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We (Chris Brown and Ann Binns) opened Bitter Virtue in 1997 because we thought that there were a lot of people who shared our pleasure in the fruit of the hop, but who found it difficult to find an interesting range of beers.

Amendment date Tuesday 16th September 2014

Tuesday - Saturday 10.30-20.30, Sunday 10.30-14.00, Monday Closed
(Saturday Afternoon Tickets SOLD-OUT here!)
BEER : Flower Pots - Perridge Pale 3.6% £ 1.90 per pint
NEXT : Dark Star - T.B.A.
AND : Dark Star - T.B.A.
146 Cider - Hampshire Heritage 6.5% £ 2.30 per pint
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Belgian: Traditional Gueuze; Trappist Ales; Ales;
Struise Brouwers ;De Molen Brewery;
Italian Beers ;Japanese Beers ; Dutch Beers: Norwegian Beers ; Brew Dog Brewery;
French Beers; German Beers; Other Nations ;
Ciders and Meads
NationBreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
UKBowmanSurvival Pack (3 bottles)Various1500Ml£ 8.49
BEChimayGift Tin (2 Bottles + Sample Glass)8.5%1500Ml£ 24.99
ESEstrella DammInedit4.8%750Ml£ 6.99
UKFuller'sVintage Ale 20138.5%500Ml£ 6.75
UKHop BackGift Pack (2 bottles + Glass)Various1000Ml£ 7.99
UKTitanicGift Pack (2 bottles + Glass)Various1000Ml£ 9.25
UKTriple fffGift Pack (3 Bottles)Various1500Ml£ 7.64
NEW BEERS in the last 8-10 weeks
NationBreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
BEDuvel-MoortgatDuvel Tripel Hop 2014 (Mosaic)9.5%330Ml£ 3.75
BEHalve MaanBruges Zot Dubbel7.5%330Ml£ 2.45
BEStruiseBlack Damnation One - Blackberry Albert 13.0% 750Ml 29.99
BEStruiseBlack Damnation Two - Mocha Bomb 13.0% 750Ml 29.99
BEStruiseBlack Damnation Four - Coffee Club 13.0% 750Ml 29.99
BEStruiseBlack Damnation Twelve - Nuptiale A2 13.0% 750Ml 29.99
BEStruise /Bridge RoadImperialist Imperial Pilsner8.3%750Ml£ 17.50
ITBrewfist/MolenBeautiful and Strange Gose3.7%330Ml£ 2.99
ITBrewfist/MolenWild I'd like to Drink6.5%330Ml£ 3.80
ITBrewfist2 Late Imperial IPA9.5%330Ml£ 4.35
NLDe MolenBergamot IPA7.1%330Ml£ 2.70
NLEmelisse / Nogne OGrodziskie4.0%330Ml£ 3.80
NLKaapse BrouwersCarrie IPA6.5%330Ml£ 2.65
UKAlchemy/Beaver TownHigildy Figildy5.5%330Ml£ 2.80
UKArbor AlesLucky 75.0%500Ml£ 2.70
UKArbor AlesTwigs in Space4.9%500Ml£ 2.65
UKBranscombe ValeDrayman's Best Bitter4.2%500Ml£ 2.75
UKBranscombe ValeSumma That Pale Ale5.0%500Ml£ 3.15
UKBeavertown8 Ball Rye IPA - Can6.2%330Ml£ 2.65
UKBeavertownBlack Betty Black IPA - Can7.4%330Ml£ 2.95
UKBeavertownGamma Ray Pale Ale - Can5.4%330Ml£ 2.50
UKBeavertownNeck Oil - Can4.3%330Ml£ 2.20
UKBrewDogEveryday Anarchy10.3%330Ml£ 9.75
UKBristol Beer FactoryDouble IPA 8.5%330Ml £ 5.20
UKBuxtonAce Edge6.8%330Ml£ 2.60
UKBuxtonFar Skyline4.9330Ml£ 2.45
UKCamden TownHells Lager - Can4.6%330Ml£ 1.95
UKDancing ManSea City Gold5.0%330Ml£ 2.20
UKHepworth/ Chapel DownCurious Brew4.7%330Ml£ 1.95
UKHepworth/ Chapel DownCurious IPA5.6%330Ml£ 1.95
UKKernelIPA - Citra 7.1%330Ml£ 3.35
UKKernelIPA - Mosaic7.2%330Ml£ 3.35
UKPressure DropPale Fire4.8%330Ml£ 2.95
UKPressure DropWu Gang Chops the Tree3.8%330Ml£ 2.90
UKRed WillowAgeless Double IPA7.2%330Ml£ 3.75
UKSam SmithOrganic Apricot5.1%355Ml£ 2.80
UKSiren Craft BrewAmericano - Imperial Coffee Stout9.1%330Ml£ 3.75
UKSiren Craft BrewBiere de Gouttiere4.4%330Ml£ 2.99
UKSiren Craft BrewBroken Dream - Grand Cru 7.4%330Ml£ 4.25
UKSiren Craft BrewCalypso Berlin Weisse4.0%330Ml£ 3.25
UKSiren Craft BrewCaribbean Chocolate Cake7.4%330Ml£ 3.99
UKSiren Craft BrewHalf Mast Quarter IPA2.8%330Ml£ 3.15
UKSiren / PrairieRatchet Blended Saison6.2%750Ml£ 9.99
UKSiren / To-OlMiddle Finger Discount7.2%330Ml£ 3.45
UKSiren / To-OlThe Tickle Monster12.0%330Ml£ 4.99
UKThornbridgeBayern5.3%500Ml£ 3.50
UKTiny RebelDirty Stop Out5.0%330Ml£ 2.85
UKVibrant ForestBlack October (Oak Aged)9.0%500ML£ 4.25
UKWeird BeardHoly Hoppin' Hell9.6%330Ml£ 4.25
UKWeird BeardMariana Trench5.3%330Ml£ 2.75
UKWild BeerSomerset Wild5.0%330Ml£ 3.25
UKWilliams BrothersImpale IPA5.5%330Ml£ 2.20
UKWilliams BrothersParadigm Shift6.2%330Ml£ 2.30
UKWilliams BrothersProfanity Stout7.0%330Ml£ 2.20
USAAnchor SteamIPA6.5%355Ml£ 2.50
USAAnchor SteamSaison 7.2%355Ml£ 2.95
USAFlying DogAgave Cervesa4.3%355Ml£ 2.30
USAFlying DogEasy IPA - Can4.7%355Ml£ 2.15
USAKonaKoko Brown Coconut 5.5%355Ml£ 2.95
USARogue Farms7 Hop IPA8.02%660Ml£ 7.75
USARogue FarmsMarionberry Braggot11.2%750Ml£ 11.99
USASierra NevadaTorpedo Extra IPA (Can)7.2%450Ml£ 3.70
USASmutty NoseFinest Kind6.9%355Ml£ 3.50
USASmutty NoseShoals Pale5.6%355Ml£ 3.15
USAWidmer BrothersAlchemy Pale Ale5.8%355Ml£ 2.40
USAWidmer BrothersUpheaval IPA7.0%355Ml£ 2.90
,td>Kriek 2013
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
Alaskan Brewing Co.Smoked Porter 2012 6.5%650Ml£ 11.25
Anchor SteamBig Leaf Maple6.0%355MlSEASONAL
Anchor SteamBock 5.5%355Mlout of stock
Anchor SteamBrekles Brown 6.0%355Mlout of stock
Anchor SteamCalifornia Lager4.9%355Ml£ 2.30
Anchor SteamHumming Ale 5.9%355Mlout of stock
Anchor SteamIPA6.5%355Ml£ 2.50
Anchor SteamLiberty Ale 5.9%355Ml£ 2.35
Anchor SteamOld Foghorn 8.8%355Ml£ 4.15
Anchor SteamOur Special Ale 2013 5.5%355Ml£ 2.60
Anchor SteamPorter 5.6%355Ml£ 2.35
Anchor SteamSaison 7.2%355Ml£ 2.95
Anchor SteamSteam Beer 4.8%355Ml£ 2.25
Anchor SteamSummer Wheat Beer 4.5%355MlSEASONAL
Anchorage Bitter Monk Belgian Double IPA9.0%750Ml£ 20.99
Anchorage Galaxy White IPA7.0%750Ml£ 18.99
Anderson ValleyBoon't Amber Ale5.8%355Ml£ 3.45
Anderson ValleyBrother David's Triple10.0% 355Mlout of stock
Anderson ValleyHop Ottin' IPA 7.0%355Ml£ 3.60
BrooklynBAM Boozle Ale 8.6%750Ml£ 13.99
BrooklynBlack Chocolate Stout10.0%355Ml£ 3.85
BrooklynXXXXX XXX10.7%750Ml£ 20.99
BrooklynBrown Ale 5.6%355Ml£ 2.15
BrooklynDry Irish Stout4.7%355Ml£ 2.15
BrooklynEast India Pale Ale 6.8%355Ml£ 2.40
BrooklynEast India Pale Ale Can6.8%355Ml£ 2.40
BrooklynLager 5.2%355Ml£ 2.15
BrooklynLocal 1 9.0%750Mlout of stock
BrooklynLocal 2 9.0%750Mlout of stock
BrooklynMonster Ale10.7%355Mlout of stock
BrooklynPennant Ale 5.0%355Ml£ 2.25
BrooklynPost Road Pumpkin Ale5.0%355MlSEASONAL
BrooklynSilver Anniversary8.6%750Ml£ 12.99
BrooklynSorachi Ace 7.6%750Ml£ 10.99
BrooklynSummer Ale 5.0%355Ml£ 2.25
BrooklynSummer Ale Cans5.0%355Ml£ 2.25
BrooklynWinter Ale 6.1%355MlSEASONAL
Brooklyn/Williams BrosA Wee Bit4.8%500Mlout of stock
CambridgeAudacitiy of Hops - Belgian Style Double IPA8.0%650Ml£ 13.99
CambridgeRed God - Imperial Red Ale8.0%650Ml£ 13.49
Dogfish HeadRed and White 10.0% 750Ml£ 18.99
Flying DogDouble Dog11.5%355Mlout of stock
Flying DogEasy IPA - Can4.7%355Ml£ 2.15
Flying DogGonzo Imperial Porter 8.7%355Ml£ 3.99
Flying DogHorn Dog10.2%355Ml£ 4.90
Flying DogInternational Arms Race 7.5%355Ml£ 4.35
Flying DogK9 Winter Ale 7.4%355Ml £ 2.99
Flying DogKujo Imperial Coffee Stout 8.9%355Ml£ 3.90
Flying DogLucky SOB (Irish Red Ale)5.5%355Ml£ 2.35
Flying DogPale Ale (was Doggy Style) 5.5%355Ml£ 2.30
Flying DogPearl Necklace (Oyster Stout) 5.5%355Ml£ 2.25
Flying DogRaging Bitch 8.3%355Ml£ 3.30
Flying DogSnake Dog IPA 7.1%355Ml£ 2.75
Flying DogSnake Dog IPA Can 7.1%355Ml£ 2.60
Flying DogStEadman's10.0%750Ml£ 10.55
Flying DogThe Fear Pumpkin Ale9.0%355Ml£ 3.95
Flying DogUnderDog Atlantic Lager4.7%355Mlout of stock
Flying DogUnder Dog Cans4.7%355Ml£ 2.15
Flying DogWildeman IPA7.5%355Ml£ 3.20
FoundersAll Day IPA4.7%355Ml£ 2.20
FoundersAll Day IPA - Can4.7%355Ml£ 2.20
FoundersBackwoods Bastard10.2%355Ml£ 4.10
FoundersBreakfast Stout 8.3%355Ml£ 3.75
FoundersCentennial7.2%355Ml£ 2.65
FoundersImperial Stout10.5%355Ml£ 4.10
FoundersDirty Bastard8.5%355Ml£ 3.40
FoundersPale Ale5.4%355Ml£ 2.35
FoundersPorter6.5%355Ml£ 2.55
Goose Island312 Urban Wheat 4.4%355Ml£ 2.25
Goose IslandBourbon County Stout 2012 14.5% 355Mlout of stock
Goose IslandHarvest Ale 2011 5.7%355Ml£ 2.15
Goose IslandHonkers Ale 4.3%355Ml£ 1.95
Goose IslandIndia Pale Ale 5.9%355Ml£ 2.20
Goose IslandJuliet 2012 (Blackberry)8.0%650Ml£ 14.99
Goose IslandLolita 2011 (Raspberry)9.0%660Ml£ 14.99
Goose IslandMadame Rose 2010 (Cherry)6.5%660Ml£ 13.99
Goose IslandMatilda 20127.0%355Ml£ 3.65
Goose IslandPepe Nero Vintage 2011 6.0%355Ml£ 3.20
Goose IslandPere Jacques 2010 8.0%355Ml£ 3.50
Goose IslandSummertime 4.7%355MlSeasonal
Great Divide17th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA10.0%650Mlout of stock
Great DivideGrand Cru11.0%650Ml£ 13.25
Great DivideYeti Imperial Stout9.5%355Ml£ 4.85
Great DivideHercules Double IPA10.0%355MlSOLD OUT!
