 7.1%355Ml£ 2.60
Flying DogSpiced Pear 6.8%355Ml£ 2.75
Flying DogThe Fear (Autumn Season) 9.0%355MlSeasonal
Flying DogTropical Bitch (Fruit IPA) 8.0%355Ml£ 3.50
FoundersAll Day IPA 4.7%355Ml£ 2.30
FoundersAll Day IPA - Can 4.7%355Mlout of stock
FoundersBackwoods Bastard 10.2%355Ml£ 5.45
FoundersBreakfast Stout 8.3%355Ml£ 3.75
FoundersCentennial IPA 7.2%355Ml£ 2.65
FoundersKBS 2016 11.2%355Ml£ 7.99
GiganticGigantic IPA 7.3%650Ml£ 7.35
GiganticGinormous Imperial IPA 8.8%650Ml£10.50
GiganticSuperbad Imperial Coffee Stout 9.0%650Ml£ 9.75
Goose IslandJuliet 2012 (Blackberry) 8.0%650Ml£14.99
Goose IslandLolita 2011 (Raspberry) 9.0%660Ml£14.99
Goose IslandMadame Rose 2010 (Cherry) 6.5%660Ml£13.99
KonaBig Wave Golden Ale 4.4%355Ml£ 2.20
KonaCastaway IPA 6.0%355Ml£ 2.50
KonaFire Rock Pale Ale 6.0%355Ml£ 2.45
KonaLongboard Island Lager 4.6%355Ml£ 2.60
KonaPipeline Coffee Porter 5.3%355Ml£ 2.40
Lost Abbey Avant Garde Ale 7.0%750Ml£13.75
Lost Abbey Carnevale (Bretted Saison) 6.5%750Ml£12.75
Moylan's Hop Craic XXXX IPA 10.4%660Ml£12.75
Moylan's Moylander Double IPA 8.5%660Ml£ 9.15
North CoastGrand Cru 12.9%500Ml£14.99
Odell5 Barrel Pale Ale 5.2%355Mlout of stock
OdellCutthroat Porter 4.8%355Ml£ 3.20
OdellDeconstruction 10.5%750Ml£19.99
OdellIPA 7.0%355Ml£ 3.75
Oskar BluesDale's Pale Ale Can 6.5% 355Ml£ 3.95
Oskar BluesIPA Can 6.43%355Ml£ 3.80
Red HookLong Hammer IPA6.2%355Ml£ 2.50
RogueAmerican Amber Can 5.0%660Ml£ 3.20
RogueBrutal IPA 6.2%355Ml£ 2.90
RogueChipotle Ale 5.4%660Ml£ 6.75
RogueDead Guy Ale 6.2%355Ml£ 2.90
RogueHazelnut Brown Nectar 6.2%355Ml£ 2.90
RogueJuniper Pale Ale 5.2%355Mlout of stock
RogueMocha Porter 5.3%355Ml£ 2.75
RogueMorimoto Imperial Pilsner 8.8%750Ml£16.99
RogueNew Crustacean Barley Wine IPA11.6%750Ml£12.99
RogueSrirachi Hot Chili Stout 5.7%750Ml£10.95
RogueShakspeare Oatmeal Stout 6.0%355Ml£ 2.99
RogueXS - Imperial IPA 9.5%750Mlout of stock
RogueXS - Imperial Stout 2014 10.0%750Ml£18.00
RogueXS - Old Crustacean 2014 11.5%750Ml£17.99
RogueYellow Snow IPA 6.2%355Mlout of stock
Sierra NevadaHop Hunter IPA 6.2%355Ml£ 3.60
Sierra NevadaTorpedo Extra IPA Can 7.2%473Ml£ 3.90
SkaModus Hoperandi (Can)6.8%355Mlout of stock
Sly Fox20th Anniversary Ale 6.6%750Ml£ 8.75
Sly FoxGrisette - Can 5.6%355Ml£ 2.60
Sly FoxIchor - Quadrupel 10.0%750Ml£11.20
Sly FoxIncubus - Tripel Style 10.3%750Ml£11.20
Sly FoxOdyssey - Imperial IPA Can 8.4%355Ml£ 3.50
Sly FoxPhoenix Pale - Can 5.1%355Ml£ 2.45
Sly FoxRoute 113 IPA - Can 7.0%355Ml£ 2.80
Sly FoxSaison Vos 6.9%750Ml£ 8.50
Stone Cali Belgique-Belgian IPA 6.9%355Ml£ 2.95
Stone Delicious IPA 7.7%355Ml£ 3.50
Stone Enjoy After (Bretted IPA) 7.0%750ML£13.75
Stone Goto IPA 4.5%355Ml£ 2.95
Stone Imperial Mutt Brown 9.0%650Ml£ 8.99
Stone Ruination Double IPA 2.0 8.5%355Ml£ 3.95
Stone Stone IPA 6.9%355Ml£ 2.95
Stone Xocoveza Stout 8.1%355Ml£ 4.25
UncommonBaltic Porter (Organic Can) 7.8%473Ml£ 4.45
UncommonGolden State (Organic Can) 76.4%473Ml£ 4.25
Victory Golden Monkey 9.5%355Ml£ 3.85
Victory Headwaters Ale 5.2%355Ml£ 2.15
Victory Headwaters Ale Can 5.2%355Ml£ 2.15
Victory Hop Devil IPA 6.2%355Ml£ 2.30
Victory Storm King Stout Can 9.1%355Ml£ 3.65
Victory Vital IPA Can 6.6%355Ml£ 2.25
Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot 11.1%355Ml£ 5.50
Weyerbacher Tiny Imperial Stout11.8%355Ml£ 5.75
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
Arbor/HopCraft/Steel CityArgy Bargy 10.4%330Ml£ 3.99
Arbor AlesBeech Blonde 4.9%568Ml£ 3.30
Arbor AlesBoomtown Brown 5.3%568Ml£ 3.45
Arbor AlesBreakfast Stout 7.4%568Mlout of stock
Arbor AlesCrouching Chil Hidden Mango 6.3%568ML£ 4.15
Arbor AlesDevil Made Me Brew It 5.5%568Ml£ 3.70
Arbor AlesJ Bomb 2 - Jarryle 4.7%568Ml£ 3.45
Arbor AlesMonsoon Saison - 2016 6.4%568Mlout of stock
Arbor AlesMotueka Session Ale 3.8%568Ml£ 3.15
Arbor AlesOz Bomb 4.7%568Mlout of stock
Arbor AlesShangri-La Session IPA 4.2%568Ml£ 3.70
Arbor AlesTriple Hop 4.0%568Ml£ 3.15
Why Kick A Moo Cow 5.5%568Ml£ 3.60
Bad Seed India Pale Ale 7.0%330Ml£ 2.90
Bad Seed Saison 6.0%330Ml£ 2.85
BeavertownAppleation Bramley Apple Saison 8.7%330Mlout of stock
Beavertown8 Ball Rye IPA Can 6.2%330Ml£ 2.75
BeavertownBlack Betty Black IPA Can 7.4%330Ml£ 3.10
BeavertownBloody 'ell Can 7.2%330Ml£ 3.10
BeavertownGamma Ray Pale Ale Can 5.4%330Ml£ 2.60
BeavertownHeavy Water - Can 9.0%330Mlout of stock
BeavertownHoly Cowbell (India Stout) Can 5.6%330Ml£ 2.90
BeavertownImperial Lord Smog Almighty Can 11.0%330Ml£ 3.99
BeavertownNeck Oil Session IPA Can 4.3%330Ml£ 2.30
BeavertownPhantom Can 3.7%330Ml£ 3.10
BeavertownQuelle Saison Can 4.1%330Mlout of stock
BeavertownSkull King DIPA Can 8.7%330Ml£ 4.15
BeavertownSmog Rocket Can 5.4%330Ml£ 2.50
Bowman AlesMeon Valley Bitter 3.9%500Ml£ 2.40
Bowman AlesNutz 5.0%500Ml£ 2.40
Bowman AlesQuiver Bitter 4.5%500Ml£ 2.40
Bowman AlesSwift One 3.8%500Ml£ 2.40
Bowman AlesWallops Wood 4.0%500Ml£ 2.40
Brains SA Gold 4.7%500Ml£ 1.99
BrewDog 5AM Red Ale 5.0%330Ml£ 2.30
BrewDog Abstrakt 08 11.8%375Ml£15.00
BrewDog Ace of Simcoe 4.5%330Ml£ 2.30
BrewDog Albino Squid Can 7.4%330Ml£ 3.20
BrewDog Alice Porter 5.2%330Mlout of stock
BrewDog Arcade Nation 5.2%330Ml£ 2.60
BrewDog Black Eyed King Imp Can 12.7%330Ml£10.99
BrewDog Born to Die 14/05/16 8.5%660Ml£ 7.99
BrewDog Bourbon Baby 6.8%330Mlout of stock
BrewDog Dead Pony Club 3.8%330Ml£ 2.30
BrewDog Dogma 7.4%330Mlout of stock
BrewDog Elvis Juice Grapefruit IPA Cans 6.5%330Ml£ 2.65
BrewDog Elvis Juice Grapefruit IPA 6.5%330Ml£ 2.65
BrewDog Everyday Anarchy BA Imperial Saison 10.3%330Ml£ 9.75
BrewDog Hardcore IPA 9.2%330Ml£ 3.85
BrewDog Hop Fiction Pale Ale 5.2%330Mlout of stock
BrewDog Hinterland 9.0%330Mlout of stock