KonaFire Rock Pale Ale 6.0%355Ml£ 2.45
KonaKoko Brown Coconut 5.5%355Ml£ 2.95
KonaLong Board (Can)4.6%355Ml£ 2.20
Left Hand400lb Monkey 6.8%355Mlout of stock
Left HandStranger APA 5.0%355Mlout of stock
MavericksBack in the Saddle Rye PA (Can)3.75%355Ml£ 2.90
MavericksPace Setter Wit (Can)3.75%355Ml£ 2.90
MavericksPit Stop Chocolate Porter (Can)3.75%355Ml£ 2.90
Mikkeller / StillwaterOur Side7.5%750Ml£ 14.99
Moylan'sHopsickle Imperial IPA9.2%660Ml£ 10.25
Moylan'sMoylander Double IPA8.5%660Ml£ 9.15
Moylan'sNorth California IPA6.5%660Ml£ 6.15
Moylan'sRyan Sullivan's Imperial Stout10.0%660Ml£ 8.25
Moylan'sTipperary Pale Ale5.0%660Ml£ 5.25
North CoastAcme California IPA6.9%355Ml£ 3.45
North CoastAcme California Pale Ale5.0%355Ml£ 2.99
North CoastBlue Star Wheat Ale4.5%355Ml£ 2.90
North CoastBrother Thelonius9.4%750Ml£ 9.99
North CoastGrand Cru12.9%500Ml£ 14.99
North CoastLe Merle7.9%750Ml£ 9.25
North Coastutin Imperial Russian Stout9.0%355Ml£ 4.30
North CoastOld Stock Ale 201411.8%355Ml£ 5.75
North CoastPranQster Golden Ale7.6%355Ml£ 3.65
North CoastRed Seal Ale5.4%355Ml£ 2.99
Odell5 Barrel Pale Ale5.2%355Ml£ 3.25
Odell90 Shilling5.3%355Ml£ 3.30
OdellCutthroat Porter4.8%355Ml£ 3.20
OdellDeconstruction10.5%750Ml£ 19.99
OdellIPA7.0%355Ml£ 3.70
OdellLugene Milk Chocolate Stout8.5%355Ml£ 5.45
OdellMyrcenary Double IPA9.3%355Mlout of stock
OdellRed Ale6.5%355MlSEASONAL
OdellSt Lupulin Extra Pale6.5%355Ml£ 3.75
OmmegangAbbey Ale (Dubbel) 8.2%355Ml£ 4.35
OmmegangHennepin 7.7%355Ml£ 3.99
OmmegangRare Vos 6.5%355Ml£ 3.50
OmmegangThree Philosophers 9.8%355Mlout of stock
PyramidHefe Weizen5.2%355Mlout of stock
Red HookLong Hammer IPA6.2%355Ml£ 2.50
Rogue Farms7 Hop IPA 8.02%660Ml£ 7.75
RogueAmerican Amber Ale5.3%355Ml£ 2.65
RogueBrutal IPA6.2%650Ml£ 6.99
RogueCaptain Sig's North Western Ale6.5%650Ml£ 6.99
RogueChipotle Ale5.2%650Ml£ 6.75
RogueChocolate Stout6.0%650Ml£ 7.15
RogueDead Guy Ale6.5%355Ml£ 2.90
Rogue FarmsDirtoir Black Lager 6.0%650Ml£ 6.99
RogueDouble Chocolate Stout9.0%750MlSOLD OUT!
RogueHazelnut Brown Nectar6.2%355Ml£ 2.90
RogueJuniper Pale Ale5.2%355Ml£ 2.65
Rogue FarmsMarionberry Braggot11.2%750Ml£ 11.99
RogueMocha Porter5.3%355Ml£ 2.75
RogueMogul Madness6.6%650Ml£ 5.99
RogueMorimoto Black Obi5.2%650Ml£ 6.75
RogueMorimoto Imperial Pilsner 8.8%750Ml£ 16.99
RogueMorimoto Soba Ale4.8%650Ml£ 6.75
RogueSt Rogue Red5.2%355Ml£ 2.75
RogueShakspeare Oatmeal Stout6.0%660Ml£ 6.99
RogueVoodoo Donut and Bacon Maple Ale5.5%750Ml£ 11.55
RogueVoodoo Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana5.3%750Ml£ 11.55
RogueVoodoo Pretzel, Raspberry and White Chocolate5.4%750Ml£ 11.55
RogueYellow Snow IPA6.5%355Ml£ 3.15
RogueXS - Dead Guy 2013 9.0%750Ml£ 16.99
RogueXS - Imperial IPA 9.5%750Ml£ 17.50
RogueXS - Imperial Stout10.0%750Ml£ 17.50
RogueXS - Old Crustacean11.5%750Ml£ 17.99
RogueOREgasmic6.0%650Ml£ 7.25
Rogue ChatoeRoguenbierRye Ale5.2%650Ml£ 6.99
Rogue Chatoe19 Colonies Mead5.4%650MlSOLD OUT!
Rogue ChatoeRoguenbier Rye Ale5.2%650Ml£ 6.99
Ruhstaller1881 California Red Can5.6%355Ml£3.95
RuhstallerCAPT California Black IPA Can7.6%355Ml£ 4.75
RuhstallerHop Sac 2013 Wet Hop6.0%660Ml£ 14.99
ShipyardFuggles IPA5.8%355Ml£ 2.20
SkaModus Hoperandi (Can)6.8%355Ml£ 3.60
Sierra NevadaBeer Camp 2013 - Black IPA7.7%355Ml£ 3.90
Sierra NevadaBeer Camp 2013 - IPA6.9%355Ml£ 3.35
Sierra NevadaBeer Camp 2013 - Imperial Red8.5%355Ml£ 3.95
Sierra NevadaBig Foot Barley Wine Style Ale 20149.6%355Ml£ 4.20
Sierra Nevada / Russian RiverBrux (Gueuze Style)8.3%750Ml£ 18.50
Sierra NevadaCelebration Ale6.8%355Ml£ 3.20
Sierra NevadaHoptimum Imperial IPA10.4%355Mlout of stock
Sierra NevadaNarwahl Imperial Stout10.2%355Ml£ 4.99
Sierra NevadaNorthern Hemisphere Harvest 20126.7%710Mlout of stock
Sierra NevadaPale Ale6.9%355Mlout of stock
Sierra NevadaRuthless Rye IPA 20136.4%355Ml£ 2.99
Sierra NevadaRuthless Rye IPA 20146.4%355Ml£ 3.15
Sierra NevadaSouthern Hemisphere Harvest 20136.7%710Mlout of stock
Sierra NevadaTorpedo Extra IPA 7.2%355Ml£ 3.15
Sierra NevadaTorpedo Extra IPA (Can) 7.2%450Ml£ 3.70
Sierra NevadaTumbler 20135.5%355Ml£ 2.85
Sly FoxBlack Rasberry Reserve8.0%750Ml£ 11.70
Sly FoxIchor - Quadrupel10.0%750Ml£ 11.20
Sly FoxIncubus - Tripel Style10.3%750Ml£ 11.20
Sly FoxPhoenix Pale - Can5.1%355Ml£ 2.50
Sly FoxRoute 113 IPA - Can7.0%355Ml£ 2.85
Sly FoxSaison Vos6.9%750Ml£ 8.50
Southern TierBackburner10.0%650Mlout of stock
Southern TierJah-va Coffee Stout10.6%650Mlout of stock
StoneArrogant Bastard Ale7.2%660Mlout of stock
StoneDouble Bastard11.2%660Mlout of stock
StoneLevitation4.4%355Ml£ 2.85
StoneOld Guardian 201211.0%660Ml£ 9.75
StoneRuination IPA7.7%355Ml£ 4.35
StoneSelf Righteous Black IPA8.7%660Ml£ 9.35
StoneStone IPA6.9%355MlSOLD OUT!
StoneVertical Epic 12/12/129.0%660MlSOLD OUT!