BrewDogW/Mikkeller I Hardcore You 9.5%330Mlout of stock
BrewDog Jackhammer West Coast IPA Cans 7.2%330Ml£ 3.20
BrewDog Jet Black Heart 4.7%330Ml£ 2.65
BrewDog King Maker Double IPA 10.5%330Ml£ 4.50
BrewDog Libertine Black Ale 7.2%330Ml£ 3.45
BrewDog # Mashtag 10.0%330Mlout of stock
BrewDog Monk Hammer Cans BIPA 7.2%330Ml£ 3.20
BrewDog Nanny State 0.5%330Mlout of stock
BrewDog Punk IPA 6.0%330Ml£ 2.30
BrewDog Riptide Stout 8.0%330Ml£ 4.25
BrewDog Shipwreck 13.8%330Ml£ 8.99
BrewDog This is Lager 4.7%330Ml£ 2.30
BrewDog Tokyo* 16.5%330Ml£14.00
BrewDog Vagabond Pale 4.5%330Ml£ 2.45
Bristol Beer FactoryAcer 3.8%500Ml£ 2.99
Bristol Beer FactoryMilk Stout 4.5%500Ml£ 2.99
Bristol Beer FactoryIndependence 4.6%500Ml£ 2.99
Bristol Beer FactorySaison 6.5%500Mlout of stock
Bristol Beer FactorySouthville Hop IPA 6.5%500Ml£ 2.99
Bristol Beer FactoryUltimate Stout 7.5%500Ml£ 3.70
Burning SkyArise 4.4%330Ml£ 2.65
Burning SkyCuvee Reserve '15 - '16 6.5%750Ml£14.50
Burning SkyEasy Answers IPA 6.0%330Ml£ 3.10
Burning SkySaison Anniversaire 6.2%750Ml£11.75
Burning SkySaison Provision BA 6.5%330Ml£ 3.85
ButtsBarbus Barbus Organic 4.6%500Ml£ 2.85
ButtsBlackguard Porter Organic 4.6%500Ml£ 2.85
ButtsCraftwerk Weissbier 5.5%500Ml£ 2.85
Buxton Anglo-Belgique 6.8%330Ml£ 3.20
Buxton / Evil Twin Anglo Mania 10.3%330Mlout of stock
Buxton Axe Edge IPA 6.8%330Ml£ 2.65
Buxton Axe Rocks - Black &Tan 6.4%330Mlout of stock
Buxton Black Rocks Black IPA 6.0%330Mlout of stock
Buxton Bloc Head Sour Farmhouse 5.4%330Ml£ 2.65
Buxton Dubbel 7.0%330Ml£ 3.20
Buxton Extra Porter - Guatemalan Coffee 7.4%330Ml£ 3.95
Buxton Far Skyline 4.9%330Ml£ 2.65
Buxton Gooseberry Cove Sour 4.7%330Ml£ 3.20
Buxton Imperial Black IPA 10.5%330Ml£ 3.20
Buxton Patersbier 4.0%330Ml£ 2.25
Buxton Pic Tor Passion Fruit Pale Ale 5.9%330Mlout of stock
Buxton/Omnipollo Pomperiposa Cherry Stout 6.0%330Mlout of stock
Buxton Quadrupel 11.0%330Ml£ 5.15
Buxton Rain Shadow Imperial Stout 11.8%330Ml£ 4.99
Buxton Red Point IPA 7.5%330Mlout of stock
Buxton Red Raspberry Rye 4.9%330Ml£ 3.15
Buxton/Oedipus/Oproer Ring Your Mother Imperial Mild 9.5%330Ml£ 4.45
Buxton Saison - New World 6.3%330Ml£ 2.65
Buxton The Living End 11.0%330Ml£ 6.75
Buxton Tripel 9.0%330Ml£ 4.50
Buxton Wild Boar IPA 5.7%500Mlout of stock
By The Horns Hopslinger IPA 5.9%330Ml£ 3.30
By The Horns Sour to the People 4.8%330Ml£ 3.10
Camden TownBeer 2015 BA Lager 7.6%750Ml£ 8.60
Cloudwater Black IPA 6.0%330Mlout of stock
Cloudwater Citra IPA 6.5%330Mlout of stock
Cloudwater Double IPA version 3 9.0%330Ml£ 4.65
Cloudwater Imperial Stout 11.2%330Ml£15.35
Cloudwater Lapsang Lichtenhainer 3.6%330Ml£ 3.45
Cloudwater Session IPA - E 431 4.5%330ML£ 2.65
Cloudwater Seville Orange Sour 3.5%330Mlout of stock
Cloudwater US Light - Comet 6.0%330Ml£ 2.50
Cloudwater Vermont E.S.B. 6.5%750Ml£ 9.60
Courage (Wells&Youngs)Imperial Russian Stout10.0%275Ml£ 6.50
Coniston Bluebird 4.2%500Ml£ 2.45
Coniston Old Man 4.8%500Mlout of stock
Coniston Premium XB 4.4%500Ml£ 2.65
Dancing CowsForeign Extra Stout 7.5%330Ml£ 3.25
Dancing Man Big Casino IPA Can 5.7%330Ml£ 2.40
Dancing Man Last Waltz Can 5.3%330Ml£ 2.40
Dancing Man Pilgrims Can 3.9%330Ml£ 2.30
Dark StarAmerican Pale Ale Can 4.7%330Ml£ 2.40
Dark StarCreme Brulee Can 5.9%330Ml£ 2.99
Dark StarEspresso 4.2%500Ml£ 2.60
Dark StarHophead 3.6%500Ml£ 2.45
Dark StarImperial Stout Vintage 2014 10.5%330Ml£ 3.99
Dark StarRevelation Can 5.7%330Ml£ 2.60
Dark StarSunburst 4.8%500Ml£ 2.60
Dorset Brewing CoDorset Knob 3.9%500Ml£ 2.30
Dorset Brewing CoDurdle Door 5.0%500Ml£ 2.65
Dorset Brewing CoJurassic 4.2%500Ml£ 2.45
DowntonChimera Dark Delight 6.0%500Ml£ 2.10
DowntonChimera Honey Blonde 4.3%500Ml£ 2.10
DowntonChimera IPA 7.0%500Ml£ 2.20
DowntonChocolate Orange 5.8%500Ml£ 2.65
DowntonEndeavour 2016 10.0%500Ml£ 3.60
DowntonNew Forest Ale 5.8%500Ml£ 2.10
DowntonRoman Imperial Stout 9.0%500Ml£ 3.60
Five PointsIPA Can 7.1%330Ml£ 2.95
Four PureBeartooth Can 5.3%330Ml£ 2.50
Four PureIPA Cans 6.5%330Ml£ 2.65
Four PureNorthern Latitude Can 6.4%330Ml£ 2.50
Four PureRoux 2015 Saison 5.6%330Ml£ 3.90
Four PureSouthern Latitude Can 4.7%330Ml£ 2.50
HarviestounOla Dubh 12 Year 8.0%330Ml£ 5.75
HarviestounOla Dubh 16 Year 8.0%330Ml£ 5.95
HarviestounOla Dubh 18 Year 8.0%330Ml£ 6.25
Hop BackCrop Circle (**Certified Gluten Free) 4.2% 500Ml£ 2.15
Hop BackEntire Stout 4.5% 500Ml£ 2.25
Hop BackSummer Lightning 5.0% 500Ml£ 2.25
Hop BackSummer Lightning 5.0%5000Ml£19.99
Hop BackTaiphoon (Lemongrass) 4.2% 500Ml£ 2.15
Ilkley/Yeastie Boys 3.74 Degrees 6.2%330Mlout of stock
Ilkley Holy Cow (Cranberry Milk Stout) 4.7%500Mlout of stock
Ilkley Mary Jane IPA 6.0%500Mlout of stock
Ilkley Siberia Rhubarb Saison 5.9%330Ml£ 2.85
Ilkley The Chief IPA 7.0%500Mlout of stock
Ilkley The Mayan Cocolate Chipotle 6.5%330Ml£ 3.15
Ilkley Westwood White Chocolate Stout 6.5%330Ml£ 3.75
Kennet & AvonCaen Hill Top 5.0%500Ml£ 2.85
Kennet & AvonSavernake Stout 5.3%330Mlout of stock
KernelExport India Porter 5.9%500Mlout of stock
KernelExport Stout - London 1890 6.7%330Ml£ 3.35
KernelImperial Brown Stout 9.9%330Mlout of stock
KernelIPA - Assorted - See New Beers 7.1%330Ml£ 3.50
KernelPale Ale - Assorted - See New Beers 5.2%500Ml£ 3.70
Loddon Brewery Night of the Stag 4.4%500Ml£ 2.60
Loddon Brewery Scramble 4.4%500Mlout of stock
Mad HatterSoleil de Glace 9.5%330Ml£ 4.65
Magic Rock Cannonball IPA Can 7.4%330Ml£ 2.85
Magic Rock Dark Arts Can 6.0%330Ml£ 2.40
Magic Rock/Lervig Farmhouse IPA 6.0%330Ml£ 2.85
Magic Rock High Wire Can 5.5%330Ml£ 2.50
Magic Rock High Wire Grapefruit Can 5.5%330Ml£ 2.40
Magic Rock Rapture Can 4.6%330Ml£ 2.30
Magic Rock Salty Kiss Can 4.1%330Ml£ 2.15
MarbleEarl Grey IPA 6.8%500Ml£ 4.99
MarbleLagonda IPA 5.0%500Ml£ 3.80
MarbleLittle Meiko Yuzu IPA 7.0%500Mlout of stock
Marston'sOwd Roger7.6%500Ml£ 2.85
MeantimeI.P.A. 7.5%750Ml£ 6.99
MeantimeLondon Porter 6.5%750Ml£ 6.85
MeantimeLondon Stout 4.5%500Mlout of stock
MeantimeRaspberry Wheat 5.0%330Ml£ 2.75
MeantimeYakima Red 4.1%330Ml£ 2.50
MoorHoppiness Cans 6.5%330Ml£ 3.10
MoorIllusion Cans 4.5%330Ml£ 2.60
MoorNor' Hop Cans 4.1%330Mlout of stock
MoorRelentless Optimism Can 5.5%330Ml£ 2.70
MoorReturn of the Empire 5.7%330Mlout of stock
MoorRevival Cans 3.8%330Ml£ 2.50
MoorSo'Hop Cans 4.1%330Ml£ 2.50
Northern MonkEternal Session IPA 4.2%330Ml£ 2.45
Northern MonkLust (7 Deadly Sins) 6.8%660Ml£ 9.99
Northern MonkNew World IPA Can 6.2%330Mlout of stock
Northern MonkNorthern Star Porter 5.9%330Ml£ 2.75
Northern MonkNorthern Industry 6.9%660Ml£ 7.99
OakhamCitra 4.6%500Ml£ 2.85
OakhamGreen Devil 6.0%500Ml£ 3.15
OakleafHole Hearted 4.7%500Ml£ 2.20
OakleafIndia Pale Ale 5.5%500Ml£ 2.40
Oakleaf.. It's Not Bitter 4.9%500Ml£ 2.35
OakleafMay Bee Mild 4.6%500Mlout of stock
OakleafNuptu'Ale 4.2%500Ml£ 2.10
OakleafOver the Top 7.0%500Ml£ 2.75
OakleafPiston Porter 4.6%500Ml£ 2.20
OakleafPompey Royal 4.5%500Mlout of stock
OakleafQuercus Folium 4.0%500Mlout of stock
OakleafReindeer's Delight 4.5%500Mlseasonal
OakleafStoker's Stout 5.0%500Mlout of stock
OrkneyDark Island 4.6%500Ml£ 3.49
OrkneyDragonhead Stout 4.0%500Ml£ 3.49
OrkneySkullsplitter 8.5%330Ml£ 3.50
OtterOtter Bright 4.3%500Mlout of stock
OtterOtter Head 5.8%500Ml£ 3.40
PalmersTally Ho 5.5%500Ml£ 2.75
Pressure DropBosko Absoluto Imperial IPA 9.0%330Mlout of stock
Pressure DropBosko IPA 6.5%330Mlout of stock
Pressure DropEnz SH IPA 7.1%330Mlout of stock
Pressure DropPale Fire 4.8%330Ml£ 2.99
Red CatContemplation 4.7%500Ml£ 2.50
Red CatFeral 6.2%500Ml£ 3.40
Red CatKairos 5.3%500Mlout of stock
Red CatMacavity 5.3%500Ml£ 2,50
Red CatMr M's Porter 4.5%500Ml£ 2.45
Red CatProwler Pale 3.5%500ML£ 2.45
Red CatSmoggy 4.7%500Ml£ 2.50
Red CatTomcat 4.7%500Ml£ 2.45
Ridgeway Foreign Extra Stout 8.0%500Mlout of stock
Ridgeway Querkus Porter 4.5%500Mlout of stock
Ringwood Boondoggle 4.4%500Ml£ 1.99
Ringwood Fortyniner 4.9%500Ml£ 2.35
Ringwood Old Thumper 5.1%500Ml£ 2.35
RobinsonsOld Tom8.5%330Mlout of stock
RoostersBaby Faced Assassin 6.1%660Ml£ 7.99
RoostersBaby Faced Assassin Can 6.1%330Ml£ 2.75
RoostersHigh Tea Jasmin Can 6.2%330Mlout of stock
RoostersPistol River Can 4.0%330Ml£ 2.10
RoostersRed Baron India Red Ale 5.7%330Ml£ 2.40
RoostersYankee Can 4.3%330Ml£ 2.25
SaltaireCascade Pale Ale 4.8%500Ml£ 2.99
SaltaireHazelnut Coffee Porter 4.6%500Ml£ 2.99
SaltaireKala Black IPA 6.2%500Ml£ 3.60
SaltaireRaspberry Blonde 4.0%500Ml£ 2.99
SaltaireStateside IPA 6.0%500Ml£ 3.50
SaltaireTriple Chocoholic 4.8%500Ml£ 3.20
SaltaireXS - Belgian Red 7.2%330Ml£ 3.15
SaltaireXS Imperial IPA 9.5%330Ml£ 3.75
SaltaireXS Imperial Stout 8.9%330Ml£ 3.75
Sam SmithImperial Stout 7.0%330Ml£ 2.65
Sam SmithIndia Ale 5.0%550Ml£ 3.15
Sam SmithOatmeal Stout 5.0%550Ml£ 3.35
Sam SmithOrganic Apricot 5.1%355Ml£ 2.90
Sam SmithOrganic Chocolate Stout 5.0%550Ml£ 3.50
Sam SmithOrganic Lager 5.0%550Ml£ 3.40
Sharp'sDoombar4.3%500Mlout of stock
Siren/Cigar CityCaribbean Chocolate Cake 7.4%330Ml£ 4.15
Siren/Surly Blue Sky Blue Sea (Rainbow 2015) 5.0%330Ml£ 2.90
Siren Craft BrewBroken Dream Stout 6.5%330Ml£ 2.75
Siren Craft BrewCalypso Dry Hopped Berliner Weisse 4.0%330Ml£ 2.45
Siren/Mikkeller Daydream BA White Imp. Stout 13.5%330Ml£ 7.95
Siren/StillwaterFunkier Feet 8.0%375Ml£ 9.75
Siren Craft BrewHalf Mast Quarter IPA 2.8%330Ml£ 2.45
Siren Craft BrewLiquid Mistress Red IPA 5.8%330Ml£ 2.75
Siren Craft BrewMaiden 2014 Barley Wine 11.1%375Ml£ 9.99
Siren Craft BrewOdyssey 005 10.5%330Ml£ 9.75
Siren Craft BrewOdyssey 006 10.5%330Ml£14.95
Siren Craft BrewPeligrosos IPA 5.6%330Ml£ 2.75
Siren Craft BrewProteus IPA Vol 1 6.0%330Ml£ 3.45
Siren Craft BrewRyesing Tides (Rye IPA) 7.0%330Ml£ 3.30
Siren Craft BrewSoundwave IPA 5.6%330Ml£ 2.75
Siren Craft BrewUndercurrent Pale Ale 4.5%330Ml£ 2.50
Siren Craft BrewVanilla Weisse 4.0%330Ml£ 2.35
Siren Craft BrewWhite Tips IPA 330ML£ 2.65
St AustellProper Job 5.5%500Ml£ 2.70
St AustellTribute 4.2%500Ml£ 2.60
StonehengeGreat Bustard 4.8%500Ml£ 2.45
Summer WineDiablo IPA 5.2%330Ml£ 2.99
Summer WineHi-Ratio Nelson 4.9%330Ml£ 2.90
Summer WinePacer Session IPA 4.1%330Mlout of stock
Summer WineRedwood US Red 5.8%330Ml£ 2.99
Summer WineSabretooth IPA 6.9%330Mlout of stock
Summer WineSin City Choc IPA 7.2%330Mlout of stock
Summer WineSucker Punch 5.2%330Ml£ 2.90
Summer WineSurfing Monk SPBIPA 6.5%330Mlout of stock
Summer WineThe Kiwi IPA 6.5%330Ml£ 3.25
Suthwyk AlesOld Dick 3.8%500Ml£ 2.45
Suthwyk AlesSkew Sunshine Ale 4.6%500Ml£ 2.50
TempestA Face with No Name 6.0%330Ml£ 3.55
TempestBrave New World I.P.A. 7.0%330Ml£ 3.15
TempestFarmhouse Ale 5.1%330Mlout of stock
TempestIn the Dark We Live 7.2%330Ml£ 2.99
TempestLonger White Cloud 10.2%330Ml£ 5.99
TempestMarmalade on Rye 9.0%330Ml£ 4.20
TempestRed Eye Flight Mocha Porter 7.4%330Mlout of stock
TempestUnforgiven Red Rye 5.4%330Mlout of stock
Thornbridge AM:PM (Session IPA) 4.5%500Ml£ 3.20
Thornbridge Bayern (Hoppy Pilsner) 5.3%500Ml£ 3.20
Thornbridge Beadeca's Well (Smoked Porter) 5.3%500Ml£ 3.60
Thornbridge Bear State (West Coast IPA) 7.0%500Ml£ 3.95
Thornbridge Charlie Brown (Peanut Butter) 6.2%500Ml£ 4.10
Thornbridge Chiron American Pale 5.0%500Ml£ 3.50
Thornbridge Cocoa Wonderland 6.8%500Ml£ 3.90
Thornbridge Colorado Red 5.9%500Ml£ 3.70
Thornbridge Eldon Imperial Stout 8.0%330Ml£ 3.85
Thornbridge Eroica (Pale Ale) 4.3%500Mlout of stock