Smutty NoseFinest Kind6.9%355Ml£ 3.50
Smutty NoseShoals Pale5.6%355Ml£ 3.15
Three Floyds / MikkellerHvede Goop (Wheat Wine)10.4%750Ml£ 18.99
UncommonBaltic Porter (Organic Can)7.8%473Ml£4.45
UncommonGolden State Ale - Blonde(Organic Can)6.4%473Ml£4.25
UncommonSiamese Twin - Double (Organic Can)8.5%473Ml£5.20
Widmer BrothersAlchemy Pale Ale5.8%355Ml£ 2.40
Widmer BrothersPitch Black IPA6.5%355Ml£ 2.70
Widmer BrothersUpheaval IPA7.0%355Ml£2.90
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
AlchemyAlmighty MoFo7.3%330Ml£ 3.25
Alchemy/Beaver TownHigildy Figildy5.5%330Ml£ 2.80
Arbor AlesArtisan4.8%500Ml£ 2.60
Arbor AlesBlue Sky Drinking4.4%500Mlout of stock
Arbor AlesBreakfast Stout7.4%500Mlout of stock
Arbor AlesC Bomb4.7%5000Mlout of stock
Arbor AlesClementine Saison (Free-Style Friday #43)4.4%500Ml£ 2.60
Arbor AlesMotueka4.4%500Ml£ 2.40
Arbor AlesOyster Stout4.6%500Ml£ 3.40
Arbor AlesTasmanian Devil4.6%500Ml£ 2.60
Arbor AlesThree Little Wolves(Free-Style Friday #45)4.8%500Ml£ 2.60
Arbor AlesTriple Hop4.0%568Ml£ 250
Arbor AlesTwigs in Space4.9%500Ml£ 2.65
Arbor AlesWhy Kick A Moo Cow5.5%500Mlout of stock
Arbor AlesYakima Valley American Style IPA7.0%500Ml£ 3.15
Beavertown8 Ball Rye IPA6.2%330Ml£ 3.45
Beavertown8 Ball Rye IPA - Can6.2%330Ml£ 2.65
BeavertownAppelation 8.7%660Ml£ 8.99
BeavertownBlack Betty Black IPA7.4%330Ml£ 3.85
BeavertownBlack Betty Black IPA - Can7.4%330Ml£ 2.95
BeavertownGamma Ray Pale Ale5.4%330Ml£ 3.30
BeavertownGamma Ray Pale Ale - Can5.4%330Ml£ 2.50
BeavertownNeck Oil Session IPA - Can4.3%330Ml£ 2.20
BeavertownSmog Rocket Smoked Porter5.4%330Ml£ 3.30
Bowman AlesQuiver Bitter 4.5%500Ml£ 2.40
Bowman AlesNutz 5.0%500Ml£ 2.40
Bowman AlesWallops Wood 4.0%500Ml£ 2.40
Bowman AlesWarbler 4.8%500Ml£ 2.40
BrainsDark4.1%500Mlout of stock
BrainsS.A.Premium4.2%500Mlout of stock
BrainsS.A.Gold4.7%500Mlout of stock
Brains Craft BreweryBarry Island IPA6.0%330Mlout of stock
Bristol Beer FactoryAcer3.8%500Mlout of stock
Bristol Beer FactoryBelgian Conspiracy7.5%500Ml£ 4.50
Bristol Beer FactoryDouble IPA8.5%330Ml£ 5.20
Bristol Beer FactoryDouble Milk Stout7.0%500Mlout of stock
Bristol Beer FactoryMilk Stout4.5%500Ml£ 3.15
Bristol Beer FactoryIndependence4.6%500Ml£ 2.99
Bristol Beer FactorySaison6.5%500Ml£ 3.75
Bristol Beer FactorySouthville Hop IPA6.5%500Mlout of stock
Bristol Beer FactoryUltimate Stout7.5%500Ml£ 3.50
Burning SkySaison Provision Barrel Aged Ltd Edition6.5%750Ml£ 9.00
ButtsBarbus Barbus4.6%500Ml£ 2.85
ButtsBlackguard Porter4.6%500Ml£ 2.85
BuxtonAce Edge6.8%330Ml£ 2.60
BuxtonAmerican Rye4.3%500Mlout of stock
BuxtonAxe Edge Double IPA6.8%330Ml£ 2.60
BuxtonBlack Rocks Black IPA6.0%330Mlout of stock
BuxtonDark Nights6.8%330Ml£ 2.10
BuxtonFar Skyline4.9%330Ml£ 2.45
BuxtonImperial Black IPA7.5%330Ml£ 2.85
BuxtonJaw Gate APA 5.6%330Ml£ 2.45
BuxtonStronge Extra Stout7.4%330Ml£ 2.90
BuxtonTsar Imperial Russian Stout9.5%330Mlout of stock
BuxtonWild Boar IPA5.7%500Ml£ 2.45
BuxtonWyoming Sheep Ranch DIPA8.4%330Ml£ 3.75
Camden TownGentleman's Wit4.3%330Ml£ 2.10
Camden TownHells Lager - Can4.6%330Ml£ 1.95
Castle RockHarvest Pale 4.3%500Mlout of stock
ConistonBluebird 4.2%500Ml£ 2.40
ConistonOld Man 4.8%500Ml£ 2.60
ConistonPremium XB 4.4%500Mlout of stock
CotleighBarn Owl 4.5%500Ml£ 2.50
CotleighBuzzard Dark Ale4.8%500Ml£ 2.60
CotleighGolden Seahawk4.2%500Ml£ 2.50
CotleighPeregrine Porter5.0%500Ml£ 2.65
CotleighSnowy Owl5.0%500Ml£ 2.65
CotleighTawny Owl 3.8%500Mlout of stock
Courage (Wells&Youngs)Imperial Russian Stout10.0%275Ml£ 6.50
Dancing Man16 Tonne Stout6.2%330Ml£ 2.20
Dancing ManBig Casino5.0%330Mlout of stock
Dancing ManPole Axed6.7%330Ml£ 2.50
Dancing ManSea City Gold5.0%330Ml£ 2.20
Dancing ManSmoking Banjo Barley Wine8.0%330Mlout of stock
Dark StarBelgian IPA7.2%330Ml£ 3.70
Dark Star / SaltaireBock 5.6%500Ml£ 3.20
Dark Star / SaltaireLe IPA5.6%500Ml£ 2.95
Dark StarEspresso4.2%500Ml£ 2.60
Dark StarGreen Hop (IPA)6.5%330Mlseasonal
Dark StarImperial Stout Vintage 201310.5%330Ml£ 3.99
Dark StarRevelation5.7%330Ml£ 3.70
Dark StarSix Hop6.5%330Ml£ 3.70
Dark StarSunburst4.8%500Ml£ 2.50
Dorset Brewing CoDorset Knob3.9%500Ml£ 2.30
Dorset Brewing CoDurdle Door5.0%500Ml£ 2.65
Dorset Brewing CoJurassic4.2%500Ml£ 2.45
DowntonChimera Dark Delight6.0%500Ml£ 2.10
DowntonChimera Honey Blonde4.3%500Ml£ 2.10
DowntonChimera I.P.A.7.0%500Ml£ 2.20
DowntonChimera New Forest Ale4.0%500Ml£ 1.99
DowntonEndeavour 201410.0%500Ml£ 3.630
Fuller'sBengal Lancer5.3%500Ml£ 2.60
Fuller'sBlack Cab Stout4.5%500Ml£ 2.60
Fuller'sHoney Dew Organic5.0%500Mlout of stock
Fuller'sImperial Stout (Boxed)10.7%500Ml£ 7.75
Fuller'sLondon Porter5.4%500Ml£ 2.60
Fuller'sPast Masters 3 - Old Burton7.3%500Ml£ 3.99
Fuller'sPast Masters 4 - 1966 Strong Ale7.3%500Ml£ 3.99
Fuller'sVintage Ale 2013 - Boxed8.5%500Ml£ 6.75
Fuller'sWild River4.5%500Ml£ 2.50
Fyne AlesSuperior IPA7.1%750Mlout of stock
Gadds'Black Pearl6.2%330Ml£ 2.20
Gadds'Dogbolter5.6%500Mlout of stock
Gadds'No 35.0%500Mlout of stock
Gadds'No 54.4%500Ml£ 2.20
GalesH.S.B.4.8%500Ml£ 2.50
Harviestoun Ola Dubh (Highland Park 12 year) 8.0%330Ml£ 5.75
Harviestoun Ola Dubh (Highland Park 18 year) 8.0%330Mlout of stock
Hepworth/ Chapel DownCurious Brew4.7%330Ml£ 1.95
Hepworth/ Chapel DownCurious IPA5.6%330Ml£ 1.95
High and MightyBeer of the Gods 4.5%500Mlout of stock
Hop BackCrop Circle (**Certified Gluten Free) 4.2%500Ml £ 2.15
Hop BackEntire Stout 4.5%500Ml £ 2.25
Hop BackSummer Lightning 5.0%500Ml £ 2.25
Hop BackSummer Lightning 5.0%5000Ml £ 19.99
Hop BackTaiphoon (Lemongrass) 4.2%500Ml £ 2.15
IlkleyHoly Cow (Cranberry Milk Stout)4.7%500Ml£ 3.30
IlkleyMary Jane IPA6.0%500Ml£ 3.50
IlkleySiberia Rhubarb Saison5.9%500Ml£ 3.50
IlkleySpeyside Siberia8.8%330Ml£ 4.95
IlkleyThe Chief IPA7.0%500Ml£ 3.50
IlkleyThe Mayan Cocolate Chipotle6.5%500Ml£ 3.50
Itchen ValleyBelgarum3.9%500Mlout of stock
Itchen ValleyI.P.A.5.0%500Mlout of stock
Itchen ValleyPure Gold4.8%500Mlout of stock
KernelDouble 4C IPA9.6%330Mlout of stock
KernelExport Stout - London 18906.7%330Ml£ 3.35
KernelIPA - Citra 7.1%330Ml£ 3.35
KernelIPA - Mosaic7.2%330Ml£3.35
KernelLondon Sour2.5%330Ml£ 2.90
Little ValleyGinger Pale Ale (Organic)4.0%500ml£ 2.70
Little ValleyMoor Ale (Organic)5.5%500ml£ 2.85
Little ValleyPython (Organic)6.0%500mlout of stock
Little ValleyStoodley Stout (Organic)4.8%500ml£ 2.80
Little ValleyVanilla Porter (Organic)4.5%500mlout of stock
LoddonFerryman's Gold4.8%500Ml£ 2.50
LoddonForbury Lion5.5500Ml£ 2.50
LoddonHocus Pocus Old Ale (Seasonal)5.0%500Mlout of stock
Magic RockBearded Lady Imperial Stout10.5%330Mlout of stock
Magic RockBourbon Bearded Lady10.5%660Ml£ 13.99
Magic RockCannonball IPA7.4%330Mlout of stock
Magic RockDark Arts6.0%330Mlout of stock
Magic RockHigh Wire5.5%330Mlout of stock
Magic RockHuman Cannonball DIPA9.2%330Mlout of stock
Magic RockMagic 8 Ball Black IPA7.0%330Mlout of stock
Magic RockRapture4.6%330Mlout of stock
Magic Rock /Lervig Farmhouse IPA 6.0%330Ml£ 3.85
MarbleChocolate 5.5%500Mlout of stock
MarbleDobber IPA5.9%500Mlout of stock
MarbleEarl Grey6.8%750Ml£ 10.49
MarbleLagonda IPA5.0%500Mlout of stock
Marston'sOwd Roger7.6%500Ml£ 2.75
Marston's Oyster Stout4.5%500Mlout of stock£ 2.60
MeantimeI.P.A.7.5%750Ml£ 6.99
MeantimeLondon Porter6.5%750Ml£ 6.85
MeantimeLondon Stout4.5%500Ml£ 2.90
MeantimeRaspberry Wheat5.0%330Ml£ 2.75
MeantimeYakima Red4.1%330Ml£ 2.40
Mighty HopAutumn Ruby Ale4.8%500Mlout of stock
Mighty HopHoppy Daze4.1%500Ml£ 2.70
Moor /ArborDouble Dark Alliance Coffee Stout4.7%660MlSOLD OUT!