Thornbridge Halcyon (Imperial IPA) 7.4%500Ml£ 3.95
Thornbridge I love you.Will you Marry Me? 4.5%500Ml£ 3.85
Thornbridge Jaipur IPA 5.9%500Ml£ 3.10
Thornbridge Jaipur X IIPA 10.0%500Ml£ 6.45
Thornbridge Jehanne (Biere de Garde) 7.4%500Mlout of stock
Thornbridge Kill Your Darlings (Vienna Lager) 5.0%500Ml£ 3.75
Thornbridge Mirrors (Reverend & the Makers 4.5%500Ml£ 3.40
Thornbridge Otto (Weizen Doppelbock) 8.0%500Ml£ 5.45
Thornbridge Rhubarbe de Saison 5.0%500Ml£ 3.99
Thornbridge Saint Petersburg (IRS) 7.4%500Ml£ 3.95
Thornbridge Sequoia (American Amber) 4.5%500Ml£ 3.60
Thornbridge/Sierra Nevada Twin Peaks (Anglo-US PA) 5.0%500Ml£ 3.70
Thornbridge/Wild Tart Bakewell Sour 6.0%500Mlout of stock
Thornbridge Tzara (Cologne Stle) 4.8%500Ml£ 2.99
Thornbridge Versa (Weisse Beer) 5.0%500Mlout of stock
Thornbridge Wild Raven (Black IPA) 6.6%500Ml£ 3.70
Thornbridge Wild Swan (White Gold PA) 3.5%500Ml£ 2.70
Thwaites 13 Guns 5.5%330Ml£ 1.99
Timothy Taylor Landlord 4.1%500Ml>out of stock
Tiny RebelCwtch (CBOB 2015) 4.6%330Ml£ 2.60
Tiny RebelFull Nelson 4.8%330Mlout of stock
Tiny RebelHadouken IPA 7.4%330Mlout of stock
Tiny RebelLupulin Fiasco 6.5%330Ml£ 2.80
Tiny RebelUrban IPA 5.5%330Ml£ 2.80
TitanicCappuccino Stout 4.5%330Ml£ 1.80
TitanicChocolate & Vanilla Stout 4.5%330Ml£ 1.80
TitanicIceberg 4.1%500Ml£ 2.45
TitanicPlum Porter 4.9%500Ml£ 2.40
TitanicStout 4.1%500Mlout of stock
Vibrant ForestBlack Forest Porter 4.9%500Ml£ 2.95
Vibrant ForestBlack Oktober 9.0%330Mlout of stock
Vibrant ForestFarmhouse Ale 5.0%500Mlout of stock
Vibrant ForestKaleidoscope IPA 6.5%330Ml£ 3.00
Vibrant ForestMetropolis 6.0%330Ml£ 2.90
Vibrant ForestPale Ale - Centennial 5.0%330Ml£ 2.75
Vibrant ForestPale Ale - Mosaic 5.0%330Ml£ 2.75
Vibrant ForestPale Ale - Simcoe 5.0%330Ml£ 2.75
Vibrant ForestRadicale - Belgian Dubbel 7.3%330Mlout of stock
Vibrant ForestRadicale - Belgian Wit 4.4%330Ml£ 2.75
Vibrant ForestRadicale - Imperial Red IPA 3.6%330Ml£ 3.60
Vibrant ForestRadicale - Oat & Coffee. 5.7%500Ml£ 3.30
Vibrant ForestRadicale - Salted Liquorice Stout 5.1%500Ml£ 3.15
Vibrant ForestRadicale - Session IPA 3.5%500Ml£ 2.95
VocationDivide & Conquer Can 6.5%500Ml£ 3.10
VocationHeart & Soul Can 4.4%330Ml£ 2.35
VocationLife & Death Can 6.5%330Ml£ 2.60
VocationNaughty & Nice Can 7.5%330Ml£ 2.80
VocationPride & Joy Can 5.3%330Ml£ 2.45
Weird Beard5 o'clock Shadow 7.0%330Mlout of stock
Weird BeardHoly Hoppin' Hell 9.6%330Mlout of stock
Weird BeardMariana Trench 5.3%330Ml£ 2.85
Weird BeardSomething Something Dark Side 9.2%330Ml£ 4.60
Weird BeardSorachi Facepaint 8.1%330Mlout of stock
WellsBanana Bread Beer5.2%500Ml£ 2.60
White Horse10th Anniversary Pale 4.5%500Ml£ 2.80
White HorseVillage Idiot 4.1%500Ml£ 2.70
Wild Beer Co III 9.0%330Ml£ 4.50
Wild Beer Co Beyond Modus (Barrel Aged) 8.0%750Mlout of stock
Wild Beer Co Bibble (Hoppy PA) Can 4.2%330Ml£ 2.60
Wild Beer Co Blubus Maximus 5.5%750Ml£13.45
Wild Beer Co Brett Brett Double 8.4%330Ml£ 4.30
Wild Beer Co Epic Saison 5.0%330Ml£ 3.15
Wild Beer Co Evolver IPA 5.8%330Ml£ 3.35
Wild Beer Co Fresh 5.5%330Ml£ 2.99
Wild Beer Co Fresh Cans 5.5%330Ml£ 2.80
Wild/ToccalmattoIndigo Child 8.0%330Ml£ 4.15
Wild Beer Co Madness Cans 6.8%330Ml£ 2.99
Wild Beer Co Madness IPA 6.8%330Ml£ 3.25
Wild Beer Co Millionaire (Salted Caramel) 4.7%330Ml£ 3.15
Wild Beer Co Modus Operandi 7.0%330Ml£ 4.70
Wild Beer Co Ninkasi (Apple, Champagne Yeast) 9.0%750Ml£ 9.79
Wild Beer Co Ninkasi Premier Cru (Barrel Aged) 10.0%330Ml£ 6.75
Wild Beer Co Redwood (Wild Fruit) 5.8%330Ml£ 4.20
Wild/Burning SkyShnoodlepip (Pink Pepper & Fruit)2015 6.5%330Ml£ 4.50
Wild Beer Co Sleeping Lemons 3.6%330Ml£ 2.95
Wild Beer Co Sleeping Lemons Export 6.0%750Ml£ 8.60
Wild Beer Co Solera (Blended Saison) 4.4%330Ml£ 2.70
Wild Beer Co Somerset Wild (Sour) 5.0%330Ml£ 3.25
Wild Beer Co Sourbeest 5.9%330Mlout of stock
Wild Beer Co Sourdough 3.6%330Ml£ 3.25
Wild Beer Co Squashed Grapes 5.0%750Ml£ 8.25
Wild Beer Co The Blend 4.7%750Ml£15.49
Wild Beer Co Tom Yum Gose 4.0%750Mlout of stock
Wild Beer Co Wildebeest (Imperial Stout) 11.0%330Ml£ 5.65
Wild Beer Co Wild Goose Chase 4.5%330Mlout of stock
Wild Beer Co Winter Blend - Deyond 2 6.0%750Ml£16.25
Wild Beer Co Witness 5.8%330Ml£ 3.15
Wild Beer Co Zintuki 7.3%330Ml£ 4.20
Williams Brothers7 Giraffes 5.1%500Ml£ 2.40
Williams BrothersAlba (Scots Pine Ale) 7.5%330Mlout of stock
Williams BrothersWilliams Black 4.2%500Mlout of stock
Williams BrothersCaesar Augustus (Lager-IPA Hybrid) 4.1%500Mlout of stock
Williams BrothersDouble Joker (DIPA) 8.3%330Ml£ 2.95
Williams BrothersEbulum (Elderberry Stout) 6.5%330Ml£ 1.99
Williams BrothersFraoch (Heather Ale) 5.0%500Ml£ 2.40
Williams BrothersGinger Beer 3.8%500Mlout of stock
Williams BrothersGrozet (Gooseberry Wheat) 5.0%500Ml£ 2.40
Williams BrothersImpale IPA 5.5%330Mlout of stock
Williams BrothersJoker IPA 5.0%500Mlout of stock
Williams BrothersKelpie (Seaweed Ale) 4.4%500Ml£ 2.40
Williams BrothersMidnight Sun 5.6%500Mlout of stock
Wiper & TrueAmber - Huckleberry 5.5%500Ml£ 3.25
Wiper & TrueHard Shake - Milk Stout 6.1%500Mlout of stock
Wiper & TrueIPA - Family Tree 7.1%500Mlout of stock
Wiper & TrueIPA - Quintet 6.9%500Ml£ 2.95
Wiper & TrueMilk Shake 4.8%500Ml£ 3.35
Wiper & TruePale Ale - Australia 5.0%500Ml£ 3.25
Wiper & TruePale Ale - Mosaic 4.6%330Ml£ 3.25
Wiper & TrueWinter Ale - Abbey Rye 6.5%750Mlout of stock
Wiper & TrueWinter Ale - Whitefriar 6.4%330Mlout of stock
Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta Earl Grey IPA 6.5%330Ml 3.15
Draught Beers for Home
BOWMAN: Order by Wednesday RED CAT order by midday Tuesday of the week the beer is required.