MoorHoppiness6.7%660Mlout of stock
MoorNor' Hop4.3%660Mlout of stock
MoorRadiance (Blonde)4.0%660Mlout of stock
MoorRaw4.5%660Mlout of stock
MoorSo'Hop4.3%660Mlout of stock
OakhamGreen Devil6.0%500Ml£ 3.15
OakleafBlake's Gosport5.2%500Ml£ 2.30
OakleafBlake's Heaven7.0% 500Ml£ 2.70
OakleafHeart of Gold3.8%500Ml£ 1.99
OakleafHole Hearted4.7%500Ml£ 2.20
OakleafIndia Pale Ale5.5%500Ml£ 2.40
Oakleaf.. It's Not Bitter4.9%500Ml£ 2.35
OakleafPiston Porter4.6%500Ml£ 2.20
OakleafPompey Royal4.5%500Ml£ 2.15
OakleafQuercus Folium4.0%500Ml£ 2.40
OakleafStoker's Stout5.0%500Ml£ 2.30
OrkneyDark Island4.6%500Ml£ 3.49
OrkneyDark Island Reserve10.0%750Ml£20.99
OrkneyDragonhead Stout4.0%500Ml£ 3.49
OrkneySkullsplitter8.5%330Ml£ 3.39
OtterOtter Bright4.3%500Ml£ 2.95
OtterOtter Head5.8%500Ml£ 3.35
Oxfordshire AlesPride of Oxford5.0%500Ml£ 1.99
PalmersBest Bitter4.2%500Mlout of stock
PalmersDorset Gold4.5%500Mlout of stock
Palmers2005.0%500Mlout of stock
PalmersTally Ho!5.5%500Mlout of stock
Partizan9 Grain Porter6.6%330Ml£ 3.30
PartizanBig Red Saison7.4%330Ml£ 3.40
PartizanForeign Export Stout8.6%330Ml£ 3.70
PartizanIPA - Bobek/Amarillo7.0%330Ml£ 3.35
PartizanIPA - Citra6.6%330Ml£ 3.35
PartizanIPA - Liberty - Simcoe6.5%330Ml£ 3.30
PartizanPale - Amarillo/Pacific Jade5.5%330Ml£ 3.10
PartizanPale - Wakatu5.0%330Ml£ 3.10
PartizanSaison - Galaxy5.4%330Ml£ 3.25
PartizanSaison - Grisette4.0%330Mlout of stock
PartizanSaison - Grisette - Sage3.8%330Ml£ 3.10
PartizanSaison - Mosaic7.4%330Ml£ 3.50
Pressure DropBosko IPA6.5%330Ml£ 3.25
Pressure DropWu Gang Chops the Tree3.8%330Ml£ 2.90
Red WillowAgeless Double IPA7.2%330Ml£ 3.75
Red WillowFaithless XIV(2)5.7%330Mlout of stock
Red WillowFaithless XXV4.9%330Mlout of stock
Red WillowFeckless (Best Bitter)4.1%500Ml£ 3.15
Red WillowHeartless (Chocolate Stout)4.9%500Ml£ 3.50
Red WillowShameless (IPA)5.9%330Ml£ 2.99
Red WillowSleepless (US Amber Ale)5.4%500Ml£ 3.50
Red WillowSmokeless Smoked Porter5.6%500Ml£3.75
Red WillowWitless II (Mango Wheat)4.8% 330Mlout of stock
Red WillowWitless III (Hopfen Weisse7.0% 330Ml£ 3.20
Red WillowWreckless (Golden Ale)4.8%500Mlout of stock
RidgewayBitter4.0%500Mlout of stock
RidgewayBlue5.0%500Mlout of stock
RidgewayBad King John6.0%500Mlout of stock
Ridgeway/H&MBeer of the Gods4.5%500Mlout of stock
RidgewayForeign Export Stout8.0%500Mlout of stock
RidgewayImperial Barley Wine10.0%330Ml£ 2.85
RidgewayImperial Red Ale10.0%330Mlout of stock
RidgewayImperial Russian Stout 201210.0%330Ml£ 2.85
RidgewayInsanely Bad Elf11.2%330Ml£ 2.90
RidgewayIPA5.5%500Mlout of stock
RidgewayIvanhoe Pale Ale5.2%500Mlout of stock
RidgewayOrganic Bitter4.3%500Mlout of stock
RidgewayQwerkus Porter4.5%500Mlout of stock
RidgewayThames Valley Ale3.4%500Mlout of stock
RidgewayWarm Welcome6.0%500Mlout of stock
RingwoodBoondoggle4.4%500Ml£ 1.99
RingwoodFortyniner4.9%500Ml£ 2.35
RingwoodOld Thumper5.1%500Ml£ 2.35
RobinsonsBuild a Rocket Boy (Elbow)4.0%500Mlout of stock
RobinsonsChocolate Tom6.0%330Ml£ 2.50
RobinsonsGinger Tom6.0%330Mlout of stock
RobinsonsOld Tom8.5%330Ml£ 2.65
Robinson'sTrooper (Iron Maiden)4.7%500Ml£ 2.50
RoostersFort Smith IPA5.0%500Ml£ 3.50
RoostersHigh Tea6.2%500Ml£ 3.50**
RoostersLondinium Coffee Porter5.5%500Ml£ 3.85
RoostersYankee4.3%500Ml£ 3.35
St AustellBig Job (Double IPA)7.2%500Mlout of stock
St AustellTribute4.2%500Ml£ 2.60
SalopianEntire Butt4.8%500Mlout of stock
SalopianAutomaton (IPA)7.0%330Ml£ 3.35
SalopianVertigo (Black IPA)7.2%330Ml£ 3.35
SaltaireAmarillo Gold4.4%500Ml£ 3.20
Dark Star / SaltaireBock 5.6%500Ml£ 3.20
SaltaireCascade Pale Ale4.8%500Ml£ 3.20
SaltaireHazelnut Coffee Porter4.6%500Ml£ 3.20
SaltaireKala Black IPA6.2%500Mlout of stock
SaltaireRaspberry Blonde4.0%500Ml£ 3.20
SaltaireStateside IPA6.0%500Ml£ 3.20
SaltaireTriple Chocoholic4.8%500Ml£ 3.20
Saltaire / Northern MonkSmoked Porter6.0%500Mlsold out!
Sam SmithIndia Ale5.0%550Ml£ 3.15
Sam SmithOatmeal Stout5.0%550Ml£ 3.35
Sam SmithOrganic Apricot5.1%355Ml£ 2.80
Sam SmithOrganic Chocolate Stout5.0%550Ml£ 3.50
Sam SmithYorkshire Stingo 20119.0% 550Mlseasonal
Sharp'sDoombar4.3%500Ml£ 2.20
Siren Craft Brew7 Seas IPA6.0%330Ml£ 3.25
Siren Craft BrewAmericano - Imperial Coffee Stout9.1%330Ml£ 3.75
Siren Craft BrewBiere de Gouttiere4.4%330Ml£ 2.99
Siren Craft BrewBroken Dream Stout6.5%330Ml£ 2.99
Siren Craft BrewBroken Dream - Buffalo Trace 7.4%330Ml£ 4.75
Siren Craft BrewBroken Dream - Jim Beam7.4%330Ml£ 4.75
Siren Craft BrewCalypso Berlin Weisse4.0%330Ml£ 3.25
Siren Craft BrewCaribbean Chocolate Cake7.4%330Ml£ 3.99
Siren Craft BrewHalf Mast Quarter IPA2.8%330Ml£ 3.15
Siren Craft BrewLiquid Mistress5.8%330Ml£ 2.90
Siren Craft BrewMaiden Barley Wine11.1%375Ml£ 9.99
Siren / To-OlMiddle Finger Discount7.2%330Ml£ 3.45
Siren Craft Brew/OmnipolloNacken Hopfenweizen6.4%330Ml£ 3.35
Siren Craft BrewNeither Imperial IPA8.3%330Ml£ 4.25
Siren Craft BrewOdyssey 00112.4%375Ml£10.99
Siren / Prairie Ratchet Blended Saison6.2%750Ml£ 9.99
Siren Craft BrewRyesing Tides IPA7.4%330Mlout of stock
Siren Craft BrewShattered Dreams Imperial Stout9.8%330Ml£ 4.45
Siren Craft BrewSound Wave IPA5.6%330Ml£ 2.90
Siren / To-OlThe Tickle Monster12.0%330Ml£ 4.99
Siren Craft BrewUndercurrent Pale Ale4.5%330Ml£ 2.75
Siren Craft BrewWhiskey Sour IPA10.2%330Ml£ 5.99
StonehengeGreat Bustard4.8%500Ml£ 2.45
StonehengeHeel Stone4.3%500Ml£ 2.45
Sunny RepublicBeach Blonde4.4%330Ml£ 1.90
Sunny RepublicHop Dog5.5%330Ml£ 2.00
SuthwykOld Dick3.8%500Ml£ 2.45
SuthwykLiberation4.2%500Ml£ 2.45
SuthwykPalmerston's Folly5.0%500Ml£ 2.60
SuthwykSkew Sunshine Ale4.6%500Ml£ 2.50
ThornbridgeBayern5.3%500Ml£ 3.50
ThornbridgeBeadica's Well5.3%500Ml£ 3.50
ThornbridgeChiron American Pale5.0%500Ml£ 3.50
ThornbridgeColorado Red5.9%500Ml£ 3.70
ThornbridgeHalcyon Imperial IPA7.4%500Ml£ 4.35
ThornbridgeJaipur India Pale Ale 5.9%500Ml£ 3.10
ThornbridgeKill Your Darlings 5.0% 500Mlout of stock
ThornbridgeOtto Weizen Bock8.0%500Ml£ 4.75
ThornbridgeRaven Black IPA6.6%500Ml£ 4.35
ThornbridgeSaint Petersburg7.7%500Ml£ 4.35
ThornbridgeSequoia4.5%500Ml£ 3.60
ThornbridgeThorny Goat6.0%500MlOut of Stock
ThornbridgeTzara4.8%500Ml£ 3.45
ThornbridgeVersa Weisse Beer5.0%500Ml£ 3.60
ThornbridgeWild Swan3.5%500Ml£ 2.70
Thornbridge HallEvenlode Brown Porter6.2%330Ml£ 6.95
Thornbridge HallImperial Raspberry Stout10.0%500Ml£11.75
Thwaites13 Guns5.5330Ml£ 1.99
Timothy TaylorLandlord4.1%500Ml£ 2.60
Tiny RebelDirty Stop Out5.0%330Ml£ 2.85
Tiny RebelHadouken IPA7.4%330Ml£ 3.40