BreweryBeerABVNotional SizePrice
Bowman AlesSwift One 3.8%18 pints£ 33.50
Bowman AlesSwift One 3.8%36 pints£ 62.00
Bowman AlesMeon Valley 3.9%18 pints£ 33.50
Bowman AlesMeon Valley 3.9%36 pints£ 62.00
Bowman AlesLapwing 4.0%18 pints£ 33.50
Bowman AlesLapwing 4.0%36 pints£ 62.00
Bowman AlesWallops Wood 4.0%18 pints£ 33.50
Bowman AlesWallops Wood 4.0%36 pints£ 62.00
Bowman AlesQuiver (Limited 4.5%18 pints£ 34.00
Bowman AlesQuiver Availability) 4.5%36 pints£ 63.00
Red CatProwler Pale 3.6%18 Pints£ 31.00
Red CatProwler Pale 3.6%36 Pints£ 61.00
Red CatRed Cat Bitter 3.7%18 Pints£ 32.00
Red CatRed Cat Bitter 3.7%36 Pints£ 62.50
Red CatRed Cat Best 4.2%18 Pints£ 33.00
Red CatRed Cat Best 4.2%36 Pints£ 65.00
Red CatTom Cat 4.7%18 Pints£ 34.00
Red CatTom Cat 4.7%36 Pints£ 67.00
Red CatMr M's Porter 4.5%18 Pints£ 34.00
Red CatMr M's Porter 4.5%36 Pints£ 67.00
Belgian Traditional Gueuze
Lambic Beers are made from malted barley, raw wheat and dried hops. Fermentation
is spontaneous and the resulting liquid is matured in huge wooden barrels, sometimes for
many years. GUEUZE is made by blending lambics of various ages, creating a new fermentation
in the bottle. Only a handful of authentic producers survive
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
De CamOude Geuze6.0%750Mlout of stock
CantillonBio Gueuze - Organic 5.0%375Ml£5.75
CantillonFou'Foune (Apricot) 5.0%750Mlout of stock
CantillonKriek 5.0%375Ml£ 6.40
CantillonRose de Gambrinus Framboise 5.0%375Mlout of stock
CantillonGrand Cru Bruocsella 5.0%750Mlout of stock
CantillonIris 5.0%750Mlout of stock
CantillonMamouche (Elderflower) 5.0%750Mlout of stock
CantillonSt Lamvinus 5.0%750Mlout of stock
CantillonVigneronne 5.0%750Mlout of stock
Drie FonteinenOude Geuze 6.0%375Ml£ 6.60
Drie FonteinenOude Kriek 5.0%375Ml£ 6.95
Drie FonteinenScharbeeckse KrieK 5.0%750Mlout of stock
Frank Boon Gueuze Marriage Parfait 8.0%375Ml£ 4.75
Frank Boon Kriek Marriage Parfait 8.0%375Mlout of stock
Frank Boon Kriek 2014 4.0%375Ml£ 4.10
Frank Boon Oude Gueuze 6.5%375Ml£ 3.65
Frank Boon Framboise 2013 5.0%375Ml£ 4.60
Frank Boon(Horal) Gueuze Megablend 2013 7.0%750Ml£13.95
Frank Boon/MikkellerBone Dry Gueuze 7.0%750Ml£17.85
GirardinFramboise 5.0%375Ml£ 3.75
GirardinGueuze Black Label 5.0%375Mlout of stock
GirardinGueuze Black Label 5.0%750Mlout of stock
GirardinGueuze White Label 5.0%375Ml£ 3.00
GirardinKriek 5.0%375Ml£ 3.35
GirardinFaro 5.0%375Mlout of stock
HanssensOude Gueuze 6.0%375Ml£ 4.40
HanssensKriek 6.0%375Mlout of stock
Lindemans Blossom Gueuze 6.0%750ML£16.50
Lindemans Cuvee Rene Gueuze 5.5%375Ml£ 4.25
Lindemans Special Blend 2010 Gueuza 6.0%750Ml£13.75
Lindeman/Mikkeller Spontanbasil 6.0%750Ml£16.50
Oude BeerselOude Gueuze 6.0%375Ml£ 5.70
Oude BeerselFramboise 5.9%375Mlout of stock
TilquinOude Gueuze 6.0%750Mlout of stock
TimmermansLambicus Blanche 4.5%375Ml£ 3.65
TimmermansOude Gueuze Ltd Ed 5.5%375Ml£ 4.75
TimmermansPumpkin Lambicus 4.0%750MlSeasonal
Trappist Ales
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
Achelse Kluis (BE)Trappist Blonde 8.0%330Ml£ 3.60
Achelse Kluis Trappist Bruin 8.0%330Ml£ 3.60
Achelse Kluis Achelse Extra Bruin 9.5%750Ml£11.85
Chimay (BE)Blue 9.0%330Ml£ 3.35
Chimay Gold 4.8%330Ml£ 2.70
Chimay Red 7.0%330Ml£ 2.45
Chimay White 8.0%330Ml£ 2.90
Chimay Grande Reserve 2015 9.0%750Ml£ 7.95
Chimay Grande Reserve BA 2015 10.0%750Ml£21.99
De Kievit (NL)Zundert Trappist 8.0%330Ml£ 4.40
Engelszell (AU)Benno 6.9%330Mlout of stock
Engelszell Gregorius 9.7%330Ml£ 4.90
Mont des Cats (F) Mont des Cats 7.6%330Ml£ 4.50
Orval (BE)Orval 6.2%330Ml£ 2.35
Rochefort (BE)6 7.5%330Ml£ 3.80
Rochefort 8 9.2%330Ml£ 3.70
Rochefort 10 11.3%330Ml£ 4.85
Spencer (US)Spencer Trappist Ale 6.5%330Ml£ 5.15
La Trappe (NL)Dubbel 7.0%330Ml£ 2.65
La Trappe Isid'or 7.5%330Ml£ 2.65
La Trappe Quadrupel 10.0%330Ml£ 3.80
La Trappe Quadrupel 25th Anniversary 10.0%750Ml£ 9.35
La Trappe Tripel 8.0%330Ml£ 3.25
Tre Fontane (IT)Tripel 8.5%330Ml£ 9.75
Westmalle (BE)Dubbel 7.0%330Ml£ 2.40
Westmalle Tripel 9.5%330Ml£ 3.45
Westmalle Tripel 9.5%750Ml£ 9.75
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
3 FourquetsHibernatus 9.0%750Mlseasonal
3 FourquetsLupulus Hopera 6.0%330Ml£ 2.75
3 FourquetsLupulus Tripel 8.5%750Ml£ 8.15
AB InBevLeffe Royale - Mapouche 7.5%330Ml£ 3.45
AchouffeChateau d'Ychouffe 2015 9.0%750Mlout of stock
AchouffeChouffe Soleil 6.0%330Ml£ 2.70
AchouffeHoublon Chouffe 9.0%330Ml£ 3.50
AchouffeLa Chouffe 8.0%330Ml£ 3.25
AchouffeMacChouffe 8.0%330Ml£ 3.00
AffligemTripel 8.5%330Mlout of stock
AnkerGouden Carolus Cuvee van der Kaiser 2016 11.0%750Ml£ 11.25
AnkerGouden Carolus Ambrio 8.0%330Mlout of stock
AnkerGouden Carolus Classic 8.5%330Ml£ 3.10
AnkerGouden Carolus Hopsinjoor 8.0%330Ml£ 3.15
AnkerGouden Carolus Triple 9.0%330Ml£ 3.20
Antwerpse Brouw CoSeef Bier 6.5%330Ml£ 2.70
Alken MaesGrimbergen Blonde6.7%330Ml£ 2.60
Alken MaesGrimbergen Dubbel6.5%330Mlout of stock
BavikPetrus Aged Pale7.3%330Ml£ 2.75
Beer Project BrusselsBabylone 6.5%330Ml£ 2.95
Beer Project BrusselsBretagne 8.0%330Ml£ 5.30
Beer Project BrusselsDark Sister Black IPA 6.6%330Ml£ 2.95
Beer Project BrusselsDelta Organic IPA 6.0%330Ml£ 2.70
Beer Project BrusselsGrosse Bertha 7.0%330Ml£ 2.95
Beer Project BrusselsLa Shaman Aztec Stout 5.5%330Ml£ 2.95
Beer Project BrusselsPrincess Jasmine 5.3%330Ml£ 2.95
Beer Project BrusselsSalvation 5.3%330Ml£ 3.00
Beer Project BrusselsTante Tatin Apple Quad11.2%330Ml£ 3.99
BosteelsKwak 8.4%330Ml£ 2.90
BosteelsTripel Karmeliet 8.4%330Ml£ 3.20
CaracoleSaxo7.5%330Mlout of stock
CaracoleTroublette5.5%330Mlout of stock
CastleBarista Chocolate Quad 11.0%330Ml£ 3.75
CastleCuvee de Chateau 2014 11.0%330Mlout of stock
CastleKasteel Donker (Dark) 11.0%330Ml£ 3.75
CastleKasteel Rouge (Fruit) 8.0%330Ml£ 3.25
CastleKasteel Triple (Blonde) 11.0%330Ml£ 3.75
CorsendonkAgnus 7.5%330Ml£ 2.70
De Dolle BrouwersArabier 8.0%330Ml£ 2.99
De Dolle BrouwersBoskeun (Easter) 9.0%330Ml£ 3.65
De Dolle BrouwersDulle Teve 9.0%330Ml£ 3.35
De Dolle BrouwersOerbier 9.0%330Mlout of stock
De Dolle BrouwersStille Nacht 12.0%330Mlseasonal
De KoninckDe Koninck 5.0%330Ml£ 2.25
De KoninckDe Koninck - Wild Jo Blond 5.8%330Ml£ 2.30