TitanicCaptain Smiths5.2%500Mlout of stock
TitanicChocolate & Vanilla Stout4.5%500MlSEASONAL
TitanicIceberg4.1%500Ml£ 2.15
TitanicPlum Porter4.9%500Ml£ 2.40
TitanicStout4.5%500Ml£ 2.25
TitanicWhite Star4.8%500Ml£ 2.25
Traquair House Ale7.2%330Ml£ 3.15
Traquair Jacobite Ale8.0%330Mlout of stock
Triple fffAlton's Pride3.8%500Ml£ 2.15
Triple fffComfortably Numb5.0%500Mlout of stock
Triple fffGilbert White (Smoked)6.3%500Mlout of stock
Triple fffMoondance4.2%500Ml£ 2.35
Triple fffPressed Rat and Warthog3.8%500Ml£ 2.15
Triple fffRamble Tamble5.0%500Mlout of stock
Vibrant ForestBlack Forest Porter4.9%500Ml£ 2.85
Vibrant ForestBlack October9.0%500Ml£3.75
Vibrant ForestBlack October (Oak Aged)9.0%500Ml£ 4.25
Vibrant ForestCydonia Martian Red Ale4.7%500Ml£ 2.85
Vibrant ForestFarmhouse Ale5.0%500Ml£ 2.85
Vibrant ForestMetropolis - Black India Ale7.0%500Mlout of stock
Vibrant ForestNova Foresta3.8%500Mlout of stock
Vibrant ForestPale Ale - Citra5.0%500Ml£ 2.85
Vibrant ForestPale Ale - Nelson Sauvin5.0%500Mlout of stock
Vibrant ForestPale Ale - Summit5.0%500Ml£ 2.85
Vibrant ForestWheatwave4.8%500Mlout of stock
Weird BeardFade to Black Black IPA7.2%330Mlout of stock
Weird BeardHoly Hoppin' Hell9.6%330Ml£ 4.25
Weird BeardKentish Town Beard5.9%500Mlout of stock
Weird BeardLittle Things that Kill3.3%500Ml£ 3.49
Weird BeardMariana Trench5.3%330Ml£ 2.75
WellsBanana Bread Beer5.2%500Ml£ 2.60
White HorseUffington Bitter5.1%500MlOUT OF STOCK
White HorseVillage Idiot4.1%500Ml£ 2.50
White HorseWar Horse4.9500Ml£ 2.50
Wild Beer CoBliss (Spiced Saison) 6.0%330Mlout of stock
Wild Beer CoEpic Saison 5.0%330Ml£ 3.15
Wild Beer CoEvolver IPA 5.8%330Ml£ 3.25
Wild Beer CoFresh 5.5%330Ml£ 2.99
Wild Beer CoMadness IPA 6.8%330Ml£ 3.25
Wild Beer CoModus Operandi 7.0%330Ml£ 4.70
Wild Beer CoNinkasi 9.0%750Ml£ 9.79
Wild Beer CoNinkasi Premier Cru10.0%330Ml£ 6.75
Wild Beer CoPut it In Your Pipe5.1%750Mlout of stock
Wild Beer CoRaconteur 9.9%330Ml£ 6.75
Wild Beer CoScarlet Fever4.8%330Ml£ 2.95
Wild Beer CoShnoodlepip6.5%330Ml£ 4.70
Wild Beer CoSolera (Blended Saison)4.4%330Ml£ 2.70
Wild Beer CoSomerset Wild5.0%330Ml£ 3.25
Wild Beer CoSpellbound4.5%750Ml£ 6.15
Wild Beer CoWhiskebeeste12.0%330Ml£ 6.75
Wild Beer CoWildebeest Imperial Stout11.0%330Ml£ 4.99
Wild Beer / BeavertownRubus Maximus5.7%750Mlout of stock
Wild & FyneCool as a Cucumber2.9%750Mlout of stock
Brooklyn/Williams BrosA Wee Bit4.8%500Ml£ 2.50
Williams BrothersAlba Scots Pine Ale 7.5%330Ml£ 1.99
Williams BrothersFraoch 22 Auchentoshan11.0%750Ml£ 15.50
Williams BrothersBirds & Bees 5.0%500Ml£ 1.99
Williams BrothersEbulum 6.5%330Ml£ 1.99
Williams BrothersFraoch (Heather Ale) 5.0%500Ml£ 2.40
Williams BrothersGinger3.8%500Ml£ 2.30
Williams BrothersGrozet (Gooseberry) 5.0%500Ml£ 2.40
Williams BrothersImpale IPA5.5%330Ml£ 2.20
Williams BrothersJoker I.P.A. 5.0%500Ml£ 2.40
Williams BrothersKelpie Seaweed Ale 4.4%500Ml£ 2.40
Williams BrothersMidnight Sun 5.6%500Ml£2.50
Williams BrothersParadigm Shift6.2%330Ml£2.30
Williams BrothersProfanity Stout7.0%330Ml£ 2.20
Draught Beers for Home
PLEASE order by Wednesday of the week the beer is required. Prices updated 21/3/2012
BreweryBeerABVNotional SizePrice
Bowman AlesElderado3.5%18 pints£ 31.00
Bowman AlesElderado3.5%36 pints£ 60.50
Bowman AlesSwift One3.8%18 pints£ 31.00
Bowman AlesSwift One3.8%36 pints£ 60.50
Bowman AlesWallops Wood4.0%18 pints£ 32.00
Bowman AlesWallops Wood4.0%36 pints£ 61.50
Bowman AlesQuiver4.5%18 pints£ 33.00
Bowman AlesQuiver4.5%36 pints£ 62.50
Bowman AlesWarbler4.8%18 pints£ 34.00
Bowman AlesWarbler4.8%36 pints£ 63.50
Bowman AlesNutz5.0%18 pints£ 37.00
Bowman AlesNutz5.0%36 pints£ 64.50
Belgian Traditional Gueuze
Lambic Beers are made from malted barley, raw wheat and dried hops. Fermentation
is spontaneous and the resulting liquid is matured in huge wooden barrels, sometimes for
many years. GUEUZE is made by blending lambics of various ages, creating a new fermentation
in the bottle. Only a handful of authentic producers survive
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
De CamOude Geuze6.0%750Ml£ 12.99
CantillonFou'Foune (Apricot)5.0%750Mlout of stock
CantillonKriek5.0%375Ml£ 6.35
CantillonRose de Gambrinus Framboise 5.0%375Ml£ 6.35
CantillonBio Gueuze - Organic5.0%375Ml£ 4.90
CantillonGrand Cru Bruocsella5.0%750Mlout of stock
CantillonIris 2013 5.0%750Ml£ 10.85
CantillonMamouche (Elderflower)5.0%750Mlout of stock
CantillonSt Lamvinus5.0%750Mlout of stock
CantillonVigneronne 20135.0%750Ml£ 11.95
Drie FonteinenIntense Red (Kriek)5.0%375Ml£ 10.00
Drie FonteinenOude Geuze6.0%375Ml£ 5.20
Drie FonteinenOude Geuze Golden Blend6.0%375Ml£ 7.85
Drie FonteinenOude Kriek5/0%375Ml£ 6.95
Drie FonteinenScharbeeckse Kriek5.0%750Mlout of stock
Frank BoonGueuze Marriage Parfait8.0%375Ml£ 4.75
Frank BoonKriek Marriage Parfait8.0%375Ml£ 6.25
Frank Boon4.0%375Ml/td>£ 3.65
Frank BoonOude Gueuze6.5%375Ml£ 3.40
Frank BoonFramboise5.0%375Ml£ 4.20
Frank BoonFramboise Vintage 20106.2%750Ml£ 9.25
Frank BoonFramboise Vintage 20135.0%375Ml£ 4.60/td>
Frank BoonVAT 44 5 Year Mono Blend 8.5%375Ml£ 8.25
Frank Boon(Horal)Gueuze Megablend 20137.0%750Ml£ 13.95
GirardinFramboise5.0%375Ml£ 3.75
GirardinGueuze Black Label5.0%375Ml£ 3.15
GirardinKriek5.0%375Ml£ 3.15
GirardinFaro5.0%375Ml£ 2.90
HanssensOude Gueuze6.0%375Ml£ 4.40
HanssensKriek6.0%375Mlout of stock
LindemansCuvee Renee Gueuze5.5%375Ml£ 3.40
Oude BeerselOude Gueuze6.0%375Ml£ 4.70
Oude BeerselOude Beersel Framboise5.9%375Ml£ 3.75
TilquinOude Gueuze6.0%375Ml£ 5.90
TimmermansLambicus Blanche4.5%375Ml£ 3.65
TimmermansOude Gueuze Ltd Ed5.5%375Ml£ 3.70
TimmermansPumpkin Lambicus4.0%750MlSeasonal
Trappist Ales
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
Achelse KluisTrappist Blonde8.0%330Ml£ 3.25
Achelse KluisTrappist Bruin8.0%330Ml£ 3.25
Achelse KluisAchelse Extra Bruin9.5%750Ml£ 10.75
ChimayBlue9.0%330Ml£ 3.35
ChimayGold 4.8%330Ml£ 2.70
ChimayRed7.0%330Ml£ 2.45
ChimayWhite8.0%330Ml£ 2.90
ChimayGrande Reserve 20139.0%750Ml£ 7.95
De KievitZundert Trappist8.0%330Ml£ 4.40
EngelszellGregorius (Austrian)9.7%330Ml£ 4.90
Mont des CatsMont des Cats7.6%330Ml£ 4.50
OrvalOrval6.2%330Ml£ 2.30
Rochefort67.5%330Ml£ 2.80
Rochefort89.2%330Ml£ 3.70
Rochefort1011.3%330Ml£ 4.85
La Trappe Dubbel7.0%330Ml£ 2.65
La TrappeIsid'or7.5%330Ml£ 2.65
La TrappeQuadrupel10.0%330Ml£ 3.80
La TrappeTripel8.0%330Ml£ 3.25
WestmalleDubbel7.0%330Ml£ 2.40
WestmalleTripel9.5%330Ml£ 3.45
WestmalleTripel9.5%750Ml£ 9.35
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
3 FourquetsHibernatus9.0%750Mlseasonal
3 FourquetsLupulus Tripel8.5%750Ml£ 8.15
AB InBevLeffe 9 9.0%330Ml£ 3.30
AB InBevLeffe Blonde6.6%330Ml£ 1.95
AB InBevLeffe Brune 6.5%330Ml£ 1.95
AB InBevLeffe Royale7.5%330Ml£ 3.30
Abbaye des RocsAbbaye des Rocs Brune9.0%330Ml£ 2.75
Abbaye des RocsBlanche des Honnelles (Wheat)6.0%330Ml£ 2.30
Abbaye des RocsMontagnarde Ambree9.0%330Ml£ 3.10
AchouffeChateau d'Ychouffe 20139.0%750Ml£ 19.99
AchouffeChouffe Soleil6.0%330Ml£ 2.35
AchouffeHoublon Chouffe 9.0%330Ml£ 3.35
AchouffeLa Chouffe8.0%330Ml£ 3.00
AchouffeMacChouffe 8.0%330Ml£ 3.00
AffligemTripel8.5%330Ml£ 3.75
AnkerGouden Carolus Cuvee van der Kaiser 201111.0%750MlSEASONAL
AnkerGouden Carolus Ambrio8.0%330Ml£ 2.80
AnkerGouden Carolus Classic8.5%330Ml £ 3.10
AnkerGouden Carolus Hopsinjoor8.0%330Ml£ 3.15
AnkerGouden Carolus Triple9.0%330Ml £ 3.20
Alken MaesGrimbergen Blonde6.7%330Ml£ 2.60
Alken MaesGrimbergen Dubbel6.5%330Ml£ 2.60
AlvinneMano Negra10.0%330Ml£ 4.10
AlvinneMorpheus Tripel8.7%330Ml£ 3.10
BavikPetrus Aged Pale7.3%330Ml£ 2.75
BosteelsKwak8.4%330Ml£ 2.85
BosteelsTripel Karmeliet8.4%330Ml£ 3.20
CaracoleSaxo7.5%330Ml£ 2.95
CaracoleTroublette5.5%330Ml£ 2.70
CastleCuvee de Chateau 201211.0%330Ml£ 3.95
CastleKasteel Donker11.0%330Ml£ 3.50
CastleKasteel Hoppy6.5%330Ml£ 2.50
CastleKasteel Rouge (Fruit)8.0%330Ml£ 3.25
CastleKasteel Triple11.0%330Ml£ 3.70
CorsendonkAgnus7.5%330Ml£ 2.70
De KoninckDe Koninck5.0%330Ml£ 2.25
De LeyerthUrthel Hop-It9.5%330Ml£ 3.50
De LeiteCuvee Mam'zelle (Medoc Barrel Aged)8.5%330Ml£ 3.70
De Leite Cuvee Soeur'Ise (Kriek)8.5330Ml£ 4.20
De ProefReinaert Grand Cru9.5%330Ml£ 3.20
De ProefReinaert Tripel9.0%330Ml£ 3.10
De RankeCuvee de Ranke8.5%750Ml£ 7.85
De RankeHop Harvest 20136.0%750Ml£ 8.75
De RankeGuldenberg Abdijbier8.5%330Ml£ 2.95
De RankeKriek7.0%750Mlout of stock
De RankePere Noel7.0%330Mlout of stock
De RankeSaison de Dottignies5.5%330Ml£ 2.45
De RankeXX Bitter6.2%330Ml£ 2.30
De RankeXXX Bitter6.0%750Ml£ 9.35
DilewynsVicaris Generaal8.0%330Ml£ 3.20
DilewynsVicaris Tripel8.5%330Ml£ 2.95
DubuissonBush Amber12.0%330Ml£ 4.15
DubuissonCuvee des Trolls 7.0%250Ml£ 1.90
DupontAvec les Bons Voeux9.5%750Ml£ 7.65
DupontMoinette Blond8.5%330Ml£2.65
DupontSaison 6.5%330Ml£ 2.10
Duvel-MoortgatDuvel8.5%330Ml£ 2.90
Duvel-MoortgatDuvel Tripel Hop 2014 (Mosaic)9.5%330Ml£ 3.75
Duvel-MoortgatMaredsous 6 (Blonde)6.0% 330Ml£ 2.35
Duvel-MoortgatMaredsous 8 (Bruin ) 8.0%330Ml£ 3.10
Duvel-MoortgatMaredsous 10 (Triple)10.0%330Ml£ 3.70
Duvel-MoortgatVedett Extra White4.7%330Ml£ 1.95
Duvel-MoortgatVedett IPA6.0%330Ml£ 2.25
Legendes (formerly Ellezelloise)Hercule Stout9.0%330Ml£ 3.99
FantomeDark & White5.0%750Ml£ 7.75
FantomeFantome 8.0%750Ml£ 9.99
Gentse StadsbrouwereiGruut Inferno (Spiced)8.5%330Ml£ 3.40
Glazen TorenJan de Lichte Dubbel Wit7.0%750Mlout of stock
Glazen TorenOndineke Tripel8.5%750Ml£ 7.25
Glazen TorenSaison d'Erpe-Mere6.9%750Mlout of stock
Green'sGolden Ale - Gluten Free4.8%330Ml£ 2.90
Green'sPilsner - Gluten Free4.5%330Ml£ 2.90
Halve MaanBrugse Zot6.0%330Ml£ 2.25
Halve MaanBruges Zot Dubbel7.5%330Ml£ 2.45
Halve MaanStraffe Hendrik Quadrupel11.0% 330Ml£ 3.95
Halve MaanStraffe Hendrik Tripel9.0% 330Ml£ 3.30
Hof ten DormaalAmber7.5%375Mlout of stock
Hof ten DormaalBlond8.0%375Ml£ 3.95
Hof ten DormaalBruin7.5%375Ml£ 3.65
Hof ten DormaalWit Goud (Chicory)8.0%375Ml£ 4.15
Hof ten DormaalWinter 13 Wet Hop8.0%375Mlsold out
Hof ten Dormaal / StillwaterBonze Age6.0%375Ml£ 3.40
HuygheDeliria7.0%750Ml9£ 9.99
HuygheDelirium Nocturnum8.5%330Ml£ 3.20
HuygheDelirium Red (Fruit)8.0%330Ml£ 3.20
HuygheDelirium Tremens8.5%330Ml£ 3.20
HuygheFloris Honey4.5%330Ml£ 2.35
HuygheFloris Mango3.6%330Ml£ 2.25
HuygheFloris Passion3.6%330Ml£ 2.25
HuygheFloris Framboise (Raspberry)3.6%330Ml£ 2.25
HuygheFruli Strawberry4.1%330Ml£ 2.25
HuygheLa Guillotine8.5%330Ml£ 3.20
HuygheMongozo Banana3.6%330Ml£ 2.40
HuygheMongozo Coconut3.6%330Ml£ 2.40
HuygheMongozo Mango3.6%330Ml£ 2.40
Jandrain-JandrenouilleIV Saison6.0%750Ml£ 7.50
Jandrain-JandrenouilleV Cense7.0%750Ml£ 7.45
Jandrain-JandrenouilleVI Wheat6.0%750Ml£ 7.15
John MartinGordon Scotch Ale8.0%330Ml£ 3.50
John MartinGuinness Special Export8.0%330Ml£ 3.75
KerkomAdelardus Dubbel7.0%330Ml£ 2.60
KerkomAdelardus Tripel9.0%330Ml£ 3.25
KerkomBink Blond5.5%330Ml£ 2.00
KerkomBink Bruin5.5%330Ml£ 2.00
KerkomBink Tripel9.0%750MlSOLD OUT!
KerkomHop Verdomme IPA7.0330Ml£ 2.70
De LandtsheerMalheur 12 Brune12.0%330Ml£ 3.95
De LandtsheerMalheur Extra Brut (Late & Dry Hopped Ltd Ed)11.0%750Mlout of stock
De LandtsheerMalheur Dark Brut12.0%750Ml£ 17.99
De LandtsheerNovice Bleu (US Hops)8.5%750Ml£ 8.75
De LandtsheerNovice Triple Black8.5%750Ml£ 9.40
* De RyckSteenuilke6.5%330Ml£ 2.65
De Dolle BrouwersStille Nacht12.0%330MlSeasonal
De Dolle BrouwersBoskeun (Easter)9.0%330MlSeasonal
La RullesEstivale5.2%750Ml£ 6.75
La RullesTriple8.4%750Mlout of stock
Lefebvre Barbar Honey Beer8.0%330Ml£ 3.10
Lefebvre Barbar Winter Bok8.0%330Ml£ 3.30
Lefebvre Floreffe Prima Melior8.8%330Ml£ 3.00
Lefebvre Floreffe Triple7.5%330Ml£ 2.70
Lefebvre Hopus8.5%330Ml£ 3.40
Lefebvre Hopus Primeur 20138.3%330Mlout of stock
LiefmansCuvee Brut (Cherry)6.0%375Ml£ 3.40
LiefmansFruitesse4.2%330Ml£ 2.25
LindemansCassis (Blackcurrant)3.5%250Ml£ 1.75
LindemansCuvee Rene Gueuze5.5%375Ml£ 3.45
LindemansFaro (Sweetened Lambic)4.2%375Mlout of stock
LindemansFramboise (Raspberry)2.5%250Ml£ 1.75
LindemansKriek (Cherry)3.5%250Ml£ 1.75
LindemansPecheresse (Peach)2.5%250Ml£ 1.75
MusketeersTroubadour Imperial Stout9.0%750Ml£ 9.90
MusketeersTroubadour Magma9.0%330Ml£ 3.10
MusketeersTroubadour Magma9.0%750Ml£ 9.70
MusketeersTroubadour WestKust9.2%750Mlout of stock
MusketeersTroubadour WestKust9.2%330Ml£ 3.45
RodenbachRodenbach5.2%250Ml£ 1.60
RodenbachRodenbach Charactere Rouge 20137.0%750Mlout of stock
RodenbachRodenbach Grand Cru6.0%330Ml£ 2.95
RodenbachRodenbach Vintage 20097.0%750Mlout of stock
Senne BrouwerijJambe de Bois8.0%330Ml£ 3.60
Senne BrouwerijTaras Bulba4.5%330Ml£ 2.40
Senne BrouwerijZinnebir5.5%330Ml£ 2.50
SlaghmuylderWitkap Tripel7.5%330Ml£ 2.70
St BernardusGrottenbier Brune6.5%330Ml£ 2.70
St BernardusSt Bernardus Abt10.0%330Ml£ 3.70
St BernardusSt Bernardus Tripel 8.0%330Ml£ 2.95
St BernardusSt Bernardus Witbier5.5%330Ml£ 1.95
St CanarisMaeght van Gottem6.5%330Ml£ 2.80
St FeuillienGrand Cru9.5%330Ml£ 3.75