De LeyerthUrthel Hop-It 9.5%330Ml£ 3.50
De LeiteCuvee Mam'zelle (Medoc Barrel Aged) 8.5%330Ml£ 3.70
De Leite Cuvee Soeur'Ise (Kriek) 8.5%330Ml£ 4.20
De ProefReinaert Grand Cru 9.5%330Ml£ 3.20
De ProefReinaert Tripel 9.0%330Ml£ 3.10
De RankeCuvee de Ranke 8.5%750Mlout of stock
De RankeKriek 7.0%750Mlout of stock
De RankePere Noel 7.0%330Mlout of stock
De RankeSaison de Dottignies 5.5%330Ml£ 2.45
De RankeXX Bitter 6.2%330Ml£ 2.35
De RankeXXX Bitter 6.0%750Ml£ 9.35
DilewynsVicaris Generaal 8.0%330Mlout of stock
DilewynsVicaris Tripel 8.5%330Ml£ 2.95
Dochter van de KorenaarAmitie Red IPA 7.0%330Ml£ 4.95
Dochter van de KorenaarBelle Fleur IPA 6.0%330Ml£ 3.50
Dochter van de KorenaarCharbon 7.0%660Mlout of stock
Dochter van de KorenaarCrime Passionel 7.5%330Ml£ 3.80
Dochter van de KorenaarExtase Double IPA 8.5%650Ml£ 8.40
Dochter van de KorenaarNoblesse 5.5%650Ml£ 5.00
DubuissonBush Amber 12.0%330Ml£ 4.15
DubuissonBush de Nuits 2015 13.0%750Ml£24.99
DubuissonCuvee des Trolls 7.0%250Ml£ 2.00
DubuissonSaison Surfine 6.5%330Ml£ 2.30
DupontAvec les Bons Voeux 9.5%375Ml£ 3.99
DupontMoinette Blond 8.5%330Ml£ 3.00
DupontSaison 6.5%330Ml£ 2.10
Duvel-MoortgatDuvel 8.5%330Ml£ 2.90
Duvel-MoortgatDuvel Tripel Hop 2016 9.5%330Ml£ 3.99
Duvel-MoortgatMaredsous 6 (Blonde) 6.0%330Ml£ 2.35
Duvel-MoortgatMaredsous 8 (Bruin ) 8.0%330Ml£ 3.10
Duvel-MoortgatMaredsous 10 (Triple)10.0%330Ml£ 3.70
Duvel-MoortgatVedett Extra White 4.7%330Ml£ 1.95
Duvel-MoortgatVedett IPA 6.0%330Ml£ 2.45
KazemattenSante Grotten6.5%330Ml£ 2.60
Legendes (formerly Ellezelloise)Hercule Stout 9.0%330Ml£ 3.99
FantomeBrise-Bonbons 8.0%750Ml£ 8.99
FantomeChocolat (Cocoa & Chili) 8.0%750Ml£ 8.99
FantomeFantome Saison 8.0%750Ml£ 9.99
Gentse StadsbrouwereiGruut Inferno (Spiced)8.5%330Mlout of stock
Glazen TorenJan de Lichte Dubbel Wit7.0%750Mlout of stock
Glazen TorenOndineke Tripel8.5%750Mlout of stock
Glazen TorenSaison d'Erpe-Mere6.9%750Mlout of stock
Halve MaanBrugse Zot Blonde 6.0%330Ml£ 2.25
Halve MaanBruges Zot Dubbel 7.5%330Ml£ 2.45
Halve MaanStraffe Hendrik Quadrupel11.0%330Ml£ 3.95
Halve MaanStraffe Hendrik Tripel 9.0%330Ml£ 3.30
Halve MaanStraffe Hendrik Wild 2015 9.0%330Ml£ 3.95
Hof ten DormaalAmber7.5%375Mlout of stock
Hof ten DormaalBlond8.0%375Ml£ 3.95
Hof ten DormaalBruin7.5%375Ml£ 3.65
Hof ten DormaalWit Goud (Chicory)8.0%375Ml£ 4.15
Hof ten Dormaal / StillwaterBonze Age6.0%375Ml£ 4.20
HuygheAverbode 7.5%330Ml£ 3.00
HuygheDeliria 2014 8.5%750Mlout of stock
HuygheDelirium Nocturnum 8.5%330Ml£ 3.20
HuygheDelirium Red (Fruit) 8.0%330Ml£ 3.20
HuygheDelirium Tremens 8.5%330Ml£ 3.20
HuygheFloris Honey 4.5%330Ml£ 2.35
HuygheFloris Mango 3.6%330Ml£ 2.25
HuygheFloris Passion 3.6%330Ml£ 2.25
HuygheFloris Framboise (Raspberry) 3.6%330Ml£ 2.25
HuygheFruli Strawberry 4.1%330Ml£ 2.25
HuygheLa Guillotine 8.5%330Ml£ 3.20
HuygheMongozo Banana 3.6%330Ml£ 2.40
HuygheMongozo Buckwheat (Organic, Glutenfree) 4.8%330Ml£ 2.40
HuygheMongozo Coconut 3.6%330Ml£ 2.40
HuygheMongozo Mango 3.6%330Ml£ 2.40
Jandrain-JandrenouilleV Cense7.0%750Mlout of stock
Jandrain-JandrenouilleVI Wheat6.0%750Mlout of stock
KerkomAdelardus Dubbel 7.0%330Ml£ 2.60
KerkomAdelardus Tripel 9.0%330Ml£ 3.25
KerkomBink Blond 5.5%330Ml£ 2.00
KerkomBink Bruin 5.5%330Ml£ 2.00
KerkomHop Verdomme IPA 7.0%330Ml£ 2.95
KerkomQuercus 9.0%330Ml£ 3.20
De LandtsheerMalheur 12 Brune 12.0%330Ml£ 4.30
De LandtsheerMalheur Brut 11.0%750Ml£17.99
De LandtsheerMalheur Dark Brut 12.0%750Ml£ 17.99
La RullesEstivale5.2%750Mlout of stock
La RullesTriple8.4%750Mlout of stock
La RullesSaison5.3%750Mlout of stock
Lefebvre Barbar Honey Beer 8.0%330Ml£ 3.35
Lefebvre Barbar Winter Bok 8.0%330Mlseasonal
Lefebvre Floreffe Prima Melior 8.8%330Ml£ 3.00
Lefebvre Hopus 8.5%330Ml£ 3.40
Lefebvre Hopus Primeur 2015 8.3%330Mlout of stock
LiefmansCuvee Brut (Cherry)6.0%330Ml£ 2.85
LiefmansFruitesse 4.2%330Ml£ 2.25
LindemansCassis (Blackcurrant) 3.5%250Ml£ 1.75
LindemansFaro (Sweetened Lambic) 4.2%375Mlout of stock
LindemansFramboise (Raspberry) 2.5%250Ml£ 1.75
LindemansKriek (Cherry) 3.5%250Ml£ 1.75
LindemansPecheresse (Peach) 2.5%250Ml£ 1.75
Lindemans Cuvee Rene Gueuze 5.5%375Mlout of stock
Lindemans Special Blend 2010 Gueuza 6.0%750Ml£13.75
Lindemans/Mikkeller Spontanbasil 6.0%750Ml£16.50
MartinGordon Scotch Ale 8.0%330Mlout of stock
MartinGuinness Special Export 8.0%330Ml£ 3.75
MartinMartin's IPA 6.9%330Ml£ 2.70
MartinWaterloo Double Dark 8.5%330Ml£ 3.10
MartinWaterloo Triple Blond 7.5%330Ml£ 2.80
MusketeersTroubadour Magma DIPA 9.0%330Ml£ 2.95
MusketeersTroubadour Triple Spiked Brett 9.8%330Ml£ 3.15
MusketeersTroubadour WestKust IBIPA 9.2%330Ml£ 3.45
RodenbachRodenbach 5.2%250Ml£ 1.75
RodenbachRodenbach Charactere Rouge 7.0%750Ml£12.99
RodenbachRodenbach Grand Cru 6.0%330Ml£ 2.95
RodenbachRodenbach Vintage 2012 7.0%750Ml£11.99
De RyckSteenuilke6.5%330Ml£ 2.65
Senne BrouwerijJambe de Bois 8.0%330Ml£ 3.60
Senne BrouwerijTaras Bulba 4.5%330Ml£ 2.40
Senne BrouwerijZinnebir 5.5%330Ml£ 2.50
SlaghmuylderWitkap Tripel7.5%330Ml£ 2.70
St BernardusGrottenbier Brune 6.5%330Mlout of stock
St BernardusSt Bernardus Abt 10.0%330Ml£ 3.70
St BernardusSt Bernardus Abt Large 10.0%750Mlout of stock
St BernardusSt Bernardus Abt Oak Aged 11.0%750Ml£17.65
St BernardusSt Bernardus Tripel 8.0%330Ml£ 2.95
St BernardusSt Bernardus Witbier 5.5%330Ml£ 1.95
St CanarisMaeght van Gottem6.5%330Ml£ 2.80
St FeuillienGrand Cru 9.5%330Ml£ 3.75
St FeuillienSaison 6.5%330Ml£ 2.80
St FeuillienTripel 8.5%330Ml£ 3.45
Struise Brouwers Aestatis 2015 Imperial Saison 11.0%330Ml£ 5.00
Struise Brouwers Black Albert Belgian Royal Stout 13.0%330Ml£ 5.25
Struise Brouwers Blue Monk 2013 (BA Chateau Margaux)10.0%330Ml£ 5.75
Struise Brouwers Cuvee Delphine 2012 13.0%330Ml£ 5.75
Struise Brouwers Ignis Et Flamma 7.0%330Ml£ 3.15
Struise/Bridge Road Imperialist Imperial Pilsner 8.5%330Ml£ 4.50
Struise Brouwers Pannepot 2014 10.0%330Ml£ 4.95
Struise Brouwers Pannepot Grand Reserva 2009 10.0%330Ml£ 4.95
Struise Brouwers Pannepot Reserva 2010 10.0%330Ml£ 4.55
Struise Brouwers Rio Reserva 2011 10.5%330Ml£ 5.40
Struise Brouwers Rye Triple XXX Reserve 10.0%330Ml£ 4.80
Struise Brouwers Sint Amatus 2011 10.5%330Ml£ 4.50