St FeuillienSaison - Dry Hopped Can6.5%330Ml£ 2.99
St FeuillienTripel8.5%330Ml£ 3.45
Van Den BosscheKerst Pater9.0%330Ml£ 3.20
Van EeckeHet Kappitel Abt10.0%330Ml£ 3.20
Van EeckeHet Kappitel Blonde6.5%330Ml£ 2.20
Van EeckeHet Kappitel Prior9.0%330Ml£ 2.95
Van EeckeHommel Bier7.5%250Ml£ 2.00
Van SteenbergeGulden Draak10.5%330Mlout of stock
Van SteenbergeGulden Draak Quadrupel 900010.5%330Ml£ 3.90
Van SteenbergePiraat10.5%330Ml£ 3.50
VerhaegheDuchesse de Bourgogne6.2%250Ml£ 2.40
VerzetRebel Local IPA8.5%750Mlout of stock
VivenImperial IPA8.0%330Ml£ 3.25
Vliegende PaardePrearis Blonde6.0%330Ml£ 2.70
Vliegende PaardePrearis IPA6.7%330Ml£ 2.85
Vliegende PaardePrearis Quadrupel10.0%330Ml£ 3.75
Struise Brouwers
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
Struise BrouwersBlack Albert Belgian Royal Stout13.0% 330Mlout of stock
Struise BrouwersCatso7.0%330Ml£ 2.85
Struise BrouwersCoffee Club (Black Damnation IV)13.0% 330Mlout of stock
Struise BrouwersCuvee Delphine13.0%330Mlout of stock
Struise BrouwersElliot Brew 2011 Imperial IPA9.0%330Mlout of stock
Struise BrouwersIgnis Et Flamma7.0%330Ml£ 3.10
Struise/Bridge RoadImperialist Imperial Pilsner8.3%750Ml£ 17.50
Struise BrouwersKabert 2011 Port Barrel Aged Imp. Stout11.5%330Ml£ 5.90
Struise BrouwersMocha Bomb (Black Damnation II)12.0%330Ml£ 5.40
Struise BrouwersO.N.E.10.0%750Ml£ 27.50
Struise BrouwersT.H.R.E.E.10.0%750Ml£ 27.50
Struise BrouwersPannepot 201010.0%330Ml£ 3.95
Struise BrouwersPannepeut 201010.0%330Ml£ 3.95
Struise BrouwersPannepot Grand Reserve 2009 10.0%330Ml£ 4.95
Struise BrouwersPannepot Reserva 200910.0%330Ml£ 4.55
Struise BrouwersRye Triple XXX Reserve10.0%330Ml£ 4.80
Struise/3 FloydsShark Pants9.0%330Ml£ 4.80
Struise BrouwersSint Amatus 201110.5%330Ml£ 4.50
Struise BrouwersSvea IPA7.0%300Ml£ 3.10
Struise BrouwersTsjeeses 201210.0%330Ml£ 4.40
Struise BrouwersTsjeeses Reserva (Port or Boubon)10.0%330Ml£ 5.25
Struise BrouwersWestoek XX (Tripel)8.0%300Ml£ 3.50
Italian Beers
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
Amacord Ama Bionda6.0%330Mlout of stock
Amacord Ama Bruna7.5%330Mlout of stock
Amacord Ama Mora (Coffee)9.0%330Mlout of stock
Brewfist2 Late Imperial IPA9.5%330£ 4.35
BrewFist/MolenBeautiful and Strange gOSE3.7%330Ml£ 2.99
BrewFist/MolenMild I'd Like to Drink6.5%330Ml£ 3.80
ElavGrunge IPA6.3%330Mlout of stock
ElavTechno Double IPA9.5%330Ml£ 6.99
LambrateDomm 5.2%750Mlout of stock
LambrateGhisa 4.6%750Mlout of stock
LambrateLambrate 6.8%750Mlout of stock
LambrateLigera 5.0%750Mlout of stock
LambrateMontestella 4.9%750Mlout of stock
LambrateSant Ambrosius 7.1%750Mlout of stock
Japanese Beers
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
Hitachino NestDAi DAi Orange IPA6.2%330Ml£ 3.10
Hitachino NestJapanese Classic7.0%330Ml£ 3.75
Hitachino NestRed Rice Ale7.0%330Ml£ 3.75
Hitachino NestWhite Ale5.5%330Ml£ 3.10
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
Emelisse Black IPA8.0%330Ml£ 3.75
Emelisse Blond 6.0%330Ml£ 2.95
Emelisse Double IPA7.9%330Ml£ 3.70
Emelisse Dubbel7.5%330Ml£ 2.90
Emelisse Earl Grey IPA6.8%330Ml£ 3.70
Emelisse Espresso Stout 9.5%330Ml£ 4.80
Emelisse / Nogne OGrodziskie4.0%330Ml£ 3.80
Emelisse Imperial Russian Stout11.0%330Ml£ 4.80
Emelisse Saison4.6%330Ml£ 3.20
Emelisse Smoked Rye IPA6.2%330Ml£ 3.20
Emelisse Tripel IPA10.0%330Ml£ 4.35
De MolenAlive & Kicking IPA6.2%330Ml£ 2.40
De MolenAmarillo Extra Hop Double IPA9.2%750Ml£ 11.70
De MolenAmarillo (Double IPA) 9.2%330Ml£ 3.40
De MolenAmerikaans4.5%330Ml£ 2.35
De MolenBergamot IPA7.1%330£ 2.70
De MolenBlikken & Blozen 8.5%330Ml£ 3.25
De MolenBloed, Zweet & Tranen 8.2%330Ml£ 3.35
De MolenBommen & Granaten15.2%330Ml£ 5.40
De MolenHeen & Weer (Tripel)9.2%330Ml£ 4.30
De MolenHel & Verdoemenis10.0%330Ml£ 6.40
De MolenHemel & Aarde (Imperial Stout)10.0%330Ml£ 4.50
De MolenHot & Spicy Barrel Aged11.0%330Ml£ 5.64
De MolenMooi & Meedeodenlos10.20330Ml£ 3.40
De MolenMout & Mocca (Imp Coffee Stout)11.6%330Mlout of stock
De MolenOpen & Blood (DIPA) 8.0%330Ml£ 3.25
De MolenPale Ale - Citra4.8%330Ml£ 2.15
De MolenPijl & Boog (Belgian Style Gold10.3%330Ml£ 3.50
De MolenRasputin Imperial Stout11.0%330Ml£ 4.50
De MolenRye IPA6.6%330Ml£ 2.40
De MolenSpanning & Sensatie (Chili Choc Imp Stout)9.8%330Ml£ 4.50
De MolenTsarina Esra Imperial Porter11.0%330Ml£ 4.99
De MolenVuur & Vlam (IPA) 6.2%330Ml£ 2.40
De MolenZwart & Wit Black IPA8.4%330Ml£ 2.90
De Molen /'t Ij Double IPA9.0%330Mlout of stock
Kaapse BrouwersCarrie IPA6.5%330Ml£ 2.65
Kaapse BrouwersHarrie Saison5.6%330Ml£ 2.25
Kaapse BrouwersJaapie Imperial Red Ale10.1%330Ml£ 3.50
Kaapse BrouwersKarel American Bitter4.5%330Ml£ 2.15
Rooie DopChica American IPA7.1%330£ 2.75
Rooie DopOt the Explorer Double IPA8.7330Ml£ 3.90
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
Haand Dobbel Dose (Double IPA)9.0%500Ml£ 6.50
Haand Fyr & Flamme IPA6.5%500Ml£ 5.50
Haand Krekling (with Crowberries)7.1%500Mlout of stock
Haand Norwegian Wood(Smoked with Juniper Berries)6.5%500Ml£ 5.50
Haand Sundland Kreosot Black IPA6.7%500Ml£ 5.50
Nogne OGod Jul8.5%500Mlseasonal
Nogne OGlobal Pale Ale4.5%500Ml£ 5.25
Nogne OHalf A World Away9.0%500Ml£ 6.95
Nogne O / Bridge RdIndia Saison7.5%500Ml£ 5,95
Nogne O#10010.0%500Ml£ 5.50
Nogne O#500 Imperial IPA10.0%500Mlout of stock
Nogne OBlonde 4.5%500Ml£ 4.25
Nogne OCitrus Hystrix IPA7.5%500Ml 5.50
Nogne ODark Horizon IV Edition 16.0%250MlSOLD OUT!
Nogne OGod Jul 8.5%500Ml£ 6.45
Nogne OHoly Smoke6.0%500Ml£ 5.95
Nogne OIPA 7.5%500Ml£ 5.25
Nogne OImperial Brown Ale 7.5%500Ml£ 4.95
Nogne OImperial Dunkel Wit10.0%500Ml£ 6.15
Nogne OImperial Stout 9.0%500Ml£ 5.95
Nogne OPale Ale 6.0%500Mlout of stock
Nogne OPorter 7.0%500Ml£ 4.95
Nogne ORoasted Pepper Ale6.0%500Ml£ 5.50
Nogne OSaison 6.5%500Ml£ 4.95
Nogne OSunturnbrew11.0%500Ml£ 7.65
Nogne OTiger Tripel 9.0%500Ml£ 5.25
Nogne OTwo Captains 8.5%500Ml£ 5.75
Nogne OUnderlig Jul6.5%500MlSOLD OUT!
Mikkeller Brewery Beers
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
Mikkeller 10 Hop IPA6.9%330Mlout of stock
Mikkeller 19 Hop IPA6.9%330Mlout of stock
Mikkeller American Dream4.6%330Ml£ 3.90
Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast7.5%330Ml£ 5.20
Mikkeller Beer Hop Breakfast7.5%500Ml£ 7.50
Mikkeller /3 FloydsBoogoop Buckwheat Wine10.4%750Ml£ 13.75
Mikkeller Crooked Moon Double IPA9.0%500MlSOLD OUT!
Mikkeller Chipotle Porter Barrel Aged 6.6%375MlSOLD OUT
MikkellerFra Ta Via Spiced Porter8.0%750MlSOLD OUT!