Struise Brouwers Tsjeeses 2015 10.0%330Ml£ 4.40
Struise Brouwers Tsjeeses Reserva (Bourbon) 10.0%330Ml£ 5.25
Struise Brouwers Westoek XX (Tripel) 8.0%300Mlout of stock
Struise Brouwers Ypres Reserva 2011 8.0%330Ml£ 5.10
Van Den BosscheKerst Pater9.0%330MlSeasonal
Van EeckeHet Kappitel Abt10.0%330Ml£ 3.20
Van EeckeHet Kappitel Prior9.0%330Ml£ 2.95
Van EeckeHommel Bier7.5%250Mlout of stock
Van SteenbergeGulden Draak 10.5%330Ml£ 3.70
Van SteenbergeGulden Draak Quadrupel 9000 10.5%330Ml£ 3.90
VerhaegheDuchesse de Bourgogne 6.2%330Ml£2.90
VivenImperial IPA 8.0%330Ml£ 3.25
VivenMaster IPA 7.0%330Ml£ 2.60
Vliegende PaardeBelma Wit 5.0%330Ml£ 2.60
Vliegende PaardePrearis IPA 6.7%330Ml£ 2.85
Vliegende PaardePrearis Quadrupel 10.0%330Ml£ 3.75
Vliegende PaardePrearis Quadrocino 10.0%330Ml£ 3.95
Japanese Beers
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
Hitachino NestCommemorative Ale 2015 8.0%330Ml£ 3.45
Hitachino NestDai Dai Orange IPA 6.2%330Ml£ 3.10
Hitachino NestEspresso Stout 7.0%330Ml£ 3.55
Hitachino NestGinger Beer 8.0%330Mlout of stock
Hitachino NestJapanese Classic 7.0%330Ml£ 3.45
Hitachino NestRed Rice Ale 7.0%330Ml£ 3.45
Hitachino NestSaison du Japon 5.0%330Ml£ 2.55
Hitachino NestWhite Ale 5.5%330Ml£ 3.10
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
Emelisse Dubbel 7.5%330Ml£ 2.90
Emelisse Espresso Stout 9.5%330Mlout of stock
Emelisse / Nogne O Grodziskie 4.0%330Ml£ 3.80
Emelisse Tripel IPA 10.0%330Ml£ 4.35
De MolenAmarillo (Double IPA) 9.2%330Ml£ 3.40
De MolenAmerikaans 4.5%330Mlout of stock
De MolenBlikken & Blozen 8.5%330Mlout of stock
De MolenBloed, Zweet & Tranen 8.2%330Ml£ 3.35
De MolenBommen & Granaten 15.2%330Ml£ 5.40
De MolenHamer & Sikkel Porter 5.2%330Mlout of stock
De MolenHeen & Weer (Tripel) 9.2%330Ml£ 4.30
De MolenHeksen & Trollen 6.1%330Ml£ 2.30
De MolenHel & Verdoemenis 10.0%750Mlout of stock
De MolenHemel & Aarde (Imperial Stout) 10.0%330Ml£ 4.50
De MolenHoney Rye IPA 7.3%330Ml£ 2.60
De MolenLicht & Lustig 4.5%330Ml£ 2.00
De MolenMooi & Meedeodenlos 10.2%330Ml£ 3.40
De MolenMoord & Brand Barrel Aged 10.8%330Mlout of stock
De MolenMout & Mocca (Imp Coffee Stout) 11.6%330Mlout of stock
De MolenOp & Top 4.5%330Ml£ 1.85
De MolenPale Ale - Citra 4.8%330Mlout of stock
De MolenPijl & Boog (Belgian Style Gold 10.3%330Ml£ 3.50
De MolenRasputin Imperial Stout 11.0%330Mlout of stock
De MolenSaint & Sinner IPA 6.1%330Ml£ 2.40
De MolenSpanning & Sensatie (Chili Choc Imp Stout) 9.8%330Mlout of stock
De MolenTsarina Esra Imperial Porter 11.0%330Ml£ 4.99
De MolenVuur & Vlam (IPA) 6.2%330Ml£ 2.40
De MolenZwart & Wit Black IPA 8.4%330Mlout of stock
Brouwerwij 'T IjFlink 4.7%330Mlout of stock
Brouwerwij 'T IjIPA 7.0%330Mlout of stock
Brouwerwij 'T IjNatte 6.5%330Mlout of stock
Brouwerwij 'T IjZatte 8.0%330Mlout of stock
Kaapse BrouwersBea Black Rye IPA6.0%330Ml£ 2.50
Kaapse BrouwersCarrie IPA6.5%330Mlout of stock
Kaapse BrouwersGozer Imperial Oatmeal Stout 9.8%330Ml£ 3.60
Kaapse BrouwersHarrie Saison5.6%330Mlout of stock
Kaapse BrouwersJaapie Imperial Red Ale10.1%330Mlout of stock
Kaapse BrouwersKarel American Bitter4.5%330Mlout of stock
Kees Citra Pale Ale 4.6%330Ml£ 2.20
Kees Double Rye IPA 8.6%330Ml£ 4.60
Kees Farmhouse IPA 6.0%330Ml£ 2.30
Kees Fresh Hop IPA 8.0%330Ml£ 2.85
Rooie DopBack to Black8.6%330Ml£ 3.99
Rooie DopChica American IPA7.1%330£ 2.75
Rooie DopOt the Explorer Double IPA8.7330Mlout of stock
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
Lervig American A Roma 6.6%330Ml£ 3.05
Lervig/Mikkeller Pop That Cherry 6.5%750Ml£11.75
Nogne O Nogne #100 10.0%500Ml£ 7.25
Nogne O Nogne #500 Imperial IPA10.0%500Ml£ 7.50
Nogne O Asian Pale Ale 4.5%500Ml£ 4.80
Nogne O Global Pale Ale 4.5%500Ml£ 4.95
Nogne O Half A World Away 9.0%500Mlout of stock
Nogne O IPA 7.5%500Ml£ 5.60
Nogne O Imperial Dunkel Wit 10.0%500Mlout of stock
Nogne O Imperial Stout 9.0%500Ml£ 6.50
Nogne O Porter 7.0%500Ml£ 5.50
Nogne O Red Horizon #3 12.5%250Ml£ 9.99
Nogne O Saison 6.5%500Ml£ 4.95
Nogne O Vic Secret IPA 7.5%500Ml£ 5.60
Nogne O /St Germain Rhubarb IPA 6.9%330Mlout of stock
Danish Beers
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
Mikkeller All Others Pale 5.8%330Mlout of stock
Mikkeller Amass IPA 6.5%330Ml£ 5.30
Mikkeller American Dream 4.6%330Ml£ 3.90
Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast 7.5%330Mlout of stock
Mikkeller Beer Hop Breakfast 7.5%500Mlout of stock
Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch - Weasel 10.9%330Ml£ 7.50
Mikkeller Beer Geek Vanilla Shake 13.0%330Ml£ 8.35
Mikkeller Better Half (Can) 6.8%355Mlout of stock
Mikkeller/3 Floyds Boogoop (Buckwheat Wine) 10.4%750Ml£15.99
Mikkeller Green Gold (IPA) 7.0%330Ml£ 4.50
Mikkeller Hop Burn Low Imperial India Pale Pilsner 10.0%330Mlout of stock
Mikkeller Monk's Brew 10.0%330Ml£ 5.75
Mikkeller Pale Ale Swindle 5.6%330Mlout of stock
Mikkeller Piscator (Wild Ale) 8.0%750Mlout of stock
Mikkeller Porter 8.0%330Mlout of stock
Mikkeller Sally's Field Barrel Aged 8.5%375Mlout of stock
Mikkeller Sort Gul (Black IPA) 7.3%330Mlout of stock
Mikkeller / To Ol Ov-ral Imperial IPA 10.5%330Ml£ 5.95
To Ol Baltic Frontier 6.5%330Mlout of stock
To Ol Black Ball Porter 8.0%330Ml£ 3.80
To Ol Black Malt & Body Salts 9.9%330Ml£ 4.35
To Ol Blossom 6.3%330Ml£ 3.35
To Ol By Udder Means 7.0%330Ml£ 3.50
To Ol ChocoDron 6.5%330Ml£ 3.35
To Ol Dangerously Close to Stupid 9.3%330Ml£ 4.50
To Ol Eurodancer 6.0%330Ml£ 3.25
To Ol Final Frontier 9.0%330Ml£ 4.49
To Ol First Frontier 7.1%330Ml£ 3.55
To Ol Friends with Benefits 5.1%330Ml£ 3.25
To Ol Garden of Eden 6.4%330Ml£ 3.35
To Ol Goliat 10.1%375Ml£ 7.20
To Ol / Barking Dog HundlufterBajer 5.0%330Ml£ 3.10
To Ol Insane in the Grain 7.5%330Mlout of stock
To Ol Jaemes Braun 10.5%375Ml£ 6.30
To Ol Like Weisse (Berliner) 3.8%330Ml£ 2.65
To Ol Liquorice Confidence 14.0%330Ml£ 7.99
To Ol Long Time No See 12.8%330Ml£ 6.99
To Ol Mochachino Messiah 7.0%330Ml£ 3.35
To Ol Mr Orange Imperial Orange Special 7.0%330Ml£ 3.75
To Ol Mr White (Double India White Ale) 9.9%330Ml£ 4.55
To Ol Nelson Survin Sour DIP 9.0%330Ml£ 4.25
To Ol Raid Beer 5.2%330Ml£ 3.20
To Ol Reparations (Gluten Free) 5.8%330Ml£ 3.30