Mikkeller / Stillwater /FanoGyspy Tears Barrel Aged8.5%500Ml£ 9.99
MikkellerGreen Gold (IPA)7.0%330Ml£ 4.40
MikkellerHoppy Lovin' Christmas7.8%330Ml£ 4.50
Mikkeller Hop Burn Low Imperial India Pale Pilsner10.0%330Ml£ 5.95
Mikkeller Hop Bomb Challenge6.3%500Ml£ 6.75
MikkellerImperial IPA - Mosaic8.9%330Ml£ 5.40
MikkellerImperial IPA - Simcoe8.9%330Mlout of stock
Mikkeller / AnchorageInvasion Farmhouse IPA8.0%750Ml£ 19.95
Mikkeller Jackie Brown5.9%500Ml£ 5.40
Mikkeller Koppi-Coffee IPA6.9%330Mlout of stock
Mikkeller Monk's Elixir10.0%330Ml£ 5.25
Mikkeller / Three Floyds Hved Goop (Wheat Wine)10.4%750Ml£ 18.99
Mikkeller / StillwaterOur Side7.5%750Ml£ 14.99
MikkellerPiscator (Wild Ale)8.0%750Ml£ 11.75
Mikkeller - StillwaterRauch Star10.8%500Ml£ 11.24
MikkellerSanta's Little Helper10.9%750Ml£ 12.95
Mikkeller Single Hop - Palisade6.8%330Ml£ 4.45
Mikkeller Single Hop - Sorachi Ace6.8%330Ml£ 4.45
Mikkeller Sort Gul (Black IPA)7.3%330Ml£ 4.35
To OlSnowball (Saison) 8.0%750Ml£ 10.99
Mikkeller / To OlOv-ral Imperial IPA10.5%330Ml£ 5.95
Milleller / To OlWalk on Water14.0%330Ml£ 5.45
Mikkeller/Grass RootsWheat is the New Hop7.5% 330Ml£ 4.20
BrewDog Brewery Beers
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
BrewDog#Mashtag(2014)9.0%330£ 3.99
BrewDog5AM Saint 5.0%330Ml£ 2.30
BrewDogAbstrakt 0811.8%375Ml£15.00
BrewDogAlice Porter6.2%330Mlout of stock
BrewDog/3 FloydsBitch Please (Scottish Barley Wine)11.5%330Ml£ 6.85
BrewDod/Mik./Nogne OBlack Toyko Horizon (Boxed)15.2%330Ml£15.00
BrewDogBrixton Porter5.0%330Mlout of stock
BrewDogCocoa Psycho10.0%330Ml£ 4.99
BrewDogDead Pony Club3.8%330Ml£ 1.99
BrewDogDogma7.4%330Ml£ 3.25
BrewDogElectric India6.5%330Mlout of stock
BrewDogEveryday Anarchy10.3%330Ml£ 9.75
BrewDogHardcore IPA9.2%330Ml£ 3.95
BrewDog/MikkellerI Hardcore You9.5%330Ml£ 4.25
BrewDogInternational Arms Race7.5%330Ml£ 3.99
BrewDogJackhammer West Coast IPA7.2%330Ml£ 3.30
BrewDogLibertine Black Ale7.2%330Ml£ 3.45
BrewDogParadox - Grain15.0%330Ml£ 9.90
BrewDogParadox - Heaven Hill (Boxed)15%330Ml£ 11.90
BrewDogParadox - Jura 15.0%330Ml£ 9.90
BrewDogPunk IPA6.0%330Ml£ 2.20
BrewDogRiptide Stout8.0%330Mlout of stock
BrewDogTokyo*18.2%330Mlout of stock
BrewDog/VictoryU-Boat Smoked Imperial Porter8.4%330Ml£ 4.70
Nils Oscar (Sweden)
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
Nils OscarBarley Wine10.4%330Ml£ 3.15
Nils OscarCoffee Stout6.4%330Ml£ 3.00
Nils OscarCtrl Alt Delete 4.5%330Mlout of stock
Nils OscarHopyard IPA7.3%330Mlout of stock
Nils OscarImperial Stout7.0%330Ml£ 2.90
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
Brasserie des SourcesBellerose Biere Blonde Extra6.5%330Ml£ 2.15
DuyckJenlain Blonde7.5%750Mlout of stock
DuyckJenlain Ambree7.5%750Mlout of stock
FischerDesperados 5.9%330Ml£ 1.90
St Sylvestre3 Monts8.5%750Ml£ 6.85
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
Andechs KlosterDopplebock Dunkel7.1%500Ml£ 3.80
Andechs KlosterWeissbier Dunkel5.0%500Ml£ 2.99
Andechs KlosterSpezial Hell5.9%500Ml£ 2.99
AugustinerEdelstoff 5.6%500Ml£ 2.85
AugustinerAugustiner Hell 5.2%500Ml£ 2.85
AugustinerMaximator7.5%500Mlout of stock
AugustinerWeisse Bier 5.4% 500Mlout of stock
AyingerAyinger Urweisse5.8%500Mlout of stock
Brewers & UnionSteph Weiss5.0%500Mlout of stock
ErdingerAlcoholfrei 0.4%500Ml£ 1.50
ErdingerDunkel Weisse 5.3%500Ml£ 2.70
ErdingerKristal Weissbier 5.3%500Mlout of stock
ErdingerOktoberfest Weisse 5.7%500Ml£ 2.75
ErdingerPikantus 7.3%500Ml£ 3.35
ErdingerUrweisse 4.9%500Ml£ 2.70
ErdingerWeisse 5.3%500Ml£ 2.55
FasslerLager Bier5.5%500Mlout of stock
FaustKrausen Hefetrub 5.5%500Mlout of stock
FaustSchwarzviertler Dunkel 5.2%500Mlout of stock
FaustWinter Festbier 5.5%500MlSEASONAL
FlensburgerFlensburger Gold 4.8%330Ml£ 1.95
FlensburgerFlensburger Pils 4.8%330Ml£ 1.95
FruhFruh Kolsch 4.8%500Ml£ 2.60
GoellerRauchbier5.2%500Mlout of stock
Hacker-PschorrAnno 1417 Kellerbier5.5%500Ml£ 2.90
Hacker-PschorrSternweisse 5.5%500Ml£ 2.80
Hacker-PschorrOktoberfest 5.8%500Ml£ 2.90
Hofbrau Freising Huber Weisses Original5.4%500Mlout of stock
Hofbrau MunichOriginal Lager5.1%500Ml£ 2.45
HopfHelle Weizen5.3%500Ml£ 2.45
JeverJever Pilsner 4.9%500Ml£ 2.25
KaltenbergKonig Ludwig Dunkel5.1%500Mlout of stock
KargHefe-Weissebier5.0%500Mlout of stock
KostritzerSchwartz4.8%500Mlout of stock
LeikeimSteinbier4.9%500Mlout of stock
LowenbrauOktoberfest 6.1% 500Ml£ 2.90
MahrBamberger kellerbier5.2%500Mlout of stock
MaiselsDunkel Weisse 5.4%500Mlout of stock
MaiselsWeisse Original 5.7%500Ml£ 2.75
PaulanerHefe Weissebier5.5%500Ml£ 2.50
PaulanerOktoberfest 6.0% 500Mlseasonal
PaulanerOriginal Munchner Dunkel5.0%500Ml£ 2.60
PaulanerOriginal Munchner Lager4.9%500Ml£ 2.40
PaulanerSalvator 7.5% 330Ml£ 2.20
SpatenOktoberfest 5.9% 500Ml£ 2.90
SchlenkerlaEiche Dubbelbock 8.0%500Mlout of stock
SchlenkerlaRauchbier Marzen 5.1%500Ml£ 2.90
SchlenkerlaUrbock 6.5%500Mlout of stock
Schlosser Alt4.8%500Ml£ 2.20
SchneiderAventinus (Tap 6) 8.2%500Ml£ 4.10
SchneiderAventinus Barrique 9.5%750Ml£ 12.99
SchneiderAventinus Eisbock 12.0%330Ml£ 4.25
SchneiderMein Grunes (Tap 4) 6.2%500Ml£ 3.30
SchneiderHeimat Weisse 5.8%500ML£ 2.75
SchneiderHopfen Weisse (Tap 5) 8.2%500Ml£ 4.20
SchneiderPorter Weisse (Tap X) 7.0%750Ml£ 9.99
SchneiderSommer Weisse (Tap X) 5.4%750Ml£ 8.99
SchneiderWeisse (Tap 7) 5.4%500Ml£ 2.75
TegernseeTegernsee Hell4.8%500Ml£ 3.50
TegernseeTegernsee Spezial5.6%500Ml£ 3.50
Thurn und TaxisRoggen Bier (Rye)5.3%500Ml£ 2.99
VeltinsVeltins Pilsner 4.8%500Ml£ 2.30
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
146 CiderEastern Delight7.1%500Ml£ 2.30
146 CiderHampshire Heritage7.0%500Ml£ 2.30
146 CiderThe Medium One6.5%500Ml£ 2.30
146 CiderMild West6.2%500Ml£ 2.30
146 CiderWild West6.5%500Ml£ 2.30
HenneyFrome Valley Dry Cider6.0%500Ml£ 2.25
Lyme BaySparkling Cider4.8%500Ml£2.69
Lyme BayJack Ratt Vintage 20127.4%750Ml£ 3.60
Lyme BayChristmas Mead10.0%750Mlseasonal
Lyme BayGarden Mead11.0%750Ml£ 8.75
Lyme BayTournament Mead11.0%750Ml£ 8.75
Lyme BayTraditional Mead14.5%750Ml£ 8.75
Lyme BayWest Country Mead14.5%750Ml£ 8.75
Mole'sBlack Rat Cider5.5%500Ml£ 2.25
MoniackMoniack Mead14.6%750Ml£9.95
Mr Whitehead'sBoxing Dog Cider7.5%500Ml£ 2.40
Mr Whitehead'sCirrus Minor5.0%500Mlout of stock
Mr Whitehead'sHeart of Hampshire6.0%500Mlout of stock
Mr Whitehead'sMidnight Special Perry5.0%500Mlout of stock
PilgrimHereford Cider (Help for Heroes)5.0%500Ml£ 2.40
Rogue Chatoe19 Colonies Mead5.4%660Ml£ 6.75
SheppyBullfinch Medium Cider 7.0%750Ml£ 3.70
SheppyGoldfinch Dry Cider 7.0%750Ml£ 3.70
SheppyVintage Reserve Oak 7.4%500Ml£ 2.25
Thatcher'sCox's Single Apple5.6%500Ml£ 2.20
Thatcher'sKaty Single Apple7.4%500Ml £ 2.20
Thatcher'sRose5.4%500Ml£ 2.35
Thatcher'sSomerset Mixed Fruit Cider5.0%500Ml£ 2.35
Weston'sOld Rosie7.3%500Ml£ 2.25
Weston'sOrganic 'Pear Cider'6.0%500Mlout of stock
Weston's Special Reserve Cider8.2%500Ml£ 2.25
Weston's Wyld Wood Organic Cider6.5%500Mlout of stock
NationBreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
AustraliaJames BoagPremium Lager5.9%375Mlout of stock
AustraliaCoopersSparkling Ale 4.5%375Ml£ 2.40
AustraliaCoopersOriginal Pale Ale4.5%375Ml£ 2.20
AustraliaLittle CreaturesPale Ale5.2%330Mlout of stock
AustraliaStone & WoodPacific Ale4.4%330Mlout of stock
AustriaBevogBaja Oatmeal Stout5.8%330Ml£ 3.30
AustriaBevogKrama IPA7.0%330Ml£ 3.30
AustriaBevogOnd Smoked Porter6.3%330Ml£ 3.30
AustriaBevogTak Pale Ale5.5%330Ml£ 3.30
BrazilBrahmaLager4.3%330Ml£ 1.15
CyprusKeoKeo Premium4.5%330Ml£ 1.80
Czech RepublicBudweiser BudvarLager 5.0%500Ml£ 2.15
Czech RepublicBudweiser BudvarDark Lager 4.7%500Mlout of stock
Czech RepublicKonradKonrad 125.2%500Ml£ 1.99
Czech RepublicKonradSpytihnev Dry Hopped6.0%500Ml£ 2.40
GreeceMythosHellenic Lager4.7%330Ml£ 1.40
ItalyBrewfist/MolenBeatiful and Strange Gose3.7%330Ml£ 2.99
ItalyBrewfist/MolenWild I'd like to Drink6.5%330Ml£ 3.80
New ZealandMoaBlanc Evolution6.2%375Ml£ 4.70
New ZealandMoaBreakfast (Cherry)5.5%375Ml£ 4.50
New ZealandMoaFive Hop6.2%375Ml£ 4.75
New ZealandMoaImperial Stout10.2%375Ml£ 5.75
New ZealandMoaSt Joseph's Triple9.5%375Ml£ 5.60
RussiaBaltikaBaltika 75.5%500Ml£ 1.99
SpainEstrella DammInedit (Gift Boxed)4.8%750Ml£ 6.99
TurkeyEfesEfes Pilsner5.0%330Ml£ 1.35

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