To Ol Sofa King Pale 4.7%330Ml£ 3.20
To Ol Sun Dancer 2.7%330Ml£ 2.40
To Ol Sur - Citra 5.5%330Ml£ 3.75
To Ol Thirsty Frontier 4.5%330Ml£ 3.15
To Ol Velvets are Blue 5.5%330Ml£ 3.95
To Ol Yeastus Christus (Bret) 7.4%330Mlout of stock
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
St Sylvestre 3 Monts 8.5%750Ml£ 6.85
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
And Union Beast of the Deep 6.5%500Ml£ 3.40
And Union Friday Uber IPA 6.5%500Ml£ 3.50
And Union Neu Blk - Dark Lager 5.0%500Ml£ 3.00
And Union Steph Weiss 5.0%500Ml£ 3.20
And Union Summer Wheat 5.5%500Ml£ 3.40
And Union Sunday Easy IPA 5.5%500Ml£ 3.30
And Union Touro Tripel Blonde 10.0%750Ml£ 9.60
And Union Unfiltered Lager 5.0%500Ml£ 3.15
Andechs Kloster Dopplebock Dunkel 7.1%500Mlout of stock
Augustiner Edelstoff 5.6%500Ml£ 2.85
Augustiner Augustiner Hell 5.2%500Ml£ 2.85
Ayinger Celebrator 6.7%330Mlout of stock
Bayern Bahnhof Leipziger Gose 4.6%330Ml£ 2.35
Berliner Kindl Berliner Weisse 3.0%330Ml£ 1.75
Erdinger Alcoholfrei 0.4%500Ml£ 1.50
Erdinger Dunkel Weisse 5.3%500Ml£ 2.70
Erdinger Oktoberfest 5.7%500Mlseasonal
Erdinger Pikantus 7.3%500Ml£ 3.35
Erdinger Urweisse 4.9%500Ml£ 2.70
Erdinger Weisse 5.3%500Ml£ 2.55
Flensburger Flensburger Gold 4.8%330Ml£ 1.95
Flensburger Flensburger Pils 4.8%330Ml£ 1.95
Flensburger Fruhlingsbok 6.9%330Ml£ 2.15
Fruh Fruh Kolsch 4.8%500Ml£ 2.60
Hacker-Pschorr Anno 1417 Kellerbier 5.5%500Mlout of stock
Hacker-Pschorr Sternweisse 5.5%500Ml£ 2.80
Hofbrau Munchen Original Lager 5.1%500Ml£ 2.45
Hopf Helle Weizen 5.3%500Ml£ 2.65
Jever Jever Pilsner 4.9%500Ml£ 2.25
Maisels Weisse Original 5.5%500Ml£ 2.75
Paulaner Hefe Weissebier 5.5%500Ml£ 2.50
Paulaner Original Munchner Dunkel 5.0%500Ml£ 2.60
Paulaner Original Munchner Lager 4.9%500Ml£ 2.40
Paulaner Salvator 7.5%330Mlout of stock
Schlenkerla Eiche Dubbelbock 8.0%500Mlseasonal
Schlenkerla Fastenbier (Lent) 5.5%500Ml£ 2.85
Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen 5.1%500Ml£ 2.90
Schlenkerla Urbock 6.5%500Mlseasonal
Schlosser Alt 4.8%500Ml£ 2.35
Schneider Aventinus (Tap 6) 8.2%500Ml£ 4.10
Schneider Aventinus Eisbock 12.0%330Ml£ 4.25
Schneider Hopfen Weisse (Tap 5) 8.2%500Ml£ 4.20
Schneider Mein Grunes (Tap 4) 6.2%500Ml£ 3.30
Schneider Tap X - Aventinus Barrique 9.5%750Ml£12.99
Schneider Tap X - Marie;s Rendezvous 10.0%375Ml£ 4.99
Schneider Weisse (Tap 7) 5.4%500Ml£ 2.75
Sion Sion Kolsch 4.8%500Ml£ 2.20
Tegernsee Spezial 4.8%500Ml£ 4.10
Thurn und Taxis Roggen Bier (Rye) 5.3%500Ml£ 2.99
Veltins Veltins Pilsner 4.8%500Ml£ 2.30
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
146 CiderHampshire Heritage 6.5%500Mlout of stock
146 CiderHampshire Heritage - Eastern Delight 6.5%500Mlout of stock
146 CiderHampshire Heritage - Medium 6.5%500Mlout of stock
146 CiderHampshire Heritage - Sweet 6.5%500Mlout of stock
146 CiderHampshire Perry 6.5%500Mlout of stock
146 CiderThornleigh Estate 6.0%500Mlout of stock
Gwynt Cider Black Dragon Cider 6.5%500Ml£ 2.90
Henney Frome Valley Dry Cider 6.0%500Ml£ 2.25
Lyme BaySparkling Cider 4.8%500Ml£ 2.69
Lyme BayJack Ratt Vintage 2015 7.4%750Ml£ 3.60
Lyme BayChristmas Mead 10.0%750Ml£ 8.45
Lyme BayGarden Mead 11.0%750Ml£ 8.75
Lyme BayMulled Cider 4.0%750Ml£ 4.75
Lyme BayTournament Mead 11.0%750Ml£ 8.75
Lyme BayTraditional Mead 14.5%750Ml£ 8.75
Lyme BayWest Country Mead 14.5%750Ml£ 8.75
Moniack Moniack Mead 14.6%750Mlout of stock
Purbeck Cider Dabinett 5.0%500Ml£ 2.99
Purbeck Cider Dorset Blush 4.0%500Ml£ 3.20
Purbeck Cider Dorset Draft 5.0%500Ml£ 2.99
Purbeck Cider Joe's Dry 5.6%500Ml£ 2.99
Purbeck Cider Joe's Sweet 5.0%500Ml£ 2.99
Sheppy Vintage Reserve Oak 7.4%500Ml£ 2.35
Weston's Caple Road Cans 5.2%330Ml£ 1.75
Weston's Old Rosie 7.3%500Ml£ 2.35
Weston's Special Reserve Cider 8.2%500Ml£ 2.35
Nation / BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
Australia / James BoagPremium Lager5.9%375Mlout of stock
Australia / CoopersSparkling Ale 4.5%375Ml£ 2.45
Australia / CoopersOriginal Pale Ale4.5%375Ml£ 2.25
Australia / Little CreaturesPale Ale5.2%330Ml£ 2.95
Australia / Stone & WoodPacific Ale4.4%330Mlout of stock
Cyprus / KeoKeo Premium4.5%330Mlout of stock
Czech Republic / BudweiserBudweiser Budvar 5.0%330Ml£ 1.65
Czech Republic / Cerna HoraKvasar Honey Beer OFFER 5.7%500Mlout of stock
Czech Republic / Cerna HoraSklepni Unfiltered OFFER4.0%500Mlout of stock
Czech Republic / FerdinandLezak Svetly OFFER 5.0%500Mlout of stock
Czech Republic / FerdinandLezak Tmavy OFFER 4.5%500Mlout of stock
Czech Republic / FerdinandSedm Kuli 7 OFFER 5.5%500Mlout of stock
Czech Republic / KlasterKlasterni Bock 7.5%500Ml£ 3.15
Czech Republic / KlasterLezak Pale OFFER 4.6%500Mlout of stock
Czech Republic / KlasterPremium Strong Pale OFFER 5.0%500Mlout of stock
Czech Republic / LobkowitzPremium Lager OFFER 4.7%500Mlout of stock
Czech Republic / RychtarPremium Lager OFFER 5.0%500Mlout of stock
Czech Republic / Pernstein Granat Lager 5.7%500Ml£ 2.40
Czech Republic / Pernstein Pardubicky Porter 8.0%500Ml£ 3.49
Czech Republic / Primator Double 24% 10.5%500Ml£ 4.00
Czech Republic / Primator Exklusiv 16% 4.8%500Ml£ 3.00
Czech Republic / Primator India Pale Ale 6.5%500Ml£ 2.95
Czech Republic / Primator Premium Lager 5.0%500Ml£ 2.65
Czech Republic / Primator Top Line Stout 4.7%500Ml£ 2.60
Czech Republic / Primator Weizenbier 4.8%500Mlout of stock
Czech Republic / Zatec Baronka 5.3%330Ml£ 2.65
Czech Republic / Zatec Celia - Gluten Free 4.5%330Ml£ 2.99
Czech Republic / Zatec Celia - Dark Lager 5.7%330Ml£ 2.85
Czech Republic / Zatec Strong Semi Dark Lager 7.3%500Ml£ 3.00
France / Saint Sylvestre Trois Monts 8.5%750Ml£ 6.85
Greece / MythosHellenic Lager4.7%330Mlout of stock
New Zealand /8 Wired C4 Double Coffee Brown 8.0%500Mlout of stock
New Zealand /8 Wired Semi Conductor DIPA 8.8%500Mlout of stock
New Zealand /8 Wired Tall Poppy India Red 7.0%330Ml£ 2.99
New Zealand /Tuatara Solstice Saison 5.2%330Ml£ 2.80
Spain / Xativa Er Boqueron 4.8%330Mlout of stock
Spain / Estrella Damm Inedit 4.8%330Ml£ 2.00
Spain / Estrella Damm Daura - Gluten Free 5.4%330Ml£ 2.40
Turkey / Efes Efes Pilsner5.0%330Mlout of stock


